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  1. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (14-20) 2018

    I still see the Edmonton Connor McDavid's can't score a goal unless Connor McDavid touches the puck. 8 straight goals now he's been in on to start the season.
  2. Is it just me or has Edler finally changed stick manufacturers. Seriously, when is the last time he's broken a stick? Maybe the Sedin's were sabotaging them all these years?
  3. Christopher Tanev | #8 | D

    With the apple in overtime, Tanev moves up another spot in Canuck all-time scoring, leaving Dana Murzyn in the dust. 97. Paulin Bordeleau RW 183 33 56 89 98. Chris Tanev D 396 18 71 89 99. Dana Murzyn D 452 23 65 88
  4. [GDT] Around the NHL | October (07-13) 2018

    Heh, like Brock a garbage goal for his first career goal. Doesn't always matter how they go in though, I'm sure there will be lots of beauties to follow.
  5. Not to mention, teams will cue in on an overreaction too. There were periods of this during the Torts year. Teams would set certain Canucks off and annihilate us on the power play. Would've some response tonight have been better than none? Sure, but you can't go crazy every time a player gets hit either.
  6. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    Baertschi may be 1 pt ahead of Odjick, but don't worry, Odjick still has 2079 more PIMs than Baertschi. 86. Per-Olov Brasar LW 181 37 63 100 87. Sven Baertschi LW 198 51 48 99 88. Gino Odjick LW 444 46 52 98 89. Lars Molin LW 172 33 65 98
  7. Because we didn't purposely tank like the Toronto Chosen Ones.
  8. confessions

    I confess I'm worried my new position is going to burn me out. I have had almost 6 straight weeks of a routine of waking up at 545 am (or earlier), getting home from work at 5pm with the kids, performing Dad duties between 5-8, then back to prepping from 8 until I'm ready for the next day which, somedays, has taken until 1am. I've got next to zero relax time and it's tough.
  9. confessions

    I was 28 myself when I tried "online dating". I put the term in quotation marks because it sounds bad and don't like it. Whenever I tell the story about how my wife and I met I always say "we met online" (we never dated online, we did that in person ). But I was in a space similar to you, off the heels of a relationship (albeit not a long one) and just didn't see myself meeting new people through friend groups, etc. I wasn't the type to go out somewhere like a bar (I wouldn't go to a bar with someone so why would I try to meet someone there?) so figured I give meeting people online