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  1. Brandon Sutter passed the immortal Harry York while on his way to 184th in all time Canuck scoring. Looks like the even more immortal Vladimir Krutov is next. 183. Vladimir Krutov LW 61 11 23 34 184. Brandon Sutter C 68 17 16 33 185. Ray Cullen C 70 12 21 33 186. Harry York C 103 11 22 33 186. Dave Dunn D 69 11 22 33 188. Bryan McCabe D 95 8 25 33 189. Leon Rochefort RW 87 18 14 32
  2. Ugh, get ready for 4 years of this.
  3. But it's not fair to expect someone like Baertschi to be a first line winger this year. And how beaten down would Horvat had have been if he was expected to take on the same match-ups that he did last year (due to injury) right from game 1 in October? It's almost like saying, Demko is going to be the future #1, might as well have him on that role on the Canucks right now. Not everyone can go 0-100km in a second, some you have to develop.
  4. @Ossi Vaananen And this is where the real ground work is being done. I think sometimes it was using tactics like these is what convinced traditional Republican groups that originally didn't like Trump to eventually hitch their wagon to him. They saw the usefulness in his tactics. People need to be vigilant because the following are going to get attacked relentlessly: 1. Climate change is happening and is mainly human caused 2. The woman's right to choose 3. Public health insurance is a necessity plus, I bet you'll start seeing a renewed push to get Creationism taught alongside evolution and immigration for non-wealthy people will slow to a crawl. Not all of this will be initiated by Trump (I believe deep down he supports 2 & 3 to a certain extent) but rather by those now in power trained in these disinformation tactics
  5. Draft D'Artagnan, then follow up with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis...how could that not be an incredible line?
  6. Yep, it's all about growing the group you have to the best of your abilities (that means not setting them up for certain failure), then taking the best player possible with the pick you get, wherever it may be. If you're a well run organization, only success will follow.
  7. Not sure if anyone saw this "gem" of an article on Sportsnet today: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks-exceeding-expectations/ How are the Vancouver Canucks exceeding expectations? This has seriously got to be analytics at it's worst. I clicked the headline thinking it was going to be a feel good story about some of the Canuck up and comers starting to find their way. Instead, it's "we analyzed all these stats that show the Canucks should suck so we're absolutely befuddled because they don't". Hey, here's an idea, instead of being confused, perhaps (just perhaps) it's not the Canucks that totally suck but it's your choice of stats. The article did get one stat right though. The worse the Canucks are in the second half, the better their lottery odds are /end rant
  8. So, to make Tankerz happy we can have a terrible season and get a chance at a good pick. In order to this that would mean: Horvat wouldn't have taken the next step Tryamkin would've looked too slow for the NHL Stecher would've been too small for the NHL Granlund and Baertschi would have continued to be enigma's Burrows would've have had a resurgence this year etc. Basically, everything being built would've had to falter and looked like it wasn't going to turn out. But hey, we would have had a better chance at selecting 1 good player come June. I could understand crying over draft position if the Sedins, Edler, and Miller were doing all the heavy lifting, but this year (more than ever) the Canucks are getting production from the middle aged and young guys. Benning isn't incapable of trading vets, he just only trades them when they are no longer in the teams plans. And that usually means they have depth in that spot. Garrison, Bieksa, and Lack were all traded for picks. And it also sounds like Benning is mulling over trading another defenseman soon (although positioning for the expansion draft may throw a wrinkle in things).
  9. I guess it was because it was a Panther that spilled the puck into the high slot. Normally it is when a team assumes control of the puck, I'm not sure if that was control, IMO it could have gone either way. I guess the official scorer wasn't in a giving mood.
  10. When I decided to post the highest mover up the all-time scoring list after each game, never thought it would be Luca Sbisa two games in a row. Yet here we are and Sbisa is now 198th. 197. Maxim Lapierre C 149 14 16 30 198. Luca Sbisa D 164 7 23 30 199. Raffi Torres LW 80 14 15 29 200. David Roberts LW 71 11 18 29 201. Greg Hawgood D 95 7 22 29
  11. That's a sexy looking stat line. Congrats to Henr1K! Player Pos GP G A Pts "+\-" PIM PP SH GW S S% 1. Henrik Sedin C 1213 233 767 1000 206 632 61 7 38 1747 13.3 2. Daniel Sedin LW 1190 366 602 968 179 496 128 0 79 3187 11.5 3. Markus Naslund LW 884 346 410 756 2 614 114 6 49 2613 13.2 4. Trevor Linden C 1140 318 415 733 -44 730 97 15 33 2246 14.2 5. Stan Smyl RW 896 262 411 673 -77 1556 74 13 20 1903 13.8 One of the weird stats of the season so far this year has got to be Henrik's shooting percentage. Can he keep it up for the 2nd half? Player Pos GP G A Pts "+\-" PIM PP SH GW S S% 1. Bo Horvat C 47 13 17 30 0 16 1 2 1 82 15.9 2. Henrik Sedin C 47 11 19 30 -8 10 1 0 4 57 19.3 3. Daniel Sedin LW 47 11 15 26 -5 22 5 0 1 120 9.2
  12. Couldn't quite catch what they were singing?
  13. If the first Leaf game was any indication, Miller can handle that type of work himself
  14. Oddly enough, in his career, Henrik is 2/3 on penalty shots. 0/4 in his career in the shootout.
  15. Rentals, Davathor. Vey, Dorsett, Sutter, and Gudbranson are not rentals.