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  1. Still a chance to leave empty handed
  2. Willie uses the Canucks First Overall Pick to challenge the call.
  3. *the faint sound of tank rumbling closer over the ridge*
  4. That forward group looks like the lines you make someone who is really good at NHL17 have when they're playing someone who's never played before.
  5. I'd expect Juolevi to be a Canuck next year, while we still have veternan NHL defenders in the lineup to mentor him. I'd also start to be concerned if Jake Virtanen has failed to stick with the team next season. Otherwise I think you're right. I expect us to be near the bottom of the standings again next season, with or without winning the lottery this year. It's almost unheard to send the number 1 overall pick back to junior, but I wouldn't expect Patrick to have an immediate impact on the team, even if he is gifted his spot because of his status as the number 1.
  6. I have noticed an intentional lack of fights being shown during highlight packs on all the networks, and the NHL app. Couple weeks ago Trouba was in a great bloody scrap with Sam Bennett, and none of the highlight shows aired it. 5 years ago it would have been in the intro to the show, and every teaser before a commercial break. I think it's just part of the NHL wanting to distance itself from fighting in the game in general.
  7. You can't forget a guy when his name and number are up in the rafters.
  8. This one is giving ET a run for its money as worst game ever.
  9. I didn't even think Edler could put a puck over the glass with his back like it is
  10. Megna is usually one of the better forwards too. Sorry haters.