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  1. [PGT] Canucks lose to Marlies 5-2

    Loved the Black jersey, I think it is time to bring back the best logo and jerseys to ever been worn in the NHL. That said, didnt like the effort nor did I care for how Willie coached last night. Willie is a great coach, not sure why he is making some of these bonehead decisions. Get it together.
  2. Canucks 2010 Stanley Cup Champions

  3. OMG Snow?

    Must be Climate Change causing it, as well as the the -20C's on the praires and the extended below average temperatures in the Maritimes. Oh well, apparently the Arctic is warming up, maybe we should move north, oh wait, Yellowknife was -26 today, never mind. Maybe we should all idle our cars when we are home, to help warm up this frozen land.