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  1. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    So do we not have a separate thread for Goldobin or something?
  2. It guarantees a better shot at the first over pick *shrugs*
  3. [Signing] SENS sign Wolanin D from North Dakota

    My mistake. I mixed this guy up with one of the Dmen from ND that we were looking to sign. Whoops. *shrugs*
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    A little disconcerting that he seems to have disappeared as the games have gotten tougher. Hopefully he can pick it up soon.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I might have Hischier over Pettersson simply due to what he's been able to do in the NHL, but yeah, Dahlin and those two guys are definitely my top 3.
  6. Silly Coyotes. They didn't realize we hadn't even reached our final form until it was too late!

    1. Qwags


      So this is the power of Ultra Instinct.

  7. Days like today are why I'm still a pro wrestling fan.

  8. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    Damn. Condolences to him and his entire family.
  9. And I agree, but it does go to show that being a decent team wasn't the main priority this year around, nor should it have been.
  10. Oh, I agree that it wasn't an outright tank, and that the goal was to be at least somewhat competitive. That being said, by buying a bunch of plugs and going with two AHL caliber goalies to start the season, I highly doubt that management was planning to stay competitive in the sense that they were legitimately trying to make the playoffs or anything, regardless of what they might say on the record.
  11. If management had really wanted to be in the mix come playoff time, they probably could have done it via overpaying for free agents and whatnot. Buying the plugs we bought in the offseason doesn't exactly scream "We're making a run!" to me.
  12. It's almost as though....it were by design!
  13. Do you really envision a situation in which we lose a Pettersson, Lind, Demko or Juolevi because of a placeholder? Like, really?