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  1. I'm sure LaBamba was banned Shakeywalton, I fear the worst.
  2. Coverage of the two events have seemed the same to me. How can media cover something for two weeks when it has only been 2 days. Seems like "Fake News" to me. Also, being outraged about the use of "Easter Worshipers"? Seems like it is just taking away from the coverage of the real news which is that 290+ people died in a terrible attack.
  3. I think it's a couple things: 1) They felt guilty for trying to see the extent of the information that Russia had and they probably weren't 100% certain that these meetings were legal even if the Trump campaign didn't direct the Russians to do anything specific (but it could've been easily viewed as aiding/abetting). Russia saw Trump as a candidate that could destabilize NATO if President, so they did what they could to ensure a victory and Trump's team wasn't about to say no to some help. This leads to 2) Trump was very proud that he could pay for this campaign all on his own. He could win this election with no help from anyone. Well, help from the Russians by way of digging up dirt on his opponent sure puts a dent in that narrative. Trump's ego won't admit that people helped him to get where he is.
  4. Was pretty grumpy today, so needed to go for a walk. With another populist, trumpian, conservative government taking power next door I just wanted to listen to this song but my iPod wouldn't play it. I think it's a sign.
  5. Well, fortunately I loaded up on Flames and not many in my pool did so I'm still good
  6. Good luck! A lot of that academic stuff can get rusty but it's not hard to become polished again.
  7. That's a page out of Trump's book. Ugh.
  8. Treat guns like a public health issue and just get less guns around and fewer tragedies like this might happen.
  9. Frankly, that conversation just gives me no hope for our future.
  10. The key is the same mass of the sun (not size). That would be a relatively small black hole. Yes, a black hole like the one the picture was taken is estimated to be much denser/heavier than our sun and would surely pull in the Earth with it's gravitational pull.
  11. I just learned this today, but black holes supposedly don't suck things in. Their gravitational pull can pull things in, however,because they are so dense/heavy. For instance, if a black hole the same mass as the sun suddenly replaced the sun, the Earth would continue to orbit around the black hole as if it were the sun. It wouldn't get pulled in.
  12. It probably takes 30-40 minutes + half a glue stick for Bill Daly to put together those pretty cards and sort them in reverse order. My guess going 5-4-3-1-2 throws him off every time and Betman makes him start from the beginning if he gets it wrong.