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  1. Are we really that bad?

    Settle down Cleaveland Brown, he's a 27 year old 6'3 210lb D-Man who's a couple seasons removed from a 49 point season and he kills penalties, goes on the powerplay eats a lot of minutes and blocks a ton of shots. He's basically a heart and soul player and if the team is playing terrible his numbers are going to suffer.
  2. Canucks Rookies 2014-2015

    D.Sedin H.Sedin Jensen - Give the 6'3 natural goal scorer a shot to stick with the Sedins. Higgins Horvat Burrows - A couple 2 way veteran wingers to push Horvat to the next level. Hansen Matthias Kassian - Big, fast, gritty and skilled. Sesito Santorelli Lain - Some big wingers to get on the forecheck and Santorelli covering both ends. **Schroeder - Moves in if injury** Hamhuis Edler - Get Edler working with Hamhuis to help him have a bounce back year. Garrison Bieksa - These two have a balance of skill and size that will hopefully rack up points. Tanev Corrado - Tanev has taken a big step this year, I think he can help Corrado along next year. Powerplay 1 D.Sedin H.Sedin Jensen - Keep the scoring line 1 together to develop more chemistry. Garrison Hamhuis - A couple big shots from the point. Powerplay 2 Higgins Horvat Kassian - Get the kids some experience on the PP with a veteran. Tanev Edler - It's time for Tanev to take another step an fire that wrist shot some more. PK 1 Burrows Matthias - A lot of shot blocking and pressure from these two. Hamhuis Tanev - More shot blocking and some size from this group. PK 2 Hansen Santorelli - Speed kills and these two will do that together. Edler Bieksa - These two have the size and agressiveness to force the play. Goalies Lack - I say let Lack start the majority of the games, but let him share the load a bit. Markstrom - I think Markstrom needs to play at least 25 games+ Next year, there's no way that he doesn't deserve a shot when Schnieder got similar time shared under Luongo.
  3. You have a pic of Pierre Mcguire cuddling Crosby, and a 1/2 naked pic of SOB. I'm starting to wonder about you....

  4. they see him trollin...

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  5. god bless him .

    love him to death, always have and always will !

  6. Yeah man he'll always be my favorite

  7. i love bert !

  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    lol it was one slip of the tongue it happens all the time
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    sweet sig