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  1. Have you seen Ehlers live S N Y P E R S? You would be drooling even more lol. Were probably not gonna get our wish though, sadly. Sounds like Trev is goin for size. Fingers crossed though!
  2. Im pretty new here, been reading posts for a few years but never really had much time or desire to post. Anyway, I live in Halifax and have been to probably 30 Moosehead games this year and watched another 30 on tv. I have been watching hockey all my life and feel that I know the game pretty well. So having said that guys, Ehlers is the real deal. He seriously reminds me of Bure. When he gets the puck in his own zone the whole crowd comes out of their seats because something great is about to happen and he flies up the ice. He turns on a dime and is very tough to get off the puck despite his size (he will probably fill out to 185-190). His vision and passing is second to none as well. Also he's not afraid to go to the dirty areas and lay the body either. He does play on the powerplay with Drouin but his regular linemates are undrafted overagers. So no, hes not just riding Drouin's coat tails. I may be a little biased as I have watched him all year but man, I really hope the Nucks draft this kid.