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  1. a saniel is the gaurentee a game 6 win in a yes calgary a hee hee yes if the backland can gaurentees the a dedins gaurentee is yes gaurenteed
  2. a boy horvat yes it is the hots a dedin loves a a boy horvat it is the playoff and a boy does a boy horvats sure like a score
  3. a heehee ho ho a the backland is the for sure oh yes he is oh no oh no it is that he is not a canuck will win a many more games it is a best of the best that win a playoff but a no it is not a calgary
  4. It is all the okay yes a deb a Canuck is good
  5. Denise wiseman is a the yes you guessed it a calgarys lame
  6. It is the pee in the pants that yes is playoffs
  7. A dedins sibling yes it is none the less
  8. Yes it is a playoffs an excitement is the Canuck and a wowee yes a what a games a senitor and a canadian is such far a subban yes the lumberjack
  9. zack kissian yes the hockey boy who is good playoffs is sadlys sick poor kassan get well the canuck needs yes a you
  10. it is the close of a heating battle of a yes two of a dedins goods friends yes the better mens won
  11. ahoho yes eas a very wise but a does a eas have a timemachines yes i did not know
  12. too much sad to post tartarellos a mads but no wilis deshardin is the playoffs
  13. yes it is miss me
  14. yes a mabe will think about it