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  1. Exactly. The thing about it is, Schneider and Holtby have ntcs. You have to think of a deal or a place they ould waive too. Even if we ofer Boeser, Horvat, and Juolevi for Holtby, he doesn't waive to come here. Schenider however, would likely waive to go anywhere he can be a starter next season, like the Canucks. Eriksson would also waive to get away from a bottom feeding team and go to a Playoff calibre team. New Jersey is in a special spot. They have a young stuf goalie they can go with next season and need to shift Scheiders cap to a team need, like having NHL calibre middle 6 forwards. However, the thing is, they're in a unique spot where they need to add pieces to get better, but top free agents will likely go elsewhere, so their only option is trade. Bringing in Eriksson, and still having their cap space makes them a little more attractive to free agents. Both players get what they want so they waive, both teams simply shift cap to a needed position. We're not getting any top teir goalie to waive to come here. The best we will get is a former all star who got benched for a younger stud. And New Jersey isn't going to make some huge splash likely, so they get a former impact player who can actually be of use, rather than Scheids on the bench. Scheider for Eriksson is such a fair trade in so many ways. Maybe we had a small piece on top to make it more appealing, but with the risk we are taking, with goaltending being a much more volitile position for 4 years, we're the one really taking a risk. Eriksson will be a 30 point player + with them at worst. At worst, sncheids doesn't bounce back and we're stuck. It's just sooooo fair
  2. Schneider for Eirksson straight up. Devils don't need Schneider, but rather need more NHL calibre forwards. We don't need Eriksson, and he never fit in here, but Schneider would be a much better option than Markstrom. Expensive, but better. Both players have 4 years left on deals with a 6 million cap hit per season, with no trade clauses. Eriksson would go to New Jersey, as he would be an addition to a playoff team in the east. Schneider would come back home, because in New Jersey, he is now a backup. In Vancouver, he can be the starter. Schneider would also be a much better mentor for Demko. He has more years as a real starter in this league, rather than Markstrom. Has been an All star Calibre Goaltender, unlike Markstrom. And he even went to Boston College just like Demko, went through the Vanucks minor team ranks, and then developed into an NHL goalie. He would be perfect to match up with Demko. Also gives Demko a stable timeline going forward. Next year, he starts in the AHL, and hopefully does well. 2nd year, he gets called up as the backup to Schneider. third year, he likely takes a second year as Schneiders backup, as Schneider winds down. 4th year, he splits 50/50 with Schneider taking his place at 26 years old. Trade Markstrom for a pick, or a package deal.
  3. Luongo Not Retiring yet

    Man... I wish Luo was a Canuck this whole time, and went down as a Sedin like figure. He would be so good for Demko. He can get another starting season while Demko is in the AHL, then get another while Demko is backup and gets time. By then with 2 years he can either stay starting, or step back for Demko if he slows down. But whatever, I guess he can be that for Florida...
  4. Poll : Tavares , Karlsson or Save the dough ?

    Evander Kane! Lets be honest here, why would Karlsson or Tavares sign with a team that is at the bottom of the rankings and needs to hope on young talent to get us back to the show? Like if everything goes perfect, we might barely make the playoffs next year, but we might not. Why wouldn't they sign somewhere where they can take someone over the top to being a true contender. Go get Evander Kane. He's one of the youngest players in free agency. He would cost a lot, but not Karlsson or Tavares money, so we save money for the kids. But he would be a lock for top 6 left winger for years, which we don't have other than say Baertschi? Kane Petterson Boeser can actually be a real first line one day soon, and with Horvat anchoring that second line? That's a young forward core you can build around... Go get Evander Kane! If we win the lotto and add both Dahlin and Kane somehow, we would get a significant boost from both our offense and defence.
  5. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Christ... Of course nooooow they start winning.....
  6. Marchand injures Duclair

    This is the thing, as an individual act, I can see how this would be classified as an accident and look the other way. The thing is, how many times does this one guy get to hurt players on these "accident" plays, until something is majorly done. If i'm throwing a tennis ball at a wall. And I accidentally have a bad throw and hit someone in the head. Ok, it was an accident, no biggie. If I do it a second time, ok accident, no biggie. A third time, ok, I get it was an accident but change up what you're doing. a fourth and a fifth time, Ok, this has become a pattern and you need to stop. a ninth, a tenth+ times. Yeah, you don't get to use the accident excuse anymore. Screw Brad Marchand!
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Man... He could have been awesome for us.... I miss the tree
  8. Wish he was still here
  9. Tanev is our only good defender on the right side. Stecher is alright, but he's small. Biega has heart, but he's also small. Gudbranson is supposed to be good, and I think he can be, but we surely haven't seen it yet. Eriksson is a good player, but he doesn't fit in with the group. When he was brought in, he was basically supposed to be Vanek. (As well as be able to immediately click with the Sedins.) He could do neither. Tanev needs help. If we had done something like flipping Eriksson for Phaneuf and swapping those contracts, a combo of Tanev - Phaneuf would be pretty solid.
  10. We just need a better defener. In a perfect world, we would trade him for one. But when it comes to our forward group, he just doesn't quite fit into the now, or the future and he isn't cheap. At least a guy like Phaneuf would be mad expensive, but would at least be a serviceable defenceman we can use.
  11. good substance... Wow... Really insightful comment you got there... genius
  12. The only problem is... Darren Archibald isn't some sort of NHL veteran... He's played 16 games with the Canucks. Virtanen has played well over 100... If anything, wouldn't Jake Virtanen be Darren Archibald's NHL mentor???
  13. (Proposal) TOR-VAN

    Honestly, I'd do Tanev for Liljegren straight. I know that's unfair to us, but I want a guy like Liljegren that bad. With him, and a top pick this year, we will have 3 star dmen for years to come. So if we get Liljegren and anything else, i consider that a win.
  14. This is an honest question. Me seeing the hype around the Olympics, (and failing to get hyped due to these trash, garbage rosters we and the US have...) It got me wondering. If we made a Team USA squad. You think Brock Boeser makes that team? Honestly... I do. I can of course miss players but I would see the team looking something like this. Johnny Gaudrau - Auston Matthews - Phil Kessel Blake Wheeler - Jack Eichel - Patrick Kane Anders Lee - Vincent Trocheck - Brock Boeser Max Pacioretty - Dylan Larkin - Joe Pavelski Even if on the fourth... I think he still makes the team in his rookie season... We got ourselves a special kid here. Could one day, if they allow it again, have him on the first with Matthews. But anyway, my question is, do you think Brock makes Team USA if the NHL allowed their players to participate? I do. Only if...
  15. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    Domi can really be a star in a big Canadian market.e plays with so much heart. It's exactly what we need. He'd also bounce off Virtanen so well as the boys who will chirp your head off, then get physical when protecting teamates. Virtanen can't do it alone. Get Domi, sign Evander Kane. Kane - Petterson - Boeser Domi - Horvat - Virtanen Super well rounded, and brings the speed, grit and heart. If he is on the market, we better be making some calls.