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  1. I thought it was a great compliment to Corrado that yesterday he helped make Wotherspoon look pretty godd, but today he made Pouliot look pretty good... Reminded me of Hamhuis that way. I believe he will make the team, and that will make cheering for Team Canada a little more fun...! S_C
  2. From Sept 23 - Grenier's first goal overseas! Salzburg Red Bull 5 KAC 2 Grenier 1 goal, 1 assist And it was highlight reel material! 0:53 into the video (#59), Check it out... nice! For those that want to watch just Grenier's goal without sitting through the rest of the highlights: Play of the Day Wow! (It's funny when #16 Ryan Duncan comes over to celebrate the goal - he is listed at 5'6" while Grenier is almost 6'5"...!) S_C