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  1. Not saying we missed out on anyone. For all I know, Torts was they guy they were planning on picking up the whole time. I am hoping that's the story, as opposed to management waiting too long and, as you suggested, we "missed out" on management's number one choice. I don't think hiring Tortorella is a bad choice. What I don't want to hear is that the team "settled" on him.
  2. So as of this morning, Ruff is off the market having gone to Dallas. Incidentally, NY picked up AV. I'm hoping this whole "wait and see" attitude was planned and management has something in the hopper, or I think people will start calling for Gillis' head for waiting to long to hire a new Head Coach. It's not favorable to be the last one picked in gym class, not do the Canucks need to get into what could very well be a desperate situation where we get "stuck" with a coach as opposed to choosing a new coach. Will be interesting if 'Nucks take Tort... I can't wait for the media circus!