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  1. Ryan Poehling @maroe (sorry for the delay)
  2. NBA Discussion

    No OG involved. Makes sense for both sides IMO. Spurs get rid of a cancer and get back an All-NBA player signed for a couple more years, decent prospect, and picks. Raps might as well go all-in this year rather than stay with the same old core that probably wouldn't have gotten it done anyway. Just shady how they did DeMar, though. Apparently told him a couple of days ago they wouldn't trade him..
  3. NBA Discussion

    Thank god. Get that clown off our team.. DeRozan + OG, hopefully... though Raps probably won't let Anunoby go.
  4. Barrett Hayton @maroe @Watermelons
  5. The Dallas Stars are proud to select.... F David Krejci @Squeak
  6. Jake Bean @maroe / @Watermelons
  7. The Dallas Stars are proud to select.... T. J. Oshie @Squeak
  8. Jesperi Kotkaniemi @maroe
  9. @Canuck Surfer is before @Dion Phaneuf (according to the spreadsheet)
  10. The Dallas Stars are proud to select F Mark Stone @_arby_18