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  1. Philadelphia Flyers New Mascot Gritty?

    You don't get it guys. Obviously, they are going the opposite direction and trying to scare the other team........... Duh...
  2. Man, I want Jack Hughes on our team so bad. If we are somehow able to land him, as well as add a good RHD prospect, I think this teams future will be secure.

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    2. SabreFan1


      @48MPHSlapShotIf there's a team that deserves a #1 pick, it's the Canucks.  The worst cumulative record in the league over the last 3 seasons coupled with never ever having had a #1 pick.


      The funny thing is though if the Sabres were to win the lottery again next year, I'd want to trade the pick away for a king's ransom.  It would be cap crippling to have Eichel, Dahlin, and Hughes on the same team.  Especially if Mittelstadt overachieves and ends up being one of the league's best 2C's by the time his ELC is up.  He's going to command a fortune himself in that case.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      This draft is loaded with high-end C prospects.  Krebs, Turcotte, or Newhook would all be just fine.

    4. Coconuts


      It'd be nice if we finally got some draft luck. We've drafted well but we've been shafted as long as we've been bottom feeders. Unless we get hit by the usual injury bug I don't see us being able to compete with Ottawa/Montreal for last place.

  3. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    Never thought about that, but for sure. I could see him as the commentator that takes small playful jabs at players and other guys around the league. Great personality to have on a network.
  4. agreed. If it isn't a defensman, trust me, they aint interested.
  5. *Long status opinion post...*


    Maybe it's because I was born in Toronto, and their my second team... However, Looking at that roster, they NEED to make a trade for Tanev. I would give up a hefty package to get Tanev, and have VAN retain half the salary to make it more cap feasible, as long as I don't give up anything on the current roster. If they can then add one more good right handed dman, I don't see a team that can beat them barring injuries this year.


    For Tanev, I would give Liljegren and a 1st, for Tanev and a 2nd or 3rd, then go after Justin Faulk strong. A d core of Reilly - Tanev and Gardiner - Faulk, for the next 2 years, with the forward group they have? 


    Yeah, Id go to Vegas and bet on the Leafs IMMEDIATELY. 

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    2. Baer.


      @luckylager yes I would. Not for Tanev+2nd. Maybe for Tanev+5th instead.

    3. luckylager


      There's a reason Liljegren fell to Toronto in that draft.


      I'm totally not sold on him.

    4. Mr.53


      @luckylager In the same token, you can say, "there's a reason Liljegren was a first round pick." Tanev is not going to bring back a top superstar blue chip defensive prospect. But he can bring in a solid 1st round calibre prospect, and a pick on top. Liljegren was like 17th overall. It's not like he fell to the third round.


      Liljegren is going to be a good NHL player. Maybe not a superstar first paring guy, but at least a top 4 defensman one day. Which I think Juolevi - Liljegren can be an excellent combo as a second pairing, with Hughes and a solid partner on the first pairing.

