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  1. this isn't candyland. I see LA beating out Calgary for 3rd and we own 2nd. So we can't just wish this series away. There's no way we beat LA in seven games and if we put Miller in for most of the games its over sooner than later. Then we'll be talking about how he was rusty and blah blah blah. Play EDDIE already!!!!! Play him for the series and let's see what happens.
  2. We play the LA Kings in round one. If we play Miller in more games than Lack: We get destroyed and lose 4 games to 1. If we play Lack more games than Miller: We lose the series but it goes six or seven.
  3. Wow, 3 goals on 4 shots. This guy could not have lowered his value anymore today. If I was a team, I would demand him and Eddie Lack for a second at most. Eddie has to come in and clean up his dirty work. Tortorella didn't trust him and neither does Desjardians. I'll be surprised if he gets a start the rest of the year.
  4. Yes, Buffalo really is a joke..................wait, isn't this the team that beat us a week ago?
  5. For the people asking why this trade happened, I can answer that. Because JB felt the need to do something or else he'd be criticized to the nth degree for not doing anything. I mean, does a trade of AHL'ers (1 of whom was on waivers for anyone's taking) really need to happen at the trade deadline? It couldn't have happened two weeks ago? Was NY asking too much for this guy before and now they felt pressure to make the deal? This trade reeks of doing a deal for the sake of making one.
  6. They will get two or three rounds further than us (you how many million that's worth!) and they won't lose any more sleep about losing Clendening than we would about losing Hansen or Higgens................or less.
  7. This might be the most reasonable trade suggestion I've ever heard on CDC.
  8. Here's a thread you can look back on, when July 1st hits: 1. The Canucks didn't resign Tanev, 2. They treated him like Franson of the Leafs (minimum deals for years). 3. Once he's gone, we'll be talking about how we stole a 3rd for him (if we traded him), or how he wasn't that good and we're better off without him.. Mock it now, but I find the mockers are the ones who will spout this cr$p once it happens.
  9. So let me see if I understand this correctly................the only 2 games we lost in the last 5 were because of bad reffing? And Millers stats in the Wild game were what again?
  10. That would be Fedor and Steve. Two propects (alla Kassian) we couldn't possibly trade away because they had sooooooooooooooooo much talent. How did that work out for us? I'm sure Ottawa said the same thing about Daigle,but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade and trade it to the next sucker before he figures it out. It's called selling high and buying low.
  11. Depends on the term and if a NTC or LTC is involved. Those make big differences
  12. He's been talked about for years as the next one. He's been benched for games though, past by for phenoms with the names of Vey, Higgins and Hansen. He's finally given a chance. You would think he would play off the charts, at least for one game But................he plays like Zack does every game. Does nothing, hits nothing, fights nothing, -1. Let's just wait some more time before we anoint him as third best in the Fedorov, Kariya and Kassian debate. But, but, but.....................we just gotta give this guy some time...................(in decades)................
  13. I'd say 3.5 per for 4 years. Or trade him for Crosby, Malkin and Pitts 1st.
  14. Two things to say to this one: 1. There's a reason WD is sitting Kassian and that's because he doesn't think he makes the club better. 2. When a player comes out and speaks out like this, he doesn't last long with the team. Kassian is gone before the end of the year and he will not fetch more than a second round draft pick or 2nd line player.
  15. The players aren't the problem in Edmonton, its the GM. Get rid of Lowe and put someone in charge who knows what they're doing. I don't know about Eakins yet, but I suspect he's not that great either. Do you remember how MG was over-valuing all of our players (Raymond, Booth, Luongo, Kesler) and making trades impossible and then Benning came in, changed things up, made the trades that were available and now we're winning again. That's what Edmonton needs. Lowe says he's willing to trade anyone, but then you hear he really only wants to trade Perron. You can't have ALL the same types of forwards. If I were the GM of Edmonton, I would trade Yakupov asap for whatever I could get, I'd get a legitimate goalie (they could've used a guy like Brodeur) and D man and Eberle would be my only untouchable.