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  1. It does. I just don't think being an asshole is funny.
  2. damn, Canucks fans really do suck. The guy asks for some advice & so many people take it as an opportunity to be dirt bags. A few solid suggestions mixed in the lot, but way too many assholes.
  3. I've watched every game I've had access to since Trevor was a rookie, (88/89) after I got internet in (98) I streamed the radio broadcast for the games I couldn't get on TV.
  4. Bonino can't skate, every game he is the slowest player on the ice. He needs speedy wingers that can get in on the forecheck to get the puck & are also defensively astute enough to cover for him backchecking. That eliminates Vey, Kassian, Dorsett, Sestito & Matthias as possible linemates for him since they all have their own question marks when it comes to defensive coverage.
  5. I actually think Hansen is a good fit with Vey & will be a good influence on him. If we have any hopes of someone on this team becoming capable of shutting down the speedy top line centers in this league, it's Linden Vey. He's the only center we have with the speed & skill needed to go head to head vs those guys. He just needs to develop his confidence & 2 way game first. Who's better to teach the kid what it takes to play defence in this league then Hansen, who has a long history of being a part of solid 2 way shutdown lines.
  6. Really? Thanks, I didn't know that. That sounds like it's totally open for abuse.
  7. Their was a lot of talk before last season about Blomstrand having Hansen type upside. Then he showed up & was really bad, he couldn't stick in the AHL & accomplished very little in the ECHL. He was so bad last year he didn't even get an invite to the Comets camp this year, something almost unheard of for a guy who has an NHL contract. It's really nice to see him on the K-Wings top line & having early success. He's still only 21, 6'2" 218 lbs & has really good wheels, he just might turn into something yet.
  8. Markstrom making it a guarantee we'll have to move a goalie sometime in the next year. No way he ever clears waivers again.
  9. Trying to predict where we're going to pick at this point is totally pointless. We could make the playoffs, we could just miss the playoffs & if Henrik gets hurt for a long stretch we could be in the McDavid sweepstakes. At this point last season no-one would of bet on us drafting 6th.
  10. We don't seem to have any way to contain fast, skilled centers. Duchene, Seguin & Stamkos have all had great games vs us. Unfortunately I don't see any help for it in the immediate future. Horvat & Gaunce will probably help solidify the defensive play of the bottom 6 in the not to distant future & should help with faceoffs, but I can't see either of them being a good match vs truly fast, skilled centers. We probably have to stick with Vey at center & hope he can develop his confidence & 2 way game enough to be able to handle that role.
  11. Everyone is still giving Bonino a pass, but the guy just can not skate well enough to be an NHL regular, never mind a 2nd line center. He has skill, he has great hands, he can make things happen with the puck, but he just can"t skate. Burrows & Higgins are stapled to Boninos wings because he needs wingers who can forecheck for him to get the puck & he needs wingers capable of getting back to cover for him. The guy isn't a 2nd line center, he isn't a 3rd line center, he's a PP specialist that we aren't using on the PP & he's a boat anchor at even strength who will drag down any line he's on. It's going to be interesting to see how long it takes for them to give up on trying to make Bonino work. What I'd really like to see once Horvat gets back is. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Higgins Vey Kassian Burrows Horvat Hansen Richardson Matthias Dorsett The 2nd line can be protected somewhat & will provide offence. That 3rd line can handle some tough defensive assignments & chip in some goals. We'd have to live with mistakes from Vey & Horvat while they grow into their jobs, but at least we'd have everyone playing roles they are suited to & having Bonino available as the 13th forward we can throw in when needed is solid depth.
  12. Strengths: goaltending depth might be the best in the league, our top 5 D are probably top 10 in the league, our 1st line is solid, our winger depth is actually pretty good. Weaknesses: after our top 5 D it drops off quick, our center depth while good is vanilla, with Bonino, Vey Matthias & Richardson we have 4 centers who are unable to provide either a consistent offensive threat or play a solid shutdown role.
  13. Now if we could just get a clip of him saying. "I am Groot"
  14. This just pisses me off. What an ignorant boneheaded comment.