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  1. This is really messed up if true. That last line is almost beyond belief.
  2. Friendly reminder that for all of our supposed depth at wing, without Boeser our top line RW is a dude that's only ever hit 50 points once, 4 years ago. Carry on.
  3. Calm down. It was pretty close. Both Hughes and Makar would have been deserving winners.
  4. TO so desperate for help that they're plucking our guys behind our back.
  5. Pass. Overrated player that hasn't been the same since his injury. Maybe he gets his mojo back, maybe he doesn't, but it's not worth the risk considering what he'd cost and the cap hit we'd have to take.
  6. The closer we get to game time, the more nervous I get. This Vegas team are a bunch of creeps. If they make it through, I may just lose all faith in humanity.
  7. Whatever happens tonight, I'm proud of our boys. They were never supposed to get anywhere close to this far, and yet here they are. As fans, we couldn't ask for more. 

  8. Welp, here we are. Game seven. It's been a wild ride and, through the highs and the lows, I'm proud of our boys for what they've accomplished here. If we win, awesome. But if we lose, it's been one hell of a run. We were never supposed to get this far. We were supposed to be a bubble team that MIGHT be able to sneak in one of the wildcard spots before being trounced by one of the top seeds. We were never supposed to beat the cup champs. We were never supposed to bring Vegas to a seventh game. Win or lose, our boys have proven to the league that they're for real. As fans, we couldn't ask for more of them. What's been really impressive is how they've been able to adapt. They've found different ways to win throughout this run, whether it was with run and gun hockey, opportunistic scoring, playing heavy or clogging up the center of the ice. They're learning how to adapt on the fly, and that's a fantastic sign. What's even more impressive is how good our core players have been. Pettersson, Hughes and the two goalies in particular. They've not only lived up to expectations, but thrived in this intense playoff environment. Again, a fantastic sign. So yeah, win or lose, our boys have made BC proud. That said, I'd really like to shut Vegas up once and for all.
  9. Should have played this one when we were supposed to. Might have been a different story.
  10. Had we played this game when we were supposed to, maybe we could have carried over some of that momentum from game two into this one. Oh well.