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  1. Uhh wut? You mean, don't go out and have fun? At age 23? How about DON'T SHOOT PEOPLE!?
  2. Sounds like they'd be fun to party with... Too bad they'll probably be spending some time behind bars.
  3. One more reason not to shop at Walmart. Hopefully this backfires on them, although the lemmings will probably just flock to the Walmart Mastercard.
  4. People seem to be missing the point that she was the TEACHER and he was the STUDENT. Regardless of their ages, this is wrong on so many levels. She exploited her position of power and authority over this child. Total sicko.
  5. Apparently being a foreign student is enough to own a $30 million house in Vancouver. The issue is at the regulatory level and it smells like corruption. Too many greedy people are getting rich, at the expense of everyone else.
  6. That's like suing Anheuser-Busch if she had been drinking and driving... not exactly actionable.
  7. I don't believe it because it's too unbelievably bad... I'll reserve judgment.
  8. I will pass.
  9. This Benning guy like, you know, looks and sounds like, you know, an idiot.
  10. If you don't like the hours, you need not apply for the job. I have zero sympathy for these people.
  11. They're also taking Fridays off...
  12. Just checked my tickets... I didn't win. Lineups were crazy today. The final jackpot was nearly $1 billion US. If no one claims this one, Wednesday's draw will be around $1.3 billion.