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  1. You're a truth-teller my friend, this could be worse than the kesler trade.
  2. Preach on my brotha preach on couldn't have said it better myself when Christian was knocked down and edge was on the ground I was hoping from a blood bath but sadly no
  3. Broncos vs Chargers should be fun to watch.
  4. Lmao typical of NFL players.
  5. The irony.
  6. Seahawks got robbed.
  7. Pokemon stadium Super smash bros Wwf no mercy Legend of Zelda Oot Mario Party All came with my n64 at the local swap meet still everything works great
  8. Raiders of the lost Noah's ark Harry potter and the sorcerers kidney stone
  9. Raping sleeping beauty Tangled pubes Fantastic foursome The Incredible Hulk farts
  10. Return of the Jedis Herpes Fat White Chicks Orange pulp fiction
  11. Hot money shots
  12. [quote name="87Crosby" post="12338375" timestamp= Oilers: The Benchwarmers
  13. The hills have pink eye The seed of chucky cheeses Freddie vs Jason krog
  14. The book of Eli manning Now you see me masturbate
  15. Live gluten free or die hard