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  1. If Boeser is on you’re 3rd line you’ve got to take Roussel off of it. He hasn’t done anything offensively in a month. Either switch him out for Motte or Sutter to minimize altering too many lines edit: usually when i bash someone they score so expect a goal from him tonight
  2. What we paid for J.T. Miller is equivalent to what you would pay for a rental UFA at the deadline a late 1st and a 3rd the fact that he has 3 more years left at a ridiculously low cap hit makes this trade a home run
  3. Seems pretty obvious ; gaudette sent to utica; first call up when a center gets injured goldobin traded or waived; hasn’t showed any improvements from last year playing against AHL players in pre season Macewen sent to utica schailer waived Biega waived and clears; they won’t waive Fantengerg after just signing him as a free agent he will be in the press box as our extra defenceman ferland Petterson boeser baertshi/Pearson horvat Miller Baertshi/Pearson Sutter Leivo Ericcson beagle Virtanen (motte) edler myers hughes Tanev Benn Stetcher (fantenberg)
  4. I originally had Virtanen in that spot he plays well with Sutter Gaudette Sutter Virtanen also think that it all it all depends on how Gaudette plays during preseason if he isn’t playing well I would imagine he would start in Utica as there first line center until an injury occurred
  5. A lot of Roussel in peoples line ups he’s expected to be out until December Miller. Petterson Boeser baerchi Horvat. Pearson Gaudette. Sutter. Ericsson Motte. Beagle Virtanen edler tanev hughes. Myers Benn Stetcher phantonberg Biega Goldobin edit it just did the line up and I forgot Leivo definitely one too many forwards might mean biega starting in Utica
  6. To Van : Tyson Barrie 16th overall pick To Col 10th overall pick Chris Tanev
  7. I’m more so leaning towards wanting a forward. I guess it all depends how the first 9 picks go but Broberg does remind me of Brent Burns
  8. Im guessing that if Caufield is available at our pick teams will be calling to trade up and get him. I can’t see Edmonton or Anaheim trading down and Benning has made it public that he”d be interested in trading down.
  9. A lot of talk about Poldkozin however if he slides a bit I don’t think he makes it past Edmonton he was ranked 3rd overall all year and Holland has had success with Russians most likely BPA at 8th as well
  10. 2019 NHL Scouting Combine results: Top 10 at each drill 9 Check out how the prospects performed at the combine. By Brandon M. Cain@brandonmcain Jun 1, 2019, 4:00pm CDT SHARE Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images The NHL Scouting Combine is in the books, so let’s take a look at the top 10 performers in each drill from NHL Central Scouting. The top 25 from each drill are available, here. The Blackhawks hold the No. 3 overall pick in this month’s NHL draft and have cut their list of potential prospects to six. Here are the six players Chicago is believed to be deciding on along with their NHL Central Scouting ranking among North American skaters: Left-handed defenseman Bowen Byram of WHL Vancouver (No. 2 NA) Center Kirby Dach of WHL Saskatoon (No. 3 NA) Center Alex Turcotte of NTDP/Wisconsin commit (No. 4 NA) Center/Right wing Dylan Cozens of WHL Lethbridge (No. 5 NA) Center/Left wing Trevor Zegras of NTDP/Boston University commit (No. 6 NA) Right wing Cole Caufield of NTDP/Wisconsin commit (No. 8 NA) Height, weight Standing Height – Athlete stands against a wall (barefoot, heels together with the backs of the feet touching the wall) and their height is measured to the nearest quarter inch. Byram: 6-foot 1/4, 195 pounds Dach: 6-foot-4, 198 pounds Turcotte: 5-foot-11 1/4, 186 pounds Cozens: 6-foot-3, 183 pounds Zegras: 6-foot 1/4, 173 pounds Caufield: 5-foot-7 1/4, 163 pounds Anaerobic fitness — Wingate test Wingate Cycle Ergometer Test – The athlete warms up by pedaling at a low resistance for two minutes. When given the start command, the player will perform the following intervals while seated. Mean Power Output (watts/kg) Peak Power Output (watts/kg) Fatigue Index Zegras — 48.5 (No. 13) Bench