  6. I disagree with this article hugely. It comes from a good place. The rich and the powerful under normal circumstances can't tell the poor and powerless, "Hey, for the greater good, you can't do what we did to make us so rich." In essence it's a very good point. The west burned fossil fuels and set the planet on a path of destruction to get rich and where they are now; however, it does not change the fact that the planet literally cannot take much more of the fossil fuel burning. Like it or not, we all live on planet earth, and once we go too far as a planet, when it comes to pollution, there is no return. The West is screwed, the East is screwed, the North is screwed, (Sorry Jon Snow) and the south is screwed. Period. Now it would have been nice if we had known the consequences for our actions back in the industrial revolution, but nobody really saw these effects coming until the 90s, if not later. It's only been a relatively new worldwide agreement, as in the last 5-10 years or so, that basically every country has come out and said, ok, the evidence is undeniable, we are all screwed from what we have been doing as a species for decades. The planet literally cannot take smaller developign countries doing what we did with fossil fuels and polution, which again, yes made the west so powerful and so developed. But like it or not, whether you're developed, or developing, you live on planet earth, and if we don't change our ways as a species drastically, we are all screwed, including the countries trying to get richer. It sucks, but it's the reality. This is exactly why we had the Paris Climate Accords. Every country realizes this fact. Even if they want to develop, if they do it in the same way the West did, they're still screwed. So everyone was supposed to agree to lesson emissions and pollution, and the biggest countries/biggest polluters, were supposed to basically subsidize the smaller countries in their development of more green energy, as since we, the West, have gained so much wealth in how we polluted for decades, and under the current planetary limits, we have to change. Facts are facts. And the current state of the planet is not so good, and only going to get worse. At the end of the day, unless all those smaller developing countries want to screw themselves over, they simply cannot do what we did, fair or not fair. Which is why it is the job of the bigger, more developed nations, to man up, take the financial hit, and help these countries get to a place where they can be sustained and we don't all screw ourselves. Going to these countries and saying you can't develop is stupid, and obviously untenable. They're going to develop one way or another. The least we can do as the west, is educate on our mistakes, and give a small fraction of the trillions of dollars in wealth we have gained for decades, to not only save those countries from the impending future, but ourselves as well. Sorry for the long post, but as you can tell, I'm fairly passionate about this. So no, I disagree with the conclusion of the article, while agreeing with the premise. It's not fair and not right for the poeple who got rich of destroying the planet to tell others, hey you need to watch yourself for the sake of the planet. But that's where we are as a species, and we have to look at realistic solutions. Countries who got rich off of fossil fuels, should (and are) spearheading efforts to not only get off fossil fuels, but to get that knowledge and technology to smaller developing countries, so the human race as a whole, does not suffer. Telling those 1.1 billion people, sorry too bad, no electricity for you is not an option. The west needs to pony up, and start paying, literally billions of dollars to try and support these people, while getting that green tech. If we don't then they will naturally go the same rout we did, and the entire human race is screwed. And at the end of the day, it's the poorer countries that will suffer the most. Because when the hurricanes start, and the doughts, and floods, and the wars, and animals are gonig extinct left and right, but the population continues to increases and rise. It's the West, the rich and powerful that are going to be screwed, but they can handle it, and kept heir heads above water. They already have the funds to take the severe hit and at least survive. It's those poorer developing nations that will be decimated, and literally maybe wiped out, depending on the country. So again, I disagree with this article, although it has good intent. It's the job of the west, not only to tell developing nations how to develop, but to also give them legitimate aid, and funds to do so. Again, sorry about the long post.......
  7. Top prospect pools 2016 - where are they now?

