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  1. Yeah, no. From everything I've seen and heard, Hughes will be a great player, but as far as 1st overalls go, he's nothing special. I'd rather stick with our pick and not gut our depth.
  2. 8 games remaining and 4 points out holds a slightly different context than the 4th game of the season.
  3. People can be as happy as they want about certain aspects of the game, but the fact of the matter was that this was a must win and we were only able to score a single goal.
  4. Even if you do believe that, wouldn't getting a firsthand glance at just what the playoff grind entails be a positive going forward?
  5. If we start sitting our best players down the stretch in order to lose games, I hope that A) We win those games anyways, and B] Whoever we sit thinks to themselves "Hmm...Do I really want to be part of a franchise that pulls this kind of crap when we still have a shot at making the playoffs?" and requests a trade.
  6. Yup. Let;s trade Boeser and our 2nd rd pick for a player that, if all goes well, could potentially be as good as Boeser. Good stuff.
  7. No, Green! No! When you nearly cough up a 5 goal lead, it is not a "great game".