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  1. They will get two or three rounds further than us (you how many million that's worth!) and they won't lose any more sleep about losing Clendening than we would about losing Hansen or Higgens................or less.
  2. The players aren't the problem in Edmonton, its the GM. Get rid of Lowe and put someone in charge who knows what they're doing. I don't know about Eakins yet, but I suspect he's not that great either. Do you remember how MG was over-valuing all of our players (Raymond, Booth, Luongo, Kesler) and making trades impossible and then Benning came in, changed things up, made the trades that were available and now we're winning again. That's what Edmonton needs. Lowe says he's willing to trade anyone, but then you hear he really only wants to trade Perron. You can't have ALL the same types of forwards. If I were the GM of Edmonton, I would trade Yakupov asap for whatever I could get, I'd get a legitimate goalie (they could've used a guy like Brodeur) and D man and Eberle would be my only untouchable.
  3. The fact that not one person in this thread disagrees with this deal shows how useless posts are. Really? 5M per season? This is how muck Kesler is getting paid. Aren't the Sedins just making six? This guy is a spare part and now he's our # 1 signing at $5M per year.
  4. Don't kid yourself. TO takes 4 out of the remaining 5 and gets either 7th or 8th. And they're built for the playoffs so watch out for whomever plays them.
  5. I always find it amusing how everyone says the West is tougher than the East. I'd rather play Anaheim than Boston, I'd rather face LA than Pittsburgh and I'd certainly rather face SJ than Philly or Montreal. What am I missing?
  6. As of today Bozak would be the second leading scorer on the team having played less games than most Canucks............yes, that's right, that superstar Bozak. Mason Raymond is also second. Do you think the Canucks have a scoring problem or a Tortorella "scheme" problem.
  7. The Leafs have lost 8 in a row and they still have more points and a better chance of making the playoffs than we do. Bozak who gets ridiculed about being a # 1 centre has almost more points than anyone on our team. Ya, I'd hate to be TO right now.
  8. Schroeder is not a second line centre. 4-1 Tampa bay
  9. So the NJ cups that Lou won don't count for anything? Last time I checked MG didn't have any.
  10. you're wrong about this. you trade him in the offseason, he can play no more than 2 playoffs for you, and you may want to trade him before the last one, so you'd only get one. You get him today and he plays 2 playoffs for you and then you have a choice about trading him or taking him for a third run.
  11. Where are you going to trade two players, making 14 M combined, who had underachieving years? They go as a package, I can guarantee you that, or they would probably just walk away.
  12. If that's truly the case (and it could be) then MG should quit. I wouldn't be a puppet getting ripped probably everywhere you show your face in the city because some above me is vetoing trades. so he's either dumb for being a puppet, or dumb for making bad see the one constant in all of this?
  13. So who was the top prospect we rec'd?
  14. why does everyone insist on drinking the realize sometimes (and in MG's case many times) people do the wrong thing, right?