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  1. this isn't candyland. I see LA beating out Calgary for 3rd and we own 2nd. So we can't just wish this series away. There's no way we beat LA in seven games and if we put Miller in for most of the games its over sooner than later. Then we'll be talking about how he was rusty and blah blah blah. Play EDDIE already!!!!! Play him for the series and let's see what happens.
  2. We play the LA Kings in round one. If we play Miller in more games than Lack: We get destroyed and lose 4 games to 1. If we play Lack more games than Miller: We lose the series but it goes six or seven.
  3. Wow, 3 goals on 4 shots. This guy could not have lowered his value anymore today. If I was a team, I would demand him and Eddie Lack for a second at most. Eddie has to come in and clean up his dirty work. Tortorella didn't trust him and neither does Desjardians. I'll be surprised if he gets a start the rest of the year.
  4. Yes, Buffalo really is a joke..................wait, isn't this the team that beat us a week ago?
  5. For the people asking why this trade happened, I can answer that. Because JB felt the need to do something or else he'd be criticized to the nth degree for not doing anything. I mean, does a trade of AHL'ers (1 of whom was on waivers for anyone's taking) really need to happen at the trade deadline? It couldn't have happened two weeks ago? Was NY asking too much for this guy before and now they felt pressure to make the deal? This trade reeks of doing a deal for the sake of making one.
  6. They will get two or three rounds further than us (you how many million that's worth!) and they won't lose any more sleep about losing Clendening than we would about losing Hansen or Higgens................or less.
  7. Apparently Miller is playing so 5 - 2 NYI. I feel much better about the upper number than the bottom one. If I had to guess for the "2" I wold go with H. Sedin and Kassian.
  8. So do you think it was a good or bad idea to claim McMillan off of waivers? how about a yes or no answer vs. a Canuck friendly "it didn't hurt to try" answer.
  9. My posts and years here must be adding up (I hope). So how does someone actually get to become a mod here?
  10. We should pick him off of waivers and then when it doesn't work out act all surprised..........................e.g. McMillan
  11. I was actually upset that TO won last night. I want them to tank the rest of the season and be in the running for the 1st or 2nd pick.
  12. I'd take Clarkson on my team any day. Not at what TO signed him for, but he's a gamer and he doesn't turtle when push comes to shove
  13. Ok, so Arizona didn't want this guy. They waived him. And we're better than Arizona, but we picked him up and we're surprised it hasn't worked out? Really? So if we waive a guy do we expect Nashville, Chicago or Montreal to claim him and for him to be a fit there?
  14. You want to make a bet Oldnews? If Kessel is traded I guarantee he returns more than a 2nd round pick. If I'm wrong, I'll leave and never post again. If you're wrong you leave and never post again. If Kessel doesn't get traded we get to keep chatting with each other.
  15. Or they're just smarter than the other teams. I give credit to teams who go for it.