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  1. Damn didn't see this coming. Jordie has been pretty steady the past couple of seasons. Trade Jamie Benn for Galchenyuk+?
  2. Dahlen might be better than the late 2nd/3rd pick we could have gotten in the weak draft. Was kind of hoping Burr might re-sign here in the offseason. Maybe if he's still playing in a couple of years we'll see him again on the 4th line. Overall good trade. Miller next hopefully
  3. The expansion draft is a bit of a problem. We have our D covered but the F will leave one good player unprotected ; either Baertschi or Hansen. At the beginning of this season nobody would have thought Baer was a target but he's picked it up, and is playing so well with Bo. Hansen is on his last year. Obviously we all think LV will pick up a D in Sbisa but.. who knows? Also Sbisa has somehow come out as a top 4. Been a while since he's thrown a pizza. I think we should trade Hansen for a pick or prospect so we don't risk losing him. Protect Baertschi. Leave Sbisa exposed. The Sedins will probably (hopefully) sign one more contract. I'd love for it to be an even number like 40. Maybe 4-5 each? Even if they are producing 60pts that's a steal, and more than half of their money is off the books.
  4. I want to see this guy suit up soon. IMO Megna should not be in the NHL in any capacity. Especially not ahead of Rodin and Boucher. Same can be said for Biega vs Larssen. Biega has done absolutely nothing this season, or any of his seasons prior. At least Larssen has had a good career
  5. Colorado is an absolute mess. They had a good, young core so yes, let's sign Iginla and rid ourselves of Stastny. Next up R'OR should go and how about Nick Holden, who everyone (besides Col management) could see was underrated. That didn't work? How about we examine our top 3 players, and try to trade 2 of them.. because I guess MacKinnon is getting younger? If I were Roy I would have flat left too. They were just about to exit their re-build phase and within 2 years have started a new one.
  6. Well, I think we all saw this coming. Gud was sub-par considering his role and it was leaked he had been dealing with a wrist issue for a long while Not being able to sit out and heal has led to this. Management has nobody else to blame I firmly believe our top 6 should be ; Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Sbisa - Gudbranson Tryamkin With Sbis and Tryam alternating with Biega until everybody has enough games to get expansion drafted. But we have Tanev back, who has good chemistry and history with Hutton. If/when Edler is back, he's played some good games with Stetch. Sbisa and Tryamkin for, whatever reason, play really well together. At this point I'm not super worried. Yet.
  7. from what we have seen on Mic'd Up and various other platforms, the refs are just people. they chat about the game, about close calls, good goals and basically try to reason with players to keep themselves in line. telling them that they don't want to give them a penalty, but if they keep acting a certain way they will get one. they seem to incentivize guys to play between whistles and not be stupid during important moments. they aren't always right or perfect. there are definitely tons of blown calls and lots of biases. but I believe that for every ref who hates Burrows or Gallagher, there are a handful who treat them fairly. they are about as good as you can get with humans there is something to be said for not being able to call them out. but when we get a glimpse into the on-ice antics, it's pretty clear they get a ton of abuse already
  8. We won't be adding anyone. The problem is our system. We don't have any true snipers (consistent 30-40 goal scorers). That means our team needs a lot of opportunities to get goals. Which means the D system we are implementing isn't going to work. It means nothing to shut down other teams when doing so, means we can't score a single goal. The Dallas game was a great representative. We let in 4, but we scored 5. That's how this team needs to play. Taking chances, and when we are down, we still take chances hoping to get back in it. Have a little reliance on our goalies, instead of collapsing, blocking every shot, then being flat footed when we get the puck. Half of our team is too slow (Sedins) to make that system work. Hopefully WD got a little eye-opener and will adjust things.
  9. JB won't trade either one. I saw an article the other day LOLing @ JB because he traded away 9 picks and only got 6 in return. Losing 1 pick per year is not bad at all. Remember he helped build the Boston Cup team that annihilated our asses. He's optimistic, but not at all stupid. Unless a ridiculous offer is made, neither will be traded. Both are way too close to being full time NHLers (unlike Forsling, who is only now showcasing himself).
  10. lmfao. are you for real? Nuge and Pul are high 1st round picks. Wtf makes you think Tanev is worth even one, let alone two? Gaunce is worth a 7th rounder atm. Sure he's ok on the 4th line.. with a whole 2 points. Edmonton would have to be drunk and roofied to make anything close to this deal. Tanev alone would not get either one of them.
  11. We have only 4 players in their late 30s. Burr + Miller's contracts are up, and will likely not return. We have Boeser, Juolevi and Demko waiting in the wings. Right now the GMs smell blood in the water and are circling, hoping to pry away one of our prospects. A big fat HELL NAH. Our team is young enough, and will be even younger next season. The LAST thing we need is to rebuild for 3-4 years so our current young guys are old AF, don't know how to win and are about to become UFAs.
  12. I believe the biggest issue with Virtanen is that, last year, he was told "don't worry about the offense just go out and hit." He said as much. That is very, very wrong. Yes, perhaps, last season we needed his big body. But you can't ask that of an 18yo top pick. Right away it pigeonholes him. This year, with Tryamkin, Guddy and a healthy Sutter, we don't need that from him. We need goals. It's the management's fault for messing with his mind and making him think that hits will give him ice. He needs to play on the 4th line, in the O-zone, and get some opportunities. We didn't draft him to be defensive, and that's the part that kids truly struggle with. Put the kid in a position to score some goals, then ask him to prevent some.
  13. Stecher needs to stay in. He brings a lot of offense to the game. Even when he doesn't score, it's a ton of shots on goal. I liked the Hutton - Gud pairing but they haven't gotten results. I know we are giving Sbisa games to make him eligible for the expansion draft. But (if someone can fill me in here), I think he only needs 30-40 games for that to happen? Hutton & Tanev have a lot of chemistry from last year. Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Tryamkin/Sbisa - Gudbranson I honestly don't feel Tryamkin should be left out based on his play. But the expansion draft reality is what it is. Biega won't get the games he needs, so Sbisa is up.
  14. waived.. not surprised. he's a Jack Skille type of player. except he finishes just enough to keep himself in the conversation. honestly I wish him luck. he is speedy enough to be a good bottom 6er for the right team
  15. this trade seems pretty obvious. but it depends on what the Pens are asking for. Brian Elliott has had a rough start, and Winnipeg waived their #1. LA might have some serious competition for a bargain goalie. Let's talk about Miller. Markstrom was extended, and we all expect Demko to be the guy 2-3 years from now. Miller's wife loves & lives in LA. If they can't get Fleury, Miller would be a good option. The fact is our goaltending has not been an issue. Miller is still decent, especially behind a competent team. I can see LA taking the hit. But it would have to be soon. Trade Deadline Day would be long after Quick was healthy. If we want to trade with LA we have to put the squeeze on asap. The one advantage we have is that Miller is a true #1 available now, on the cheap. Something other teams can not offer.