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  1. Brock "slumpin" his way into 58th in all-time Canuck scoring. Can you believe he's already played 170 games in a Canuck jersey already? 57. Gary Lupul LW 293 70 75 145 58. Brock Boeser RW 170 70 74 144 59. Chris Higgins LW 295 61 83 144 60. Igor Larionov C 210 51 92 143
  2. Noticed that the Edmonton McDraisaitl's were up 2-1 on LA, with one or both of McDraisaitl on both of the goals so it got me to wonder how often that was the case this year. Yes, I was bored, but McDavid and/or Draisaitl have been in on 70 of Edmonton's 93 goals this year (75.3%). So in 31 games this year only 23 goals have been scored where McDavid or Daisaitl haven't been scored it or assisted on it. Who needs secondary scoring, am I right?
  3. Brock flows into 60th in all-time Canuck scoring with his assist tonight. 59. Igor Larionov C 210 51 92 143 60. Brock Boeser RW 169 70 72 142 61. Dan Hamhuis D 389 23 119 142
  4. Sprinkles...best way to ruin a donut.
  5. Dr Wilbur prescribes watching Burrows' Slay the Dragon Goal on a loop for 30 minutes to help cope.
  6. It is, and another gap to Ververgaert at 304 where things bunch up again.
  7. A little late, but Bo moved into 27th in all-time scoring with his assist Sunday night. 26. Chris Oddleifson C 469 85 180 265 27. Bo Horvat C 405 106 140 246 28. Geoff Courtnall LW 292 102 144 246
  8. A little surprised with Jason Adam, seemed like a good depth arm.
  9. That assumes a completely healthy forward group, which may not happen. To me, Pearson has a spot just as much as Jake, Roussell, Schaller, and Motte. If there is some long term health, then yes, a trade is probably coming. Short term, it's not hard to rotate the above 5 with the odd healthy scratch when rest is shown to be needed.
  10. It's been so long I think even Fantenberg doesn't know much about him.
  11. It's been 6 years since the first trade, can't expect Schneider's value to say the exact same.
  12. While I agree with the general sentiment, Aqua's use of twitter hasn't been irresponsible. He's used it to be more of a fan than anything which I don't see anything wrong with.
  13. Agreed, assuming everything is ship shape with the physical, a MacEwen/Roussel switch would be the most likely for Tuesday