Press Bench Press – Conducted using a standard padded bench with the athlete lifting 50% of his body weight (pre-determined) utilizing free weights (including the barbell). The athlete lies on his back on the bench and grips the barbell with thumbs approximately shoulder width apart. The buttocks must remain on the bench with the feet on the floor. The starting position is with the arms fully extended. The bar is lowered to the chest, after a slight pause, athlete pushes the bar as quickly as possible until their arms are fully extended. Each athlete will perform three reps at maximum velocity, with a slight pause between each rep at the chest position. A “Gym Aware” device will be used to measure the velocity of the bar and the athlete’s ability to produce power. The reported score will be measured in watts/kg. 50 percent of body weight (Power - watts/kg) Cozens — 6.3 (No. 16) Jump Station — Force plate Jump Station (AccuPower Dual Force Plate System) – An AccuPower Dual Force Plate system will be used to objectively measure the direction, strength and timing of the three-dimensional (3D) forces that the athlete produces during hockey related movement. The AccuPower system also captures synchronized video data from two high speed cameras and overlays the 3D force vector produced from each leg. The test will provide immediate feedback allowing teams to assess movement efficiency, physical performance and injury potential.… Three jump types will be performed: Vertical Jump (with arm swing), No Arm Jump (no arm swing / hands on hips) and Squat Jump (squat start / hands on hips). Each jump test will include three separate maximum effort vertical jumps separated by 10 seconds of rest. The athlete’s best vertical jump height from the three attempts of each jump will be recorded. Vertical jump (inches) Squat jump (inches) Byram — 17.33 (No. 11) Cozens — 16.88 (No. 16) No arm jump (inches) Caulfield — 18.85 (No. 19) Byram — 18.58 (No. 23) Cozens — 18.49 (No. 25) Grip Strength Grip Strength – The athlete adjusts a hand grip dynamometer to his hand size, fully extends his arm and squeezes the dynamometer as forcefully as possible. The test is conducted on both hands. Left hand grip (lb) Caufield — 140 (No. 12) Right hand grip (lb) Wingspan measurements Wingspan – Athlete extends his arms straight out to the sides. Wingspan is measured to the nearest quarter inch from the middle finger tip to middle finger tip. Wingspan (inches) Dach — 76.75 (No. 16) Pro Agility — Shuttle run Pro Agility Test – The 5-10-5 yard shuttle (or 15-30-15 feet) evaluates multi-directional speed, agility and whole body reaction plus control. Each player will perform one sequence starting to the right and one sequence starting to the left. Pro agility left (sec) Turcotte — 4.38 (No. 12) Byram — 4.4 No. 14) Cozens — 4.43 (No. 23) Pro agility right (sec) Byram — 4.51 (No. 25) Pull ups Pull Ups – Athlete does as many consecutive pull ups they can while maintaining the correct technique. Pull ups consecutive (max number) Byram — 13 (No. 11) Standing long jump Standing Long Jump – Athlete stands with feet slightly apart with toes behind the jumping line. Using an arm swing to assist, the athlete jumps as far as possible. Long Jump (inches) Byram — 111.0 (No. 11) Aerobic fitness — VO2max Aerobic Fitness VO2max – Aerobic fitness is assessed by measuring the amount of oxygen utilized (VO2 max) during maximal exercise employing volume determination and analysis of expired air. In addition, heart rate is monitored continuously, providing data for heartrate-based training. This test will be performed on a professional grade spin bike (Watt Bike) cycle ergometer using a Cortex Metalyzer VO2 cart. The end point is determined by either: a) the athlete physically stops pedalling b) the athlete experiences difficulty breathing or chest pain or c) the appraiser stops the subject because the athlete can no longer maintain the required rpm despite intense effort. Test Duration Cozens — 14:30 (No. 13) Dach — 14:13 (No. 20) Turcotte — 14:10 (No. 23) VO2 Max (ml/kg/min) Caufield — 57.0 (No. 19) Descriptions of the tests were provided by the NHL.
