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  1. I have to say... looking at that graphic... Yes the leafs have been abysmal since 1970... But our history needs some accolades too... Just being honest here... (Also... Arent Conference championships and Stanley Cup appearances the same thing?..)
  2. Ok. I'm not expecting him to be a lock next year, but if he's good enough that he has solid top 4 potential as a true defensive presence with upside, that's a win. You see him being a partner to Quinn Hughes in the future? I think Juolevi and Soderstrom could be a good pairing. Can Woo be good for Hughes?
  3. How good is Jett Woo? This year admittedly I have had much less time to keep up with our prospects, this year. Is Woo good enough to be a lock on the NHL level yet? Does he project top 4? Third pairing?
  4. I think Soderstrom is going to be a great pick for us. Hughes, Juolevi, and Soderstrom is not a bad defensive core going forward.
  5. Good post. I think people a lot of times get lost in the result and forget about the context. Hindsight is always 20/20. Your point about if we didn't sign anyone people would have called for JBs head is 100 percent accurate. And it turns out, all those free agents weren't so good. I remember I was a Virtanen over Ehlers and Nylander guy. I can admit that both those 2 are better players, but, Jake brings something to this young core that we need. Size and speed. He'll never be the offensive players they are, but I like Jakes game, and i can see him becoming a solid winger for Horvat or Gaudette whose extremely hard to play against and can pot a good number of goals. Virtanen's problem isn't his game, it's where he was drafted. If Virtanen was drafted 23rd overall and Boeser at 6, things would be a lot more in line, so I give JB a pass for that. Boeser pick cancels out Virtanen pick.
  6. Soderstrom or Seider. ... Or somehow manage to snag another first and take both?... Hughes - Seider Juolevi - Soderstrom. Damn...
  7. Nah, put hughes on the wing. Always good to have wingers who can hop into the center position, say if EP gets injured.
  8. Yooooo, He would be the perfect addition. We add Adam Fox and maybe one more RHD prospect and we're set. That would be awesome. Big time play!
  9. This is exactly why we need Erik Karlsson. He would have more of an impact for us than John Tavares did for the leafs. Quote me. It's safe to say our core 5 players at this point are Pettersson - C Horvat - C Boeser - RW Hughes - LD (Provided he's as advertised) Demko - G Adding a RHD first line pairing guy with leadership on the backend is the perfect complement to the group. He gets to play first line with Edler and make him better, push Tanev to second line with Hughes, which makes both of them better, provides leadership for our new captain Bo, making him better, as well as dishing mad passes to Pettersson and Boeser, making them better. With a defensive squad of Edler - Karlsson Hughes - Tanev I think its very possible both Boeser and Pettersson score 40 goals as early as next season. We need to be all in on Karlsson.
  10. Personally I would take karlsson over Panarin, but if either are interested, I'm hyped.
  11. I love the Hughes pic with CDC and Pouliot... gold... But honestly you should replace pouliot with Juolevi. I feel like he's the forgotten top prospect around here.
  12. Seems like Byram is the majority consenus pick so far. I would love Byram. But if we do get him, I think Juolevi needs to be traded. You can only have so many young dmen on one team, especially on one side. If we get Byram, trade Juolevi. Now I also think Juolevi is going to be a good player in this league, so I would rather keep him, just not if we have both Hughes and Byram on the left side. If we get Byram, which again, would be AWESOME, I expect Juolevi to be traded by the 20-21 season.
  13. Because you never know how someone is going to turn out, one, when it comes to the NHL, and two, after long term injuries. Juolevi has had a lot of injuries in his time already. I think he will be fine as with modern medicine and practices returning from injury without much if at all big fall offs in talent is more and more rare. You can't bank on him being great, but I think it's still a good chance. That's why I think he has more value to us than on the trade market. Give him a full season, I think he'll be a fulltime NHLer by the end of the season for sure.