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  1. cbdoubleu

    [GDT] Preds @ Nucks Rogers Arena 7pm Dec 6 2018

    If you're bad enough eventually one of these good teams we're playing will have a letdown game.
  2. I think it's Jeff Trashill. The Blues are a good team (or at least a decent one) and can easily win a couple here to keep Yeo in a job. The Wings are terrible. Trash's deployment of players is terrible. Their system is terrible. And they have Dan Bylsma there already, waiting to take over. Their one bright spot is their PP is clicking at 24%. And who is running the power play? Bylsma.
  3. More pumped about fantasy hockey starting back up to be honest, but I think we'll be a fun exciting team to start the season until the losses and injuries pile up, and then just when it looks like we're a bottom 3 lottery team, we'll get healthier, call up some kids, be real fun to watch again, and run the table on a couple Cali road trips and finish 26th overall, and pick 7th next draft.
  4. cbdoubleu

    Who scores first goal of the Canucks season

    Tory Stecher
  5. Too bad about Archie. He's been a great Comet for us, and seemed like a guy who did everything the coaches asked of him. Love for him to clear and stay with the organization as much as I'd love for him to get claimed by a team that would keep him in the NHL.
  6. cbdoubleu

    [Signing] Red Wings re-sign Dylan Larkin

    Great signing. A bridge would've only meant you're paying in 8+ mill in a couple years. Larkin is the Bo Horvat of the Detroit Redwings right now. He's future captain material, kills penalties, plays hard minutes, cares about winning, etc. Slight uptick in PP time and production and he's a 70+ point guy. I also like that he's a bit of meaner guy than Bo on the ice. Him, Mantha, and Zadina are gonna be great. I see the Wings as being a year behind us in their rebuild, so I always look at them as a "Who gets back to the playoffs first" comparable.
  7. cbdoubleu

    Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    This is all speculation, but that's exaclty what I was going to say. Goldobin doesn't benefit from being given Beagle's 4th line NHL minutes, or Gaudette being thrown to the wolves as 2C with no NHL experience around him. Maybe Linden was team full tank and keep tanking until you win the lottery, and Jim Benning wants to build a winning culture and if they get lucky and land a 1st overall pick that's great, but it's not what he's relying on.
  8. cbdoubleu

    Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    He was always just there to try to encourage a fan base to feel like paying money to go to games. They might as well make Gino Odjick the next president.
  9. I'd say a 2nd or a team's 3rd or 4th best/most redundant almost NHL ready prospect is around where Tanev's value is considering he misses 20+ games a season. Benning can argue that well on a better team where he's not having to log such brutal minutes he'll be more durable, but then you can't ask for the same return that you could if he was a durable heavy minute top-pairing guy. Maybe his value increases at the trade deadline... if Tanev survives that far. I just don't expect a return anywhere near the return that the Larsson trade seemed to imply for Tanev.
  10. I don't see how we land Nylander for Tanev (I am not a fan of Nylander's game anyhow - he's gutless). I think Tanev is worth a Kapanen or a Dermott and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I'd rather have a less skilled but grittier player that can still play top 6 like Kapanen anyhow.
  11. cbdoubleu

    [Rumour] Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic

    If it's similar contract for contract to a US city, maybe it's: St. Louis - Steen for Lucic Columbis - Foligno But I don't see how these trades help Edmonton out of their cap problem now.
  12. cbdoubleu

    [Proposal] Dallas-Van

    If Dallas does get Tavares, they would definitely like to shed Spezza's contract, but maybe something like this: To Dallas Tanev+4th To Vancouver Spezza+Honka+2nd That gives Dallas Lindell-Kling and then Heiskanen-Tanev & Methot-Johns. I think Dallas is still very much excited about Honka's ability to be another puck mover and creator to give them more of an attack when Kling isn't on the ice, but landing Tavares might put them in enough of a win now mode that they move talent for more experienced stability while giving Heiskanen a great D partner. I don't know if Dallas would be interested in any of the forwards we'd want to give up.
  13. cbdoubleu

    Who are the bottom 10 teams in 2018 - 2019 (Discussion)

    Bottom 10 last season: Carolina NYI Edmonton NYR Chicago Vancouver Detroit Montreal Arizona Ottawa Buffalo Of that list, I'd say Chicago, Edmonton and NYI have the best shots at making it out. Maybe Rangers. Candidates to fall: St. Louis Blues NJD Las Vegas Minnesota Wild Chicago, Carolina, Edmonton, NYI and NYR are all probably bubble teams. They could all be 90+ points teams if things go right, or 75 point teams if they don't. And there's not a lot of teams to pick from to fall. Calgary, St. Louis and Dallas could've been playoff teams and should be just as good next year. Same in the east with teams like Florida. I'll put Vancouver with Buffalo and Ottawa as battling it out for last. If there's one suddenly surprisingly good team on that list, I'll say Arizona.
  14. cbdoubleu

    [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Retire 44