  11. I could see a scenario where Canucks trade down to get an nhl defenceman and still get a 1st round pick eg. To Van : -PK Subban -24th overall pick To Nash: -10th overall -2020 2nd rd pick -B prospect ( gadjovich,Lind,Lockwood) just an example because I do think that Nashville will be looking to trade a defenceman with Josi getting a raise and fabbro joining the club The Canucks would upgrade there defence and a lot of good players would still be available at 24th
  12. Rick Dhaliwal The #Canucks and 26 other teams are slated to interview defenseman Philip Broberg at the NHL combine this week. If Canucks take a defenseman 10th over-all, who should they take, Broberg, Victor Söderström, Cam York or Thomas Harley? soderstrom won the poll followed by broberg
  13. 2019 NHL Mock Draft by Jokke Nevalainen by Jokke Nevalainen on May 24, 2019 Feature Story 2019 NHL Mock Draft by Jokke Nevalainen Mock drafts are always fun, so I figured I’d do one. I decided to limit this to the first round for now, and obviously the order of the final two picks is yet to be decided but I assumed the Bruins will win the Stanley Cup for the purpose of this exercise. Without further ado, let’s get to it. New Jersey Devils – Jack Hughes, LC Best player in the draft by a slim margin. A franchise center with huge offensive upside. New York Rangers – Kaapo Kakko, RW Hughes and Kakko are 1A/1B, so this is an easy choice. NHL ready winger with franchise player potential. Chicago Blackhawks – Alex Turcotte, LC Number one center upside. Competes hard and plays a great all-around game. Eventual Toews replacement. Colorado Avalanche (from the Senators) – Dylan Cozens, RC The Avalanche need scoring depth beyond their top line, and they can build a great second line around Cozens. He has top-line upside but not in Colorado. Los Angeles Kings – Bowen Byram, LD Best defenseman in the draft by a wide margin. The Kings could use some help on their blue line. Great offensive tools but needs to improve some things in the defensive side of things. Detroit Red Wings – Vasili Podkolzin, RW Top-line winger who can be used in all situations. Competes hard and never gives up. Will be a great playoff warrior. Buffalo Sabres – Trevor Zegras, LC A very talented offensive forward who may end up being a winger. Would be a great fit alongside Eichel. Edmonton Oilers – Cole Caufield, RW He’s tiny and not a great skater but boy can he score goals. Could be a nice fit alongside McDavid. Anaheim Ducks – Kirby Dach, RC Big playmaking center with massive upside but some red flags as well. The Ducks are hoping they can find the eventual replacement for Getzlaf. Vancouver Canucks – Matthew Boldy, LW Top-six winger who can play in all situations. Would be a great fit alongside Pettersson. Philadelphia Flyers – Peyton Krebs, LC Great two-way center with top-six upside. Isn’t flashy but gets the job done at both ends of the ice. Minnesota Wild – Alex Newhook, LC Speedy and very talented top-six center. The Wild aren’t scared by the fact he played in the BCHL. I believe Newhook is the final player on tier two which started at pick three. Florida Panthers – Victor Söderström, RD Best right-handed shot defenseman in the draft, and the Panthers could definitely use one in their top-four. A very reliable two-way player who isn’t far off from playing in the NHL. Arizona Coyotes – Philip Broberg, LD A big defenseman with great speed, the Coyotes are hoping he learns everything possible from OEL and becomes a similar player as he is. There are some concerns, though. Montreal Canadiens – Ville Heinola, LD A very smart offensive defenseman who can run Montreal’s power play in the future but probably needs a couple of years before he can play in the NHL. Colorado Avalanche – Cam York, LD The Avs took a forward with their first pick, so they take the best defenseman available at this spot. York is an offensive guy who can put up points. Vegas Golden Knights – Moritz Seider, RD A big two-way defenseman with top-four upside and pro experience from Germany. Seider’s offensive game is a bit underrated but it shouldn’t be. Dallas Stars – Arthur Kaliyev, LW A one-dimensional goal-scorer – the Stars are hoping they can develop him into an NHL player. A lot of boom or bust potential. Ottawa Senators (from the Blue Jackets) – Ryan Suzuki, LC A playmaking center with top-six upside is exactly what the rebuilding Sens need. New York Rangers (from the Jets) – Thomas Harley, LD Adding a risky offensive defenseman seems like a good choice after making the safe selection at No. 2. Pittsburgh Penguins – Bobby Brink, RW The Penguins hope Brink can eventually play with Sid or Geno – and it could work well for them. Los Angeles Kings (from the Maple Leafs) – Raphaël Lavoie, RW Has played center but projects to be a winger. Great size and goal-scoring abilities. New York Islanders – Matthew Robertson, LD The Isles add some depth to the left side of their blue line. A big two-way defenseman is always a good choice. Nashville Predators – Phillip Tomasino, RC A talented top-six center who could eventually replace Turris. Washington Capitals – Pavel Dorofeyev, LW A very talented offensive winger with high upside but some red flags as well. The Capitals aren’t afraid to draft Russians, and for a good reason. Calgary Flames – Spencer Knight, G The Flames get their goaltender of the future – and they desperately needed one. Tampa Bay Lightning – Nicholas Robertson, LW Small but very talented offensive winger – seems like a good fit in Tampa. Carolina Hurricanes – Patrik Puistola, LW A goal-scoring winger with top-six upside – and the Canes love Finns. Puistola can also make plays and be reliable defensively as well. Buffalo Sabres (from the Sharks) – Nils Höglander, LW Small but sturdy. Loves to engage physically. Great puck-skills. A fan favorite wherever he plays. Anaheim Ducks (from the Blues) – John Beecher, LC The Ducks add another big center – Beecher is a sure-fire NHL player, the only question is how high is his offensive upside. Boston Bruins – Alex Vlasic, LD A massive defenseman who skates really well and earns the trust of his coaches.
  14. I’m kind of leaning towards Boldy being the guy who drops forcing Benning to take him There’s always a few surprises come draft day and wingers tend to drop
  15. Combine will show more accurate heights but York doesn’t seem like someone that has stopped growing