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  1. Voted Boudrias Nominating Sundstrom
  2. Isn't this the beauty of capitalism at work?. Why be a be serve the people and be a useless politician when you can take advantage of a pandemic and jack up the prices on goods as an ever so valuable middle man allocate invaluable resources?
  3. I'm thinking this will be a significant lesson we'll take from this experience. It's too bad masks are so hard to come by at the moment because now would be great time to put that lesson into use.
  4. Voted Tanti Nominating Sundstrom
  5. I was trying to determine if this is pre or post finger pull. I then had an epiphany, it's like Schroedinger's cat...It is both pulled and unpulled simultaneously.
  6. Dude cared that much about distance yet made an "essential" trip to a liquor store? Me thinks he should recheck his priorities.
  7. I'm not 100% sure either but I think a lot of it has to do with testing. Gotta make sure it works before sending it out to the masses.
  8. And we won't have to. Best case scenario a vaccine is created. Also, medications could emerge to prove effective in suppressing systems. Worse case scenario, Covid-19 cases come in waves over a couple of years. But even then, it will eventually be over with (after many dead and much disruption) and we can put the pieces back together (but there is no reason why that last case is our fate).
  9. That's why hospital capacity is a key factor/statistic/whatever you want to call it. If my appendix bursts during regular flu season, I'm not worried because I know the hospital won't be overburdened with seasonal flu sufferers. But what if my appendix bursts two weeks from now and the hospitals are slammed with Covid-19 patients? How many other things may get missed because the hospitals are overburdened because we didn't flatten the curve. It's easy to quibble over death rates, testing effectiveness because this virus is new and the data is emerging. But the overburdening of the hospital system is real because we ALL are susceptible to this virus (unlike the seasonal flu which a large enough percentage of us will already have immunity).
  10. Just feel like screaming: 1. This is a NOVEL coronavirus...meaning no one has immunity. 2. This seems to spread really fast meaning a lot of people are going to get this at relatively the same time 3. Are there worse viruses? Yes, even worse coronaviruses. Other viruses (coronaviruses, flu's, etc) have partial immunity amongst the population so cases are more spread out and people can receive the care they need. 4. However, if a lot of people get this at the same time enough of them will be bad enough that the hospitals will be overwhelmed 5. When hospitals are overwhelmed, many people will die needlessly because they can't get care.
  11. Voted Tanti Nominating Patrik Sundstrom
  12. Voted Kesler Nominating Patrik Sundstrom
  13. Personally, I knew I ate too much junk food on my daily/weekly routine. I had a commute so the eating the car was terrible for me. Now that I don't have the commute, just by eating at home, I have lost 6 pounds in about 3 weeks. My next goal is to add the Couch to 5K into my daily routine.