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  1. Brock or Bo ?

    Bo is always going to be my guy. I just love his play style. He plays just like how I wanted to play growing up, (except much better of course). Brock is looking like he has the higher ceiling though. I mean guys, Brock is not an elite skater. He's good, don't get me wrong, but if he can do what Bo did after his rookie year and add that acceleration and boost to his first few strides, Brock is going to be a special player in this league. The thing is, he's one of those guys whose already physically mature like Bo was. He's got the muscle and the size. He just needs the coaching and relentless hours like Bo had to refine his stride to give him the most jump. Still, Bo is going to be my favorite, and I still think Bo should be the captain once Henrik steps down. Brock will be an excellent A, but Bo needs that C. Don't cause any drama and give it to Brock, the man has already earned it.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I like the idea of having Boeser on the second line with Bo and Mr. Underratted Sven Baertschi. (Lock him up longterm JB. He works fantastically with bo Bo and Boes, as well as showed to develop his entire full complete game. He deserves a longterm spot in the middle six, I think second line with Bo and Boes. Petterson is a first line center. Having BBB on the second line would help take so much pressure off of him, he will be electric. We'll find him the right linemates and have an extremely great top 6 for years to come. With a few pounds he could play in the NHL right now. After a full season of grooming? I'm excited.
  3. All of a sudden, Boeser for Calder doesn't seem that far fetched anymore...

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      there's so many things that go into the point totals and votes I'm just happy we have a guy in the top 5. If he's tied with Keller they probably give it to him since he stands out so much on that AZ team.  

  4. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    Just wait until mass injury bug hits. Usually at this point, we get a few, and hold on. Start turning heads. Then, a few big injuries and a really bad month and boom, we're out the picture. I think the best thing to take from this season is that we have a lot of players who have established themselves as going to be core players going forward. I think this is the season that if we add 1 or 2 more really solid prospects, we will fully be set for the future. Maybe a RHD (that's what I'd spend the top pick on) and one more winger. and boom. We're right back in.
  5. New Rule..Butterfly-BAN!

    Good luck reteaching all these goalies how to not butterfly and keep their jobs.
  6. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

  7. Canucks recall Brendan Gaunce from Utica

    Woohoo! The mans a workhorse.
  8. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

  9. Honestly though... Think about how much better our team would be with Tryamkin. With Edler injured, he would have surely gotten more minutes like he wanted. He gave up on the team too soon. Big mistake.

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      actually the shots against is quite good - we're #4 at 29.5 per game, and there was a good analysis out last week showing that actual scoring chances are way down, thats why we are tied for #2 in the league for fewest goals against. So they are pushing guys to the outside and some weak shots are all they can manage most of the time. I don't know if Tram improves on that. 


      I was pretty stung when he left. It made no sense, he gave up millions. 

    3. Mr.53


      Really? I would not have guessed that by some of the games I've seen, but numbers don't lie. Like last night, it looked like they were getting way more shots than us, but to be fair, that's how averages work.


      Either way, the team is playing great, and our prospects are playing great. It's a new day in VanCity and the future looks bright.

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @Mr.53 yah the Pits game was actually an outlier for us. I was surprised too at the stats but there they are. 

  10. Triple Bs... The real Big Baller Brand...
  11. 3 way deals! There needs to be more of them in this league. I always thought, 3 way deals are really truly the best way to get every team a return they want so much easier. OTT and NSH both get their pick for a top 6 center for now and the future, and COL takes the spare pieces they were both willing to give, and walks off with a haul. Everybody wins.
  12. The only rookie with more points than Brock's 13 in 10 games is Clayton Keller with 16 in 15 games...


    Brock is really showing massive potential here. If he adds a little speed and acceleration as Bo did, he will be an all-star sooner rather than later.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      It's too bad Keller will probably win the Calder. He's doing what he's doing on a worse team, Bettman's pet project team, and is younger than Boeser. Brock needs to have a notably higher PPG than Keller to win.


      Though Panarin won as a 24 year old on a very good Hawks team, as a beneficiary of Kane.

    2. Mr.53


      Agreed. Either that, or if Brock plays a mjor part in our success. Like say if we actually somehow sneak into the playoffs, say off the backs of this Baertschi - Bo - Boeser line or something, than I agree with you. Keller also has the benefit have coming in day one, all eyes on him and then performing. Boeser is finally starting to turn heads around the league. 


      But hey, even if he doesn't. At this pace, he's showing potential to at least be a top 3 nominee, which is pretty damn good for a 23rd overall pick.

  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    Agreed on both fronts. He's a maestro. King of the third assist. He had less talent and put out about equal output, and plays top pairing minutes, all while putting on 15 pounds and not losing a step. Some people talk about how Juolevi dissapointed, but what else can you ask of the kid? I'm impressed with his progression, and honestly think that after 1 season with Salo in Finland, he will be good enough to finally arrive.
  14. Olli Juolevi | D

    Juolevi took small steps forward last season, rather than large leaps; however, he did exactly what was the most important thing for him to do. He added like 15 pounds give or take without getting worse, without losing speed, without having to change his game. That was going to be the main thing preventing him from getting an NHL job. Now that he has that done, he can go play in FInlad and round out the rest of his development. The added muscle and weight will allow him to play against fully grown men and not lose a step, while Sami Salo coaching will help him develop and round out the parts of his game Benning asks for. I see this Finland stint doing a lot for him when it comes to developing his individual skills and getting used to grown men. I'm excited to see how he does.
  15. Benning a beast. Pedan was never going to play for us. At the cost of a 4th, we got at least an NHL calibre 23 year old dman. Very low risk, with potential for great reward. I love these types of deals. No better way to spend a late pick than to upgrade a career AHLer to an actual NHLer. The thing is, if we lose out on the 4th and Pouliot is garbage, whatever. But Benning has shown to have a good eye for players and talent. If he becomes even a consistent 3rd pairing Dman, and maybe play some special teams, it was a great trade. If he becomes top 4, it was a fantastic trade.