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  1. I was talking to my native russian speaking girlfriend (from Belarus) and we couldn't find the interview anywhere. Her russian is better than her english (university degree from over there) and she said her best direct reverse translation of the quote makes it sound more like Pedan is trying to poetically say that McCann was an introvert. Makes me think it might have been in casual/jovial conversation with a sports journalist and him commenting when asked about McCann leaving. "Hey Andrey, McCann was traded, what do you think?" "McCann was the one guy I didn't really get to know, he liked to keep to himself sometimes" It's possible this is a deliberately misleading quote to stir the pot. That said we could be way off as their initial english translation might be poor.
  2. I have an idea. Change our logo to a Vancouver special with boarded up windows and change our name back to the Millionaires.
  3. Andrey Pedan | D

    If we're even talking about a guy as being close to as good as Biega and/or Bartkowski in his 5th and 6th NHL games at age 22 and far larger/meaner/tougher than either of them, he's already passed them by on the depth chart in my books. That said it's not a big enough sample size to really know that yet. I really like Biega, but he has 7th D-man written all over him. He's an undersized veteran with heart and versatility. It's not like we go through many years without dipping heavily into our number 7 and 8 guys with injuries. Pedan played fine and has kinks to work out. Probably projects to be a great #5/6 guy. I hope he gets there because he brings a physicality level we're not used to seeing these days.
  4. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    Kenins pots another goal tonight to give him 14 points in 10 games. Nice to see him wake up. Maybe there's still something there.
  5. Ronalds Kenins Talk

    *** 4 of the last 5. He has 8 points in his last 5 including today's game.
  6. Andrey Pedan | D

    Looks like Pedan just opened the scoring for the Comets. Goals in two straight. EDIT: Kenins grabbed an assist. I think he's up to 7 points in his last 5 games.
  7. Thanks, the older realtors in my office think I should shave it off.. but I'm kind of attached to it.

  8. also I like your small beard/five o'clock shadow gone too far

  9. Nice. Glad the scorpios have solid representation.

  10. you have the same birthday as me

  11. Canucks look alikes

    Apologize if it's ever been done before, but I'm thinking about: Peter Forsberg: AND Aphex Twin (Richard D. James)
  12. i agree with xX ANTOWNED Xx you are probably the best poster on here, i always look for your post in the PGTs or anywear else.