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  1. I was talking to my native russian speaking girlfriend (from Belarus) and we couldn't find the interview anywhere. Her russian is better than her english (university degree from over there) and she said her best direct reverse translation of the quote makes it sound more like Pedan is trying to poetically say that McCann was an introvert. Makes me think it might have been in casual/jovial conversation with a sports journalist and him commenting when asked about McCann leaving. "Hey Andrey, McCann was traded, what do you think?" "McCann was the one guy I didn't really get to know, he liked to keep to himself sometimes" It's possible this is a deliberately misleading quote to stir the pot. That said we could be way off as their initial english translation might be poor.
  2. I have an idea. Change our logo to a Vancouver special with boarded up windows and change our name back to the Millionaires.
  3. Andrey Pedan | D

    If we're even talking about a guy as being close to as good as Biega and/or Bartkowski in his 5th and 6th NHL games at age 22 and far larger/meaner/tougher than either of them, he's already passed them by on the depth chart in my books. That said it's not a big enough sample size to really know that yet. I really like Biega, but he has 7th D-man written all over him. He's an undersized veteran with heart and versatility. It's not like we go through many years without dipping heavily into our number 7 and 8 guys with injuries. Pedan played fine and has kinks to work out. Probably projects to be a great #5/6 guy. I hope he gets there because he brings a physicality level we're not used to seeing these days.
  4. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    Kenins pots another goal tonight to give him 14 points in 10 games. Nice to see him wake up. Maybe there's still something there.
  5. [PGT] Sens 3, Nucks 5

    Well that game was a lot of fun. It was nice to see Etem play so well. Even without the points I thought he looked determined and dangerous. His shift with the Sedin's was surprisingly good too. Virtanen played a bit closer to his potential as well. Recorded 6 hits, a goal, and an assist. I hope he makes it to his ceiling he'd make a lot of people forget about the silkier euros drafted just behind him. Very good piece to help us impose our will on other teams in the future. Granlund really went a long way to giving a sigh of relief to the fans tonight. I don't know that he'll bring this level every game and it'll take a long time to really know, but he showed a next level of play tonight seeming both smart and dangerous. Maybe a player with the ability to raise the level of the guys he's playing with, or maybe we're just lucky and he suits the Canucks' system. Time will tell. Hopefully time is good to these boys and they can raise their level enough in the next two years to bring this type of game against the more challenging teams. There will be ups and downs, but was nice to see some projections come to life if only for a night.
  6. [Trade] Philip Larsen's rights to Canucks

    I think there's nothing wrong with this move. I've read the entire thread. Few people are mentioning that we'll probably pick up at least a couple more picks by the time 2017 draft comes around. Also another point that hasn't come up. You only really want so many draft picks. There's not a huge point to having 12 picks in one draft or something. There are only so many spots on rosters etc. We need him to make good use of the picks he has and acquires. What we want is players coming from all angles. Solid draft picks, trades, college signings, FA signings, fringe players, etc. If we can get a little bit better in many areas it will add up to a big difference in the long run. This move of a 5th round pick matters so little when we could pick up a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc in the next few days, before the draft, before next year's draft. Larsen fits an age demographic and positional need being right handed puck moving D. His KHL numbers are great. I'd say he has at least a 25% shot at being an NHL level player next year in some capacity. A 2017 5th rounder might have a 10% chance of being an NHL player in 4-5 years from today. We mortgaged the tiniest piece of the future for a small piece of today. (Just because we historically drafted better than that in the 5th doesn't mean we'll continue to run positive variance. If anything we should regress to the mean as our sample size increases.) Like him or hate him it's a reasonable move by Benning. Barely anything to get worked up over as it is a low risk/medium reward move in the bottom of our roster.
  7. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    *** 4 of the last 5. He has 8 points in his last 5 including today's game.
  8. Andrey Pedan | D

    Looks like Pedan just opened the scoring for the Comets. Goals in two straight. EDIT: Kenins grabbed an assist. I think he's up to 7 points in his last 5 games.
  9. [PGT] Canucks lose to the Wild 5-2

    Yeah. I believe more coin flipping goes into playoff success than most people want to admit. It's not black and white. A good team does not determine success, it determines chance of success. Against the flames last year perhaps we had a 60% chance of winning. That still leaves a pretty high likelihood of defeat. All the team can do is everything in their power to hold the highest chances of success possible and hope for favourable rolls. I hope if we get good draft position this year we use it wisely then build the team as swiftly and effectively as we can through all avenues. I'll still be here watching every game like I have for years. Consider this: Some combination of Hamhuis/Sutter/Prust/Higgins get heads instead of tails and don't suffer injury this year. Is it reasonable to expect we might have won 5 more games? If that were the case we're second in the division, possibly playing like a well oiled machine, Vey is still in the minors, Jake and/or Jared back in junior, Willie is great, Benning is a god, and Linden is Vancouver's new mayor. It's all some weird hockey butterfly effect.
  10. [PGT] Canucks lose to the Wild 5-2

    My biggest worry this day isn't that we'll make the playoffs or that we'll get a high draft pick. I worry that despite either of these situations we're simply not moving towards being a top end contender. If we sell the entire farm for a full youth movement we're the Oilers EXCEPT with far less top end talent in our prospects. We're still weak in players in their mid twenties at the top of their game. To have a balanced team we'll need to have some good players in all age categories. To be a legitimate contender we might have wait until our whole team cycles a generation. Horvat late twenties leadership with guys like McCann and Virtanen and Boeser leading the charge (IF and only IF they pan out as expected). That's if we manage to keep them until then. Of course a couple smart trades and free agent signings could turn the tides, but those are a lot of what ifs. I'm not trying to be a naysayer. I still watch every game. I attended tonight's game in person. Mainly I'm just saying there's very little certainty right now. If there really is a problem from ownership down we might be in the doghouse for a lot of years, though I'm not as inclined as some to think there's such a huge problem in management. To get where we the fans want to be will probably require some drafting skill, some bold moves, some timely free agents, and some unexpected gems. Of course obtaining Lord Stanley is always this way, but we're in a rough place right now and as Canucks fans we've seen how long it can take to right the ship. Strap in, we could be in for a tumultuous ride. I just hope it's interesting.
  11. The Leafs are also picking up that Russian D-man next year are they not?
  12. Which Canuck would drop the gloves first?

    I think Hutton with his enthusiasm for the game could get into it. That said I think it might be partially naivety that leads him to answer the bell. The four other guys have icier blood.
  13. [GDT] 2016 NHL All-Star Game

    Top scorer on the day? Daniel Sedin