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  1. The Status of This Year's Team is Clear: A Big Head's Take

    Stopped reading when you said we're not sure Juolevi will amount to much. Canucks fan: Thank you Penguins for giving up on Pouliot. Same Canucks fan: Juolevi is probably a bust.
  2. [Report] Andrew Cogliano suspended 2 games

    I guess it’s better than it ending tragically. Linden had a decent streak going (close to 500 games which is a small list of people who’ve done it) and lost his to a serious knee injury. I always liked Cogs. Exactly what you’d hope from a late first rounder. Just an all round solid hockey player. Wins you games with depth like that. Oilers sure did a lot better drafting outside of the first overall pick.
  3. Why couldn't we have gotten a stud like Dubois.
  4. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    This season, when we were healthy, I really liked our top 9 forwards, I liked our top 4 D, I even liked our goaltending. The system was very smart, and I think it played to our strengths and covered up our weaknesses (which I think we are still very soft on the puck, and in traffc). The reality is, if we move pieces out for picks and prospects this year, and the Sedins retire or move on, we could very well take a step back next year. Those are still huge minutes to fill, and roles in the dressing room.
  5. [GDT] Ducks @ Nucks | January 2nd | 7 pm PST

    If Boeser fought Kesler, I'd be Brock hard.
  6. 2017/18 WJHC Thread

    Olli is definitely a Canuck with a "move" like that in shootout.
  7. Vanek's Value (Circa Jan. 2, 2018) Discussion

    Though Burrows wasn't scoring like he used to, or the way Vanek is now, he was seen as someone who gets it done in the playoffs, can play on any line, and do the things that win games in playoff hockey. I think that carries more value for a team looking to make a deep run than Vanek who is a guy that a team trying to make the playoffs or fill a hole because of injury might make a move on. Burrows landed the Sens 1st or 2nd best prospect depending on who you ask, and Hansen (another guy like Burrows) got the Sharks 2nd or 3rd best prospect. Vanek's maybe a 2nd with a condition that could make it a first (and that feels like a long shot), but probably he's some B+/A- prospect that Benning likes that the other team is ready to move on from. I don't really see Vanek as a fit in Dallas per say, but a guy like Brett Ritchie who is having trouble staying the Stars' lineup but can play a physical game and had 16 or so goals last season is the kind of return I'd expect. There's also the optics that some GM's might feel like Benning was a big winner at the TDL last year, and they might be more cautious about getting fleeced.
  8. Who Is On The Hot Seat?

    Coach Q in Chicago is probably feeling a little heat, which I think is ridiculous, but the Hawks aren't winning a lot of games and sit on the edge of the playoff picture. There's a growing number of fans that think he is the problem, or that they need a shake-up in general. The dynasty days are probably over, and there's a couple year gap between the aging core and the younger guys like Forsling, DeBrincat, Vinny, Schmaltz, etc. being ready to be relied on in important roles. If they miss the playoffs or sneak in and get destroyed like last season I could see them making a change. Also wouldn't surprise me to see the Hawks sneak into the lottery by one point, win it, and get Dahlin.
  9. I'd agree. I'd almost say that media back east is seeing Boeser as our clear #1 guy, more known than Bo Horvat. I can't remember if it was TSN or Sportsnet, but someone called Boeser future Canucks captain Brock Boeser. Now there's a debate.
  10. Both have been unreal. Barzal went the first 5 games of the year without a point, so his 35 points are in his last 31 games. He now has a 5 point game, a hattrick, scored on his first shootout attempt. And Boeser's % of goals scored compared to the rest of the team speaks for itself. For the supporting cast argument, you can easily argue that Eberle and Ladd weren't doing anything for the Islanders until they got put on a line with Barzal. So I dunno who's supporting who. Both guys look like they'll end up with more points than Matthews/Laine had last year. Will be interesting to see if Boeser can hit 40 goals and Barzal leads all rookies in points and perhaps gets into the 90 point range, who they give the trophy to. Probably McAvoy lol.
  11. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Another game where we were owned the faceoff circle. If only centremen were put under the scrutiny to win draws that goalies are put under to make saves... Henrik Sedin was 5 for 17 on draws. That's pathetic. Any team losing it's best player is going to struggle, and the Canucks have lost that and a few other important pieces. It just shows that there is still a huge lack of depth that's being addressed. You see in Toronto when Matthews is out, other guys step up because they have those other guys, and we don't, yet. In two years we should be in a position where can ride out some injuries to key guys. Going in to the season I thought it was going to be another long painful one to watch, but after 25 games I had hopes that it wasn't going to be as long and as painful. Now I just hope we can regroup once Bo is back and stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and get back to doing the little things right.
  12. What a draft class. Even some of the guys not looking like great picks right now like Meier and Strome still have lots of time to develop. I like DeBrusk a lot but look at what the Bruins did (or didn't do) with their 3 straight picks: Could've drafted any of or all three of Barzal Chabot Boeser.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets

    Jets won 60+% of the faceoffs last night and a huge part of Green's system is having possession long enough to make teams go get pucks so we can set up our trap or whatever you want to call it. We need Sutter back to at least give us some strength on draws. You can't chase a team like Winnpeg all night. We'd lose to Arizona giving 60% of the draws.
  14. Subban. just. isn't. that. good. Even first rounders that Subban would be in the mould of like Julius Honka and Anthony DeAngelo are finding it hard to make the NHL. That is a very small hole they are trying to thread by making an impact at the NHL level as a high-risk, undersized, dman. I will regret the Forsling trade a million times more than moving on from Subban.
  15. For me, it really comes down to Boeser or Barzal. Keller and McAvory 3rd. Butcher and Sergachev have put up great stats for rookie Dmen, but over half of Butcher's assists are secondary and he's really a non-factor defensively. He's just kind of a power play specialist. Same with Sergachev. Playing 14 minutes a night doesn't win you the calder as a rookie D man. McAvoy you can make a case for because he logs #1 D man minutes and is an impact player for Boston. Keller is good, but he's faded lately. Goalless in 7 or 8 now. Boeser is a special goal scorer, and Barzal is a special playmaker. Both guys are crucial to their team's success right now, while Arizona is terrible. Barzy is deadly on the power play and had a 5 assist game. If he starts shooting more he could be well over a PPG player and lead all rookies in points. He could be the next Nick Backstrom. And we all know about Boeser.