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  1. BRAYDEN POINT. this guy will be a great NHL player, he's undersized but skill is phenomenal and plays bigger game. for not the lackluster size he would be a 1st round pick.
  2. Im pretty sure 28 other General Managers "want" Reinhart, the better question is; does Benning want to trade up to #2?
  3. Leon would be a steal at #6 for us, anyone who says otherwise quite frankly doesn't know what top end talent is when they see it. Jake Virtanen is a solid pick for this team aswell and will likely be best available after top 5, we need his intagibles on this team.
  4. Another European is NOT what we need, sure he's a fantastic high end player with high offensive potential but if we are lucky to get him at #6 then you would be saying someone in top 5 will take him before us therefore.....Del Colle or Draistaitl at worst will fall to us, both better then Nylander, get you're "facts" straight.
  5. Nick Ritchie is a boom or bust pick, yes no doubt he has offensive intagibles to be a difference maker in the future but he lacks the offensive consistensy (Sound familiar? cough**) Jake Virtanen has the best shot in this years draft, phenomanal balance & strength...As for William Nylander, great skill player but Virtanen is "safer" and is more of a Benning style guy.
  6. I hope this is a lame joke or i want what you're smoking
  7. We overpaid for him because he was the "best d-man" in the UFA pool that year and a hometown boy...We should buy him out; sluggish skater, mediocre defence, and really only possesses a great shot...not worth the $$$.
  8. The Canucks aren't going to draft Nick Ritchie at #6 the current moment Jake Virtanen seems to be the pick unless Leon Draisaitl somehow manages to slide to #6 (highly doubt); wouldnt mind trading up for Reinhart or Leon if they happen to slide a few spots either (#4 or #5 picks)
  9. All depends on if someone out the top 5 prospects drops
  10. IMO Virtanen is the best offensive prospect left outside the top 5 that has potential to be a key piece in a teams offense, he's big and strong with a wicked shot also a great backhand is great entagible.
  11. i'd much rather miss and get a top 10 pick instead of making it a getting elminated first round, this isn't our year
  12. And it's no Eklund E5!! Lol
  13. a few ppl did...too lazy (high) to go back and find it for you lol
  14. you have the IQ of a bird seed if you think a russian is the safer pick, for thr Canucks at this point the best pick and safest was Bo Horvat, he will be a great player.