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  1. Any explanation on why the 4th goal was good? Was it because it was scored before the whistle was blown?
  2. So, if we score before the whistle is blown, it's no goal because there's the intent to blow the whistle. What explains good goals after the whistle?
  3. This is why we have Miller. A good veteran goalie helps keeps games from getting out of reach, so the youngsters continue to play hard all game instead of packing it in early.
  5. It's all going according to plan.
  6. I haven't made any posts in WN for ages, and I just noticed that I lost my 4,000 some odd posts I've made before the first White Noise purge. It sucks having to play my way up from the ECHL of posting.
  7. That's a pretty good choice. Also try Landmark Recognition. Are you looking to get a giant trophy to be passed around like the Stanley Cup, or a trophy for the winner to keep every year? The small trophies, even with engraving, are not very expensive.
  8. Basically the best case scenario. Kids playing hard and knowing they're doing well, yet losing enough games to get us closer to a high pick.
  9. So I guess if we missed the playoffs, we could've had Lucic.
  10. I still stalk WN from time to time
  11. Wrestling is real, man!!
  12. I'm so happy we have Burrows for 4 more years only for $2million per year!
  13. never guarantee anything on these boards.