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  1. New team logo/logo change

    stink n rink logo with flying skate as shoulder patch, then black, flying skate jersey as a third. no more orca, no more "vancouver" typo, no more "vachon" johnny canucks head.
  2. hi all, lets say we'll lose the lottery as usual and we get pushed away as far as 8th or 9th spot. would you trade our 1st round pick and what that could fetch us ?
  3. Tank Thread

    My ideal pick would be Sveshnikov to play along Pettersson (i know we would not win the 1st ovr so I did not take it into consideration at all). If we draft outside the top 3, i'm okay with either Tkachuk or Boqvist.
  4. Tank Thread

    it's not about winning the lottery, its all about secure a top 4 picks and do not get pushed too far away from a game changing player.
  5. Tank Thread

    Ottawa still out tanking us, with their regular lost against Calgary. Even Montreal is a serious threat now. what we have to do? an absurd amount of our lineup is injured, we play with 2 backups, the refs even try to help us with our tanking by not calling penalty for us... and we still can't reach the bottom to secure a pick. let alone Dahlin (we will never win a lottery) i want Sveschnikov to play on Pettersson wing so badly... de facto we could call the rebuild complete.
  6. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    it depends of the possibility of getting back another second in another trade (Vanek?) but right now, i think as a bad GM i would be, i will pull the trigger of Hutton Reid and a 2 for Domi alone, but i would be aware that its an overpayment. i'd stick with the domi + 3rd for Hutton, Reid and 2nd as long as i can hold on, and propose to remove their 3rd if they are close to make an end to the negociation.
  7. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    i don't want to give up on Goldobin yet. if they really want Hutton, i would replace Goldy with Reid and a pick. the deal : Domi, 3rd Reid, Hutton, 2nd.
  8. have them exit through two opposite ways out, and be sure they don't gather further away
  9. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    Juolevi + Granlund for Domi and 2nd (32) fair ? in my book Juolevi will not pan out as expected (quite biased i must admit, was upset with the pick, but wish him the best since he is a canuck), may need more time to develop. Arizona has tons of time ahead (i mean i see Vancouver assembling a competitive team 2 years before Arizona.) So it makes sense for them to continue their rebuild with Juolevi instead of a declining (due to the scenery i may hope) Domi. On the other hand, Domi with Bo could be explosive. this trade could be seen like this : slowly rising Juolevi > decreasing Domi Granlund < early 2nd (32)
  10. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    I don't think its a good signal to Tryamkin, who already said he ll cheer for every russian players. i liked Burmistrov, but it's not a really huge lost. Nonetheless it may consolidate Tryamkin to his decision to leave and to stay away from vancouver.
  11. Vintage jersey birthday gift, need a bit of help.

    I just send a message to jerseybaron_com. i saw boy jersey, just asked him if if has kid size for the red one. it's a step in the right direction, thanks for you help i'll tell you if it pans out.
  12. Vintage jersey birthday gift, need a bit of help.

    Pour l'instant la chance me boude mais j'y crois. Merci !
  13. Hi all, I may need a bit of advice from a vancouverite Let me expose my issue. i plan to offer to my 6 years old son a red vintage skate jersey. I want to point out that the jersey is my son's own wish so he's going to be disappointed if he'll get another one. I face to the following problems : -as i said i need a kid size (he will wear his hockey equipment within so the size has to fit) -we're talking about the 3rd, alternative red skate jersey from '95 with Bure #10 (not #96). -last issue, i'm in France so the shipment need to be world wide. My locals stores here in Paris can't order to their suppliers any canucks vintage jersey, only the most knowns like the originals 6 and stuff like that. You can say it's better than nothing but as a canucks fan (i guess we are two in France, we have some difficulties to encircle the montreal fans) its close to a zero interest. i sent a email to and they said they don't make youth jersey. I'm currently browsing the Canucks Team store but maybe you would have a better idea to where and how i can get this gift. many thanks by advance. BR from France, DexM
  14. NHL 18 Thread

    Petterson is still with Timra IK, 67 ovr and flagged as elite. But sadly he's not in HUT with neither Timra or Växjö Lakers. I was hoping i will play with my annual prospect canucks team in HUT with him as a cornerstone... i do hope he will be added later.
  15. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    i'm so surprised by his top end speed which is actually quite good. He has powerful stride, but has not an aggressive skating style. On the opposite he has a very poor 2-3 firsts steps, where he seems to be so heavy and lose his power during the motion. he could be a deadly skater if he works especially on his explosiveness.