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  1. well i give up Boeser for Boeser straight up.
  2. tactically, it's a better thing for us if we are serious about signing Panarin, that CBJ get knocked off the playoffs as soon as possible. Even if that means BOS advances (i still prefere an O'6 teams win the stanley cup than Cbj, Car or SJ... ) CBJ should be the less attractive possible. And in a lesser extend, ideally Panarin should post an average performance, preventing him to command 11+ M a year next contract.
  3. this off season would be (and should be) the end of the rebuild with the all "-IN" combo : Panarin Tryamkin
  4. all the Art Pieces inside have been saved said the media here in France. it seems that we can't use a canadair due to the risk of explosion of the heated stone if you drop on it some water from the Seine.
  5. Sign a high touted FA (Panarin, Duchene) this off season and you would send a signal that your rebuild is over.
  6. i hope we would pick 2nd. I don't want to pick 1st and have to explain to Quinn that we don't take his brother. at least, if we would choose 2nd, we will take whoever is still there between Kappo (sorry Quinn your bro was already picked up) OR Hugues.