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  1. Why are we assuming that Tampa would have accepted anything less? Sure, they had cap issues. They also had an entire offseason to work with and a glut of movable assets. This idea that they were desperate is so overblown.
  2. It seems kind of lazy to me to use trends as the ultimate indicator of whether or not a player will make it. Seems to me that looking at the player individually would be a much stronger indicator of what that players chances are.
  3. Wow. Pod all of the sudden putting up the numbers. I've been skeptical of the kid since we drafted him, but I'd love to be proven wrong. For those watching the games, would you say there's been any sort of tangible difference in his game, or is it more a case of just not being snakebitten any more + more ice time?
  4. I'd prefer to go 2 years as well. I would hate to see him regress to 4th liner with 2 more years at 3+mill left on his deal. I think the comparison is pretty apt though.
  5. While their paths aren't completely similar, I think Kasperi Kapanen is a decent comparable. About the same age as Virtanen and put up similar numbers last season to what Jake is on pace for this season. He was given a 3 year contract with a cap hit of 3.2 million per season in the offseason.
  6. The greatest coaching duel of our time coming in the final. Brett Hull vs Pam from The Office.
  7. Binnington is a tryhard whenever Petey is on the ice. Guy is still salty about losing the Calder
  8. I'm so glad they just talked to Gretzky and Hull the whole time instead of actually acknowledging the play on the ice.