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  1. League of Legends mostly, been randomly playing diablo 3 and dota 2 beta
  2. Oh yeah I got the dog Barbas to follow me around, man he's so annoying, whenever you stand still he keeps running into you and pushing you lol. Also I hate when I'm in a corner looking at stuff he comes behind you and gets you trapped. At one point it literally took me 5 minutes to get out :| Btw can your followers/dog die? It seems like my follower doesn't die, instead he can heal himself when he gets very low and Barbas... just doesn't seem to get hurt... lol. I like how Barbas just runs up to the enemies and starts attacking them while i just sit back and pick them off
  3. This game is so good that all this time I've just been exploring and doing side quests, barely even touched the main storyline haha. The only mission I've done so far is talking to gendur at riverwood, but I'm already level 13 from doing just one main mission
  4. So i picked it up for pc yesterday... and wow i could not stop playing!! Definately gonna win game of the year.
  5. Hmm thinking of picking it up today, not sure if I should get it for ps3 or pc. My laptop should be able to handle it since i can play starcraft 2 pretty well on it.
  6. The only reason I drafted Smith was I thought he could get me more wins than the other two. For some reason even though Pheonix has a bunch of no names on their roster, they still manage to get it done. But then I was thinking... Smith doesn't have a very good history when he was given oppurtunities to be a starter. Also, he plays in the Pacific division which is probably the deepest division. I'm leaning towards Mason, CBJ has improved this year. Varlamovs a good pickup too, he plays in arguably the weakest division in the West this year. So I dunno I might flip a coin or something, haha. Edit: There's also Nabokov and Bernier left, but their starting situation is a question mark right now.
  7. Anyone think I should drop Wideman for Hamonic? I like Hamonic's PTS-PIM potential. Wideman may have fallen in the depthchart too after the aquisition of Hamrlik. Also, do you guys think I should drop Smith for either Varlamov or Steve Mason?
  8. Draft results from my 12 team keeper league. Stat Categories: Goals, Assists, Plus/minus, Points, Penalty Minutes, Game-Winning Goals, Shots on goal, Defensemen Points, Special Teams Goals, Special Teams Points, Wins, Losses, Shutouts, Goals Against Average, Save Percentage I put Thornton and Clowe on IR and picked up Dalpe and D'agostini temporarly until the Sharks forward return from IR (doesn't use a 'move' since season hasn't started). C Henrik Sedin, Van C K C Evgeni Malkin, Pit C K C Zac Dalpe, Car C LW Alex Burrows, Van LW LW James van Riemsdyk, Phi LW LW Evander Kane, Wpg C, LW RW Drew Stafford, Buf RW RW Brian Gionta, Mon RW RW Milan Hejduk, Col RW D P.K. Subban, Mon D K D Dan Boyle, SJ D K D Shea Weber, Nsh D D Duncan Keith, Chi D UTIL Dennis Wideman, Wsh D Bench Matt D'Agostini, StL RW Bench Daniel Alfredsson, Ott RW IR Joe Thornton*, SJ C IR Ryane Clowe*, SJ LW G Corey Crawford, Chi G G Ondrej Pavelec, Wpg G Bench Mike Smith, Pho G What do you guys think? I know I have pretty weak goalies, I waited too long. But last year I was able to win my pool riding Kipper, and a bunch of random goalies so hopefully I can do it again this year haha.
  9. I usually don't follow tennis, but I'm gonna wake up early to catch the wimbledon final
  10. Haven't really looked into this game too much, but I just watched the E3 gameplay and all I have to say is: Wow.
  11. Hoping for a sweep so I don't get screwed over by work!!

  12. anyone wanna help me finish my last spec op mission on veteran difficulty? it's the "wetworks" mission. I got bored today and decided that I want to finish spec ops (not sure why I didn't before). PSN: StealthCanuck
  13. Played it again after like over a year and damn I miss mw2 sniping! freakin love the intervention.
  14. hahahahhaha..your

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BURROWS IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! (that goal is giving me chills everytime i watch it!)