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  1. Really? Thanks, I didn't know that. That sounds like it's totally open for abuse.
  2. Their was a lot of talk before last season about Blomstrand having Hansen type upside. Then he showed up & was really bad, he couldn't stick in the AHL & accomplished very little in the ECHL. He was so bad last year he didn't even get an invite to the Comets camp this year, something almost unheard of for a guy who has an NHL contract. It's really nice to see him on the K-Wings top line & having early success. He's still only 21, 6'2" 218 lbs & has really good wheels, he just might turn into something yet.
  3. Markstrom making it a guarantee we'll have to move a goalie sometime in the next year. No way he ever clears waivers again.
  4. Now if we could just get a clip of him saying. "I am Groot"
  5. I really think Gaunce has the game to translate well in the Pro's. Not going to be surprised at all if he keeps being a standout in the AHL & sticks with the team after his first call up. He's so smart & does all the little things right, the better players he plays with, the better he'll play. I'm really hoping Gaunce & Horvat are going to be keys to us eventually beating those heavy teams in California.
  6. Scheduled to play the 24th at Kootenay I'm going to that one. Nice to have a high Canucks pick in the WHL to look forward to them coming to town. Was looking forward to Shinkaruk last year, but he got hurt early & it never happened.
  7. That's not accurate at all. The year after being drafted both Hodgson & Jensen were returned to the OHL. 2 years after being drafted Cody returned to the OHL and missed most of the season due to injury, while Jensen went to the SEL. 3 years after being drafted both played in the AHL & had brief call ups to the NHL. 4 years after being drafted Cody played in the NHL & was traded. Jensen is just entering his 4th season since being drafted & will be 21 for most of this season. At the same points in their careers, Jensen has scored more AHL goals 19 vs 17, & more NHL goals 3 vs 1.
  8. I have np with Horvat ending up as our 3rd line center for several years. That'd just mean others surpassed him & the team would be a contender. Nothing wrong with having a 3C who could be a 2C & a 4C who could be a 3C. Ideally Kesler would of been our 3rd line center the last few years too, we jut didn't have anyone better then him to play 2C. Shinkaruk McCann Kassian Virtanen Vey Jensen Fox Horvat Cassels Zalewski Gaunce LaBate
  9. Thinking about it, I'm actually hoping the Canucks try switching Shinkaruk back to center this year. If he could play center I think he'd be our best bet at having a future 1C in the system Future line-up combinations start getting really interesting if you pencil Shinkaruk in at center.
  10. I'd say we're at least 4 years away from Bo Horvat challenging for a top 6 role. If he has any real scoring impact before the twins retire it'll be a pleasant surprise. Another year of junior, a year ion the farm & then a couple of years in the bottom 6 doesn't seem out of line at all. Then when all is said & done, he might very well remain in the bottom 6. Nothing at all wrong with Horvat being an elite 2 way shutdown 3rd line center capable of moving up when needed, Anything more then that is just gravy.
  11. I think the team is in desperate need of a center capable of being the shut down guy. If Bo can come into camp & play lights out defensive hockey then he has a shot at making the team. Give him 2 solid defensive wingers, tell him to not worry about scoring, just play solid D & he could have a role on the team. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Higgins Bonino Vey Burrows Horvat Hansen Matthias Richardson Kassian With Burrows/Higgins & Kassian/Vey interchangeable & Dorsett in the mix. It might be a bit much to ask of a rookie, but there's a long history of all star 2 way centers breaking into the league as checking centers & the offence coming around once they're comfortable in their ability to shut down the leagues best. If Bo or maybe Gaunce can come in & play that role, it makes things easier on all the other lines & we might have a good mix.
  12. LOL amazing how the views on things can vary. Personally I haven't liked anything Benning has done so far. OK his 4th & 5th picks I liked, but glaring mistakes abound. Seems like we're having a clinic on poor asset management & the outlook for this team gets worse everytime he does something. A long stretch of embarrassing versions of this team seems imminent atm.
  13. Except Lack is 26 & will be a UFA in 2 years. Why would he stay here knowing Miller is still here for another year. This signing probably means that Lack & Markstrom are both gone before Miller is.
  14. what a bad day for the Canucks