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  1. Your profile says "canucks rookie", but i'm pretty sure you're a "hall of fame" on NY Ranger board, aren't you ?
  2. Pearson isnt a top 6 guy on a good team. Virtanen could have a breakout year soon and still make progress. Boeser i’m not sure, his foot work is so slow and he doesnt have any acceleration since his injury. He doesnt have his lethal wristshot anymore neither. But i wouldnt let him go, one Neely is already enough. Just hope he ll be back on top 6 and not on the third line.
  3. the best orca logo is the one where is no orca at all on it. or the farest i can go is an orca on a golden skate. with no orca on it.
  4. If i was sarcastic in my mother tongue you will not understand it. So i just ask a question about the so called terrific path of Podz development since we know the incoming replacement for Yakupov, and because after a quick research they will not show any threat stats wise... but i didn’t know them so maybe theo5789 knew something i didn’t. Not more not less.
  5. why ? Koltygin is a C, 21 years old with 0 points in 28 games in KHL Rubstov is also an almost 22 years old C, with 13 pts in AHL. could may be a threat if he could switch to RW but even so... Podz is way younger with a tremendous stats by the ends of the St Pete season (where stats meant something, with a average TOI > 10mn a game).
  6. "“Sometimes those talks were nice, sometimes not. Of course those are secret, they stay in the coach’s room, but I would just try to smile all the time and not let the fans see me upset or anything.”" That's the kind of player you want in your locker room. it's not even a team-first attitude, it's a franchise-first attitude. i'm sad his time with the canucks is over.
  7. i can judge only for what i saw myself. Bure Petterson Mogilny Sedin Sedin Bertuzzi Naslund Ronning Linden G.Courtnall Horvat R.Courtnall +Odjick Brown Lumme Hughes Ohlund Tanev Salo McLean Luongo Coach Patty Quinn
  8. Hughes. More points in a weaker team, and one full year younger than Makar.
  9. my guess he would wear 80. 44 would be good too, because he's already a "magnum".
  10. Hughes. The referee could easily call « too many men » penalty every time Hughes takes his shift. i mean its just as we play with 4 forwards and still have two Dmen due to his speed and his fast repositionning.
  11. The title is self explainatory. We still don't have a second line, even with Toffoli who came to replace Boeser. When Boeser will end up healing, the regular season will be over... and may be the whole campagn itself with that kind of tight standings in west if we continue to roll 1 scoring line and 3 shutdown lines. So the question is, what would it takes to get Duclair from Ottawa, in purpose to finally ice a real 2nd scoring line. 24 years old, 1.650M and RFA at the end of this year. GP 60 22g 15a 37p To be honest, he could be difficult to OTT to let him go, but i would assume everyone has a price. any interest in him and what would be your price ?
  12. i take the Scenario 1 for Lafreniere. With him, we would be in the top 4 teams for years to come, not for only one run. stop falling short on SCF... again.
  13. Stop showcasing Eriksson and put Boeser on Horvat wing. This « second line « isn’t working. Pearson Horvat Boeser is the line i want to see.
  14. And when one mistake is not enough we passed twice on Tkachuk by picking up two time Juolevi in 2015 AND 2016 ?