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  1. I swear there are people here that would have sent McDavid down to Utica had we landed him.

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      I don't give a $&!# where we finish in the standings. I want the best for the future of the team. 200 ft man, you gotta play 200 feet. That's why I had Jake ahead of Brock, until last game. 


      Mostly because I didn't/don't like how lethargic Brock appears to be in the defensive zone, and because, age aside, it's hard to know how his mind and body will react to playing 50 more games a year than he's used to. Not an insignificant thing to be aware of, but you never know until you give him a shot.


      He looked good in the game against Calgary, he positions himself well enough in both zones that he doesn't need to be as quick as I'd like him to be, and that's something that could be learned if he goes skating with Horvat next year anyways. 



    3. TimberWolf


      I think they know sending Brock down would be wrong but they gotta prepare to agree with Benning in case it happens. 

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      @TimberWolf who are the "theys" in your comment? Is the 1st one management and the 2nd one fans? Are both fans?