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  1. [PGT] Canucks @ Flames | Flames lead series 2-1

    Not the greatest performance.. is it just me, or did Vrbata look intimidated after getting run by Bennett earlier in the game? Every time a hit was coming he held up and lost the puck it seemed..
  3. Best Captain in Canucks History

    ^^^ This. Years later, Linden is still a fan favorite. I was very young when he was the captain, but he was always the heart and soul of the team, and I remember that.
  4. Are the Canucks switching jerseys?

    I like this!!
  5. [GDT] ANA - 3/9/2015 @ 7PM

    Nice hit Kass!
  6. [GDT] ANA - 3/9/2015 @ 7PM

    Seriously? McMillan in for RK41? No bueno, I want to see kennins flying around, hitting and playing with bo scorevatt.... not some plug who should be in the ahl
  7. [GDT] ARI - 3/5/2015 - 6PM

    WD scratched his boy Vey?? My word, is this real life??
  8. Do we make the playoffs? Yes or No

    If the healthy guys coming back can play with the same fire the AHL team we are skating out there does, I think we can be pretty dangerous and make the playoffs. We have a solid shot of actually surprising some people, and I for one am very excited about the direction this team is trending in. If we keep improving and adding solid roster picks, it's only a matter of time!
  9. improving Rogers Arena atmosphere

    The upper bowl is getting better. When ticket prices go down, more people who can only afford to watch on TV will start coming to games, and they are usually the die hard fans
  10. [GDT] SJS - 3/3/2015 @ 7PM

    OOOHH BABY, now we have a game!!
  11. [GDT] SJS - 3/3/2015 @ 7PM

    ^^^ This makes me so happy
  12. Line-Up After the Trade Deadline

    I certainly hope they dont put him in the press box, he has been a spark plug, and his chemistry with horvat is astounding. Plus he like to bully Chara, which makes him a hero in my books
  13. Write a scathing letter of disappointment, I'm sure the zebras will listen
  14. [GDT] SJS - 3/3/2015 @ 7PM

    Would be nice to see markstrom, 2-1 canucks Horvat, Vrbata Kenins with another gem of a game im sure