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  1. iginla to the sens anyone ?

    i know this is a bit off topic, but wouldn't it been true class and canadian heart if iginla accepted a trade to the sens, both alfredsson and iginla have been captain of their canadian teams for years, both have brought their teams to the stanley cup finals only to come short in the end, now that both their careers are winding down, i would of loved to see iginla help push the sens to the cup, and try to bring the stanley cup back to canada, yes unfortunatly he wasnt able to bring it the flames, but iginla on the sens, could of made dreams come true in canada, would of been sweeter to see the sedins on the same line as iginla too, but seeing how the flams n nucks are rivals in the same division, i would of had even more respect for iggy if he accepted a trade to the sens...