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  1. I picked Pens but I could see the Preds winning it with their combination of D and goaltending. I'd probably have picked them if it wasn't for the injury to RyJo, but they are just about as deep in the bottom 6 as the Penguins, and a very balanced attack. The Preds are almost the mirror image of the way the Pens play, but leading with their D instead of a group of elite forwards. Both can play at an incredible pace that most teams can't contend with. Goaltending - Slight edge to the Preds maybe. Experience - Pens have been there. Star Power - Edge for the Penguins. Depth - Pretty Even. Both teams have 6 or 7 guys with 4 or more goals in the playoffs. D - Preds. Even with Schultz and Daley back healthy, the Preds have the best top 4.
  2. Tend to agree with Benning. I think Markstrom can handle 50-60 games, but he will never be a true number #1 guy (at least not on a good team). A 3.6 cap hit isn't terrible for half of a goaltending tandem. It's certainly not Dallas bad. I think Tanev would have to fetch Benning's high asking price for him to consider it. As valued as Tanev is, I get the feeling the Larsson/Hall trade set the bar too high, and teams may be reluctant (or just unable to produce that kind of asset). If someone comes calling with an offer that's hard to refuse then I'm sure he'll listen. Edler may still get traded in the last year of his current deal. He may go the Burrows route and agree to a trade if the other team is willing to extend him. If we can get anywhere close to the kind of return Burrows and Hansen got us I think we'd all be very happy. He's definitely not what he was, but he is under-appreciated for what he still provides for us. Especially if somehow Tanev is moved, we need one veteran anchor in the lineup.
  3. It would echo Botch's comments on Dahlen before, arguing he is our top prospect.
  4. Someone's got a pretty big buldge in their sweatpants for Dahlen if he's number 2, or somehow number 1 on this list.
  5. They did Juolevi today as number 3. http://theprovince.com/feature/canucks-top-10-prospects-2017/canucks-top-10-prospects-olli-juolevi
  6. Didn't like the one goal that was called off when Ekholm took the puck to the net. Felt like that was a good hockey play.
  7. Is it going to be Boeser and Dahlen 1 and 2, or is The Province going to do something dumb like include our upcoming draft pick as a myserious top prospect to be?
  8. Eberle to Arizona for Crouse.
  9. I still think McEneny is called up before Subban. I'm calling McEneny a darkhouse out of training camp to make the team.
  10. Pulock has an absolute canon too. Would love to get him.
  11. Like the article states surrounding Gaudette and Lockwood: Benning's top picks will be what they will be, but for the organization to really turn a corner we need to find NHL players in the later rounds and it's nice to see guys drafted later start to fill out our Top 10 Prospects, regardless where they put Jake Virtanen on the list.
  12. I'd even take the late 1st they got off Anaheim
  13. I know unloading one of those goalie contracts is going to cost Dallas, but Hutton for a 3rd overall pick and a bad cap hit would be 10x the robbing that Hall for Larsson was. I'd be happy to move a dman and take a cap hit from Dallas in exchange for a package of someone like Faksa, and Ritchie/Elie. Maybe you ask for next year's 1st rounder from Dallas instead. If they want to keep their 3nd overall pick, let them. I know Benning has talked about landing a top 6 for a dman, but think we can add some real depth and skill to round out our young top. I don't know if Gurianov would be in play (or if Benning has pause about Russians right now), but there is definitely some good options to look at for Benning outside of holding out for the top 3 pick in the draft.
  14. Picked against the Sens in every series so far, so I'm not going to stop now. It's not even that I don't think the Sens are a good team, I just expected the Bruins to have the egde, and I expected the Rangers to have the edge, and again I feel like the Penguins have the edge. The Sens are such a well rounded and well coached club that there's no easy games against them, and you add in Karlsson controlling the game for nearly 30 minutes a game that you can't afford many breakdowns. This could be a terrific series.