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  1. Two things. First off, I do see cups from lockout shortened seasons as having an asterisk next to them. Secondly, there's far more to it than simply the number of games played. The time off, the fact that not everyone has had access to ice during quarantine, the fact some players won't be participating, the fact that there are no crowds. And if someone playing tests positive, god knows how that's going to affect things. There are so many weird circumstances at play here that I just can't see this cup as anything resembling legitimate. If you do, then great. More power to you. But as far as I'm concerned, this cup is tainted.
  2. Fine, allow me to add a modifier.... "IMO..." Happy?
  3. Not interested. Completely different set of circumstances this year. As far as I'm concerned this cup isn't a legitimate Stanley Cup. It's an outlier. If it's all the same to you, awesome, but as far as I'm concerned not only is this Cup coming with a massive asterisk, but assuming we were to win it, it would suck the wind out of the sails of a potential future legitimate cup win down the line. "Take it any way you can get it" just isn't good enough for me. I don't want our first Stanley Cup to be this bastardized version of the cup, and I sure as hell won't be celebrating if we do become the Corona-cup champs.
  4. I'd rather our first cup not come with an asterisk next to it. Maybe some people would enjoy it just as much winning the cup this way, but not me. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't mean a damn thing. We've waited this long. Let's do it right. Also, a chance at Lafreniere. Yes please.
  5. Isles I guess. Least offensive choice I could think of. Toronto. &^@# them. Lose to Wild, get the pick. This cup means nothing anyways.
  6. The thing is, there's no context that makes this look any better. This wasn't said in the heat of the moment or anything. This wasn't him trying to be as offensive as possible as a joke or something. This $&!# wasn't being said ironically.This is just how the guy is. Somehow he's as $&!#ty a human being as he is a hockey player.
  7. Pretty big talk from a guy that couldn't even crack one of the worst Canucks rosters of all time.
  8. So apparently Kim Jong Un might be dead.......





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    2. Toews


      Damn he had just submitted an application for trademarking the use of anti-aircraft artillery for executions. A true pioneer of his times. RIP.

    3. NHL'er
    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      they're probably desperately searching for a look-alike to take over as a puppet. 

  9. Kes trying to gain some more goodwill in Vancouver Not gonna lie, I think it worked.
  10. It's a reach to suggest that both guys are even going to be NHLers in two years time, let alone top line players. Podkolzin put up a grand total of 8 points in 30 games this year in his KHL regular season, while Hoglander put up a grand total of 16 points in 41 games in his SHL season.
  11. I like that two guys that have never played an NHL game are on the top line, while the dude that was on pace to have the best season a Canuck forward has had since the twins were in their prime is apparently in the bottom 6.
  12. How the hell do you have Miller on the third line?
  13. Might want to rethink that thread title, bud.
  14. This is a really gross way of thinking. Something confusing about not wanting to cull the sick and the elderly @totallyserious2233?