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  1. Vote: Tavares - for me it's not even close between him or Hedman. Nominate: 5th Round Pick Mike Hoffman.
  2. Bottom 5 for sure, but I am hoping to see improved on-ice performance. Last season before the full tank started, we lost a lot of close games, but we looked terrible doing it most nights. I am hoping under Green we're not just competitive in most games, but able to show some glimpses of skill and finish. It'll be hard to stomach another year of bad passing and dump & chase hockey. I think this season the bar is set higher than just "let's not get embarassed on the scoreboard, I'm trying to keep my coaching job"
  3. Me neither. I think once Bishop was gone they had to move on Smith. Smith is an active volume goalie and the Flames had one of the lowest SA per Game in the NHL. I just don't like the fit for Smith, kind of like Miller in St. Louis where he struggled to be "in the game". On the otherhand Smith is an excellent puck-handler, and with that defence's mobility and skill, dump and chase teams are gonna have a hell of a time establishing a forecheck. I bet Mason does better in Winnipeg than Smith does in Calgary.
  4. Knowing us, it'll be Toronto and we'll lose in 7.
  5. Write-in vote for Winnipeg Top 16
  6. I'm not huge on Gudbranson, but he didn't get a shot to impress anyone last year. If you go back and look at what was said about McCann when drafted was that he was touted as a 2-way centre first, with good skill, and an NHL release. Even before we drafted Pettersson I think the organization had a legit number 1 centre on their want list, making Bo a great 2C, so even if McCann develops into a second line centre, he wasn't going to get that shot here. For me we've already added potential top 9 forwards that fit the spot better than McCann would have, and it's not easy to get D men with Gudbranson's experience, cap hit, and ceiling, for cheap. Good asset management move imo. For what it's worth, McCann put up better numbers in the AHL in less games than Jake Virtanen (old fashion goals and assists, I'm not sure about possession stats), so I still see McCann becoming a guy like a Nick Bonino where he play up and down the line, the better the players you put him with with the better his stats look, but he should become an important all-situations player.
  7. I went for Hutton as a player but Gudbranson is right there with him. All of the hype has turned to Troy Stecher (and to Tryamkin while he was here), while Hutton is now almost the de facto next Sbisa in a lot of people's minds. I thought after his early season struggles he was good in his own end, and he out-performed Stecher on the powerplay, despite seeing more 2nd unit minutes. Virtanen was an easy pick, look how far he has dropped in the other poll going on ranking our prospects, but Brisebois deserves mention as this time last year he was on everyone's radar as one of our best D prospects, and now he's kind of been forgotten about.
  8. I think Horvat is in the ballpark of the Scheifele deal, 49 mill over 8 years, 6.125 Cap Hit. Anything from 5.9-6.25 is an overpayment right now based on Horvat's numbers, but should turn into a great contract.
  9. I think you're pretty close though Megna is signed (it's like everyone wants to pretend it never happened) and Boucher isn't yet. I'd even think Gaunce could be at risk of being waived if Burmistrov out-performs him. He's not a Benning pick, and he was of zero value to Las Vegas. Rodin might get a look at the NHL level, meaning Boeser/Goldobin could spend some time in Utica. I think Boeser is closer to being an every day NHL'er than Goldobin but there's no hurting either guy's development by sending them all to Uitica. Especially if there is a decent collection of talent there; it's not like Virtanen last year where he gets sent down to play with a team of lifer AHL'ers for the most part. Curious to see what happens with Juolevi. I'd give him some games at the start of the year and then send him back to the OHL.
  10. None of the moves we made were with playoffs in mind. These are good solid roster players to give us time to develop young guys. For all the people crying that they'd rather see Juolevi, Boeser, Goldobin (who might make the team full time anyhow), etc., I don't disagree; I'd prefer to watch them too, but not at the long term expense of what it could do to their development. I laughed at the Oilers for years for ruining prospects, and that can be the difference between a 5 year build and 10 year build. These weren't Sutter or Erickson signings.. in the case of Gagner and MDZ these are flexible contracts on moveable guys, so all we have done is buy ourselves time to develop while giving Bo and some of the other new core pieces something to play for, with movable assets. Burmistrov is just a no brainer. Benning & his team have shown a pretty good eye for prospects that have been developed by other organizations. I still don't like our first pick in the draft, but yesterday was a huge step forward for the future of the team.
  11. Really happy with what Benning did today. A masterful free agent day for not just next season, but for development of our in house prospects and more assets that can turn into more prospects.
  12. MDZ is a better option than Biega, Holm or McEneny for next season. It also gives time for Juolevi to develop. Linden was on 1040 the other day talking about the appeal of guys like Gagner and Weal to the organization right now, and he basically said it allows them to not have to rush some guys to the NHL. We've all been screaming for a rebuild, now we should all be screaming for our prospects to be developed correctly. We have an opportunity to start icing a very solid Utica Comets team for the next couple years. We can have 4 or 5 top prospects all playing together, plus some solid mid-round selections, it's going to give them early top minutes and a chance to win some games and have success down there that they can bring with them to the Canucks.
  13. Haha. You can only deploy them for o-zone faceoffs. I always wanted to see peak Sedin shift era with Jagr. I could do some magical things with them in EA NHL.
  14. I think you have to look at Tanev being a guy that can bring Juolevi along at the NHL level, and how important that role might be in developing Olli, so I believe Benning when he says he'd have to get a D man in return in any deal for Tanev. I don't think Sbisa impacts Tanev's availability. Losing Tanev leaves a big hole on our right side. Maybe that's an opportunity for Subban, but it puts a lot of pressure on Edler, Hutton, and Stecher, and it puts a lot of pressure on the Canucks to not lose RHD Guddy after the season, who is still an unkown as to where he is gonna fit in the organization's depth charts.
  15. Bonino has that Sedin quality about his skating: He's not fast but uses great anticipation and footwork to forecheck and get inside on guys before they can move the puck. Being strong on the boards and able to win 1 or 2 step battles for pucks is just as important as open ice top end speed. He's always going to look better as a role piece on a good team, but why wouldn't he cash in for a few years now, and then go back to a winning team and be their Cullen to end his career? He could easily get a 5 year deal worth 4 a year.