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  1. Sadly, that pile doesn't seem to matter for some strange reason in this bizarro world of alternative facts.
  2. When Mueller made his statement a little back he said he would testify if asked. Not sure how much more we'll get though as he said everything he could speak to he put in the report.
  3. I guess I missed the part where Kavanaugh lost his job and went to jail? You act like there is going to be some epidemic of women getting all these innocent men fired and in jail. It just isn't happening. Every accusation needs to be taken seriously and every accusation needs due process. The court of public opinion can rush to judgement, yes, but if we get so many false accusations, like you claim, well then the court of public opinion will eventually grow weary and move on and we'll be left with what really matters, the legal court. Also pretty sure, if someone decided to come up with a completely false accusation to ruin someone's career you can turn around and sue for damages. It's not an unlimited power.
  4. Simply not happening but in the imaginations of some. All I see are a select few people with past extreme behaviours (ie Cosby, Weinstein) get jailed/fired.
  5. I agree that is the top 12 (give or take), so yep, issue is what to do with the next six -Granlund: to me is trade bait (or Sutter is trade bait and slip Granlund into the top 12) -Spooner: waive -Gaudette: start in Utica for now -Goldobin: gets a 6 month last chance while Roussel is out -Schaller/Motte: competition for 13th forward, waive the other This assumes everyone is healthy (except Roussel) at the start of the season. I think they only have to make one trade. Two, if you want to make room for Gaudette for October.
  6. Leafs don't have the picks to sign one of the other big name RFAs this year, they gave up a conditional 1st in the Marleau trade.
  7. By and large I'm a Benning supporter, but it's nice to hold him up to a higher standard rather than, uh, yeah.
  8. We all know Bo was brought down from the Heavens by angels and delivered to a manger on Bethlehem Street one cold winter evening. No wait, that was Petey....
  9. I can't this image out of my head now. Along with the thought of that actually working then, the following year, other teams trying it and there ends up being a royal rumble for 1st overall. I'd like the Canucks chances, you KNOW Weisbrod would be bringing in the brass knuckles.
  10. 99% of me says it was an honest mistake. 1% says he's going full Trump and trying to write revisionist history and if it gets repeated enough it will become true.
  11. Also the whole episode of Trump egging on North Korea in advance of his "historic" peace talks. And Trump having the benevolence to end the federal workers shutdown. It's like a quarterly thing for him.
  12. They better whack Taylor Hall a couple more times with a piñata stick before he turns UFA and get any last remaining horseshoes lodged in there.
  13. His two game audition seemed to be decent. We'll get a better idea come preseason.
  14. He did sign in Europe. My guess is he was included to add contract # flexibility for the Canucks pre July 1st.