    Great write up. The only thing that I disagree with, is the 3 year mark. I don't think anyone really sees players 21-22 and younger making that much significant impact. Those players will make their impact when they are 25 or so. Now that is what I feel people don't understand. Destroying your team for prospects doesn't usually work because you see success so far down the line, that you can expect a few GMs and Coaches to have lost their job by then. You need to draft well, and remain competitive to kind of re-kick your franchise back into competition in a few yeas rather than later.
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    Even if he is ready, he is just too small. I think he has the talent to play, but one big hit, and he could be seriously derailed. I think this is Juolevi's year to make the team. Hughes, go and build a little more muscle, refine the game, and come in ready for the calder race 2019-2020.
  9. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    If the leafs trade for Tanev, and maybe get one more dman.... Man they are on their way to winning a cup
  10. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    Without a doubt. Don't believe in superstitions. I'm just waiting for the opportunity.
  11. Make the trade with Toronto To VAN: Liljegren and TOR's 1st rounder. (25th overall) To TOR: Chris Tanev and VAN's 2nd rounder. (35th overall) That should be the baseline of the deal. Maybe get another later pick from toronto or so. Toronto get's a great deal. and we walk out with Liljegren and another first rounder. If we draft a defenseman in this draft, all of a sudden our defensive prospect pool is beastly. Juolevi - 7th overall (Dobson is my guess) Tryamkin - Liljegren (This pairing could be lethal down the line.) (_______) - (Stecher?) All of which will be here either next season, or after 2 seasons. Don't forget guys. Tanev is an injury prone player. That decreases his value a bit. He would be the perfect player to play beside Morgan Reilly, and is at a great cap hit, but Liljegren has played so well, he is expected to maybe pish for a roster spot as early as next season. He still won't get a great NHL player next season, and will take some time, but he is a highly coveted prospect now, while Tanev, although is a legitimate NHL top tier shutdown defensman, he is very injury prone. That makes his value less when the playoffs and the final stretch of the season comes around, because that's when physicality amps up. There's no gaurantee he will even be healthy come toronto's playoff run. Isn't he currently hurt right now? Liljegren and a first for Tanev and a second. I think that's a fair deal, both teams get what they want, and don't actually fleece the other.
  12. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I want the oilers pick. In my eyes, the top 10 guys in this draft are all good bets to be strong NHL players. They need defensive defensmen. Tanev for the 10th pick. Take whoever falls to 10 and walk out with 2 guys. Make it happen JB. Tanev for the 10th OA
  13. Exactly. The thing about it is, Schneider and Holtby have ntcs. You have to think of a deal or a place they ould waive too. Even if we ofer Boeser, Horvat, and Juolevi for Holtby, he doesn't waive to come here. Schenider however, would likely waive to go anywhere he can be a starter next season, like the Canucks. Eriksson would also waive to get away from a bottom feeding team and go to a Playoff calibre team. New Jersey is in a special spot. They have a young stuf goalie they can go with next season and need to shift Scheiders cap to a team need, like having NHL calibre middle 6 forwards. However, the thing is, they're in a unique spot where they need to add pieces to get better, but top free agents will likely go elsewhere, so their only option is trade. Bringing in Eriksson, and still having their cap space makes them a little more attractive to free agents. Both players get what they want so they waive, both teams simply shift cap to a needed position. We're not getting any top teir goalie to waive to come here. The best we will get is a former all star who got benched for a younger stud. And New Jersey isn't going to make some huge splash likely, so they get a former impact player who can actually be of use, rather than Scheids on the bench. Scheider for Eriksson is such a fair trade in so many ways. Maybe we had a small piece on top to make it more appealing, but with the risk we are taking, with goaltending being a much more volitile position for 4 years, we're the one really taking a risk. Eriksson will be a 30 point player + with them at worst. At worst, sncheids doesn't bounce back and we're stuck. It's just sooooo fair
  14. Schneider for Eirksson straight up. Devils don't need Schneider, but rather need more NHL calibre forwards. We don't need Eriksson, and he never fit in here, but Schneider would be a much better option than Markstrom. Expensive, but better. Both players have 4 years left on deals with a 6 million cap hit per season, with no trade clauses. Eriksson would go to New Jersey, as he would be an addition to a playoff team in the east. Schneider would come back home, because in New Jersey, he is now a backup. In Vancouver, he can be the starter. Schneider would also be a much better mentor for Demko. He has more years as a real starter in this league, rather than Markstrom. Has been an All star Calibre Goaltender, unlike Markstrom. And he even went to Boston College just like Demko, went through the Vanucks minor team ranks, and then developed into an NHL goalie. He would be perfect to match up with Demko. Also gives Demko a stable timeline going forward. Next year, he starts in the AHL, and hopefully does well. 2nd year, he gets called up as the backup to Schneider. third year, he likely takes a second year as Schneiders backup, as Schneider winds down. 4th year, he splits 50/50 with Schneider taking his place at 26 years old. Trade Markstrom for a pick, or a package deal.
  15. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Man... I wish Luo was a Canuck this whole time, and went down as a Sedin like figure. He would be so good for Demko. He can get another starting season while Demko is in the AHL, then get another while Demko is backup and gets time. By then with 2 years he can either stay starting, or step back for Demko if he slows down. But whatever, I guess he can be that for Florida...