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  1. [Report] Stars name Jim Montgomery head coach

    In his words he wants the Stars to be a relentless puck possession team. I think Hitchcock was all wrong for the pieces the Stars had. Will see.
  2. [Discussion] Tanev to Philadelphia

    Provorov is a future Norris candidate. He's only going to get better. Ghost is not the same calibre in his own end and away from the puck as Prov. Prov-Tanev would be a legit big minutes top pairing. If there is a deal there, Sanheim is a great prospect, but I'd almost rather get someone like Morin back. We haven't had a player with that type of edge since Bieksa and we could use that. They're not going to move Konecny or Lindblom but a mix of pick + Weal or Laughton and maybe a decent prospect like Aube-Kubel, who seems like a guy who score at any level he plays at and has an edge to him, could give us what we need too.
  3. Sharks doing damage on all 4 lines. Vegas lucky not to be down 3-1. Had no business being in game 3. Does Fleury have 2 more steals in him? It'll be intersting to see who comes out if Jumbo Joe is able to go for game 5.
  4. [Discussion] What is Tanev's value?

    Should've dealt him after the 2016 World's where he really caught the attention of everyone. I don't think he was on the ice for a single goal against. He's still on a lot of GMs radar but now you have to hope he's healthy at the trade deadline to get max value for him. I think Benning has been listening but not offering and I don't blame him for making a team make him want to trade Tanev, but now is the time to clean house and get really terrible next season.
  5. You have to consider too that Dobber's list is Fantasy hockey biased. It's not the 50 best Dmen, it's the 50 best fantasy Dmen in a points only fantasy league. Hence seeing guys like Tony DeAngelo and Julius Honka (who have struggled to adapt to the NHL) but based on their label as offensive defensemen are still up on the list. I'm always surprised to see Forsling on a points only fantasy list, but given top 4 minutes and PP time he does have a deceptively hard shot and a seeing eye wrister. And with the talent on the Hawks he could see 25+ assists just from making clean breakout passes.
  6. Sharks let that one get away from them. Vegas had no business being in that game for 45 of the 60 minutes in regulation time. Another game where they could've blown Vegas out of the water the first 10 minutes of the game and they have nothing to show for it. What are they going to do when Vegas shows up to play from the opening faceoff.
  7. Chara is a beast still at 40
  8. Does anyone play the game within the game as well as the Bruins do
  9. Coburn and Girardi are very suspect at this point in their careers, and Sergachev isn't trusted for regular shifts yet, though he's been very ok. I don't think people are giving the Bruins depth enough credit. Their top line is just as skilled as Tampa's and with a little bit of sandpaper and Selke trophies mixed in that Tampa can't boast. Then they've got Debrusk Backes Krejci Heinen Nash to go up against Gourde Johnson Point Palat Killorn. Kunitz and Callahan need to provide an edge on that 4th line. The Lightning have not been tight enough defensively for half the season and if they get sucked into the Bruins antics and start taking penalties and having to open up to play catch up hockey they're going to be in trouble.
  10. It's an interesting idea. Reinhart was great the 2nd half of the season (i feel like 35 of his 50 points were in the last 40 games), but has yet to really show that he can change a game. He's probably not a franchise player, but coming into his prime years, and on a new team, he could very easily go from a 50 point top 6 guy to a legit first line player putting up 70-80. If that was Buffalo's ask I'd do it, but I think might take someone like Tanev who they could really use, and I could live with giving up a conditonal 1st instead of Lind, but the way the season ended for Reinhart, the price just went up because he started to look like he was on the verge. I don't know if I'd be comfortable giving up: Chris Tanev Kole Lind Protected 1st round pick. Then you're realling banking on the hope that Reinhart didn't just shine down the stretch because everyone stopped caring when they had to play Buffalo, and that he really is going to become a difference maker. It's a risk. Someone would have had to have done their homework on Reinhart and seen some idication that you're not just paying for the name and the draft position. Otherwise there are other 25 goal scorers we could go after that could have a bigger impact on our ability to win and compete physically.
  11. Tampa Bay wasn't as dominate the last half of the season. They score themselves out of a lot of trouble but we'll see how the handle the Bruins top line. I guess the Bruins didn't exactly play lockdown hockey against the Leafs and both teams can score on 3 lines so we might see a fantastic series with a couple games stolen by the goalies. I picked Tampa but I still think the Bruins have enough of the core that has been to the finals twice, mixed in with some great young players. They might not win it all this year, but their window has re-opened a little bit in my mind, and if they are able to win another cup you have to start to talk about the Chara Bergeron Marchand Bruins as being just a notch below the Hawks Kings and Pens mini-dynasties.
  12. You'd have to think the amount of hockey the Pens have played is going to catch up to them one series, and the odds of the Caps losing 3 years in a row seems low. To me this is a 50/50 split. I picked Caps just because why not.
  13. Huh? The Bruins lost on home ice in Game 7 to Washington the year after they won the cup. The infamous twitter reaction to Ward scoring. They then lost to Montreal on home ice in 2014 game 7. Blew a 3-2 series lead to boot. They also suffered the worst game 7 loss of all time not too long ago against Philly when their home fans got to watch their team choke up a 3-0 series lead, and then a 3-0 lead in game 7.
  14. After seeing what a difference a limited Dorsett made for our team early in the season, an Anderson or Jenner is exactly what we need. And they definitely made the right call taking Dubois. That kid is gonna be a stud. The Torts Jackets have now had to face the Pens and the Caps; tough way to try to get out of the first round, but it should make them a stronger team going forward. Probably will wear out on Torts and have to change coaches to take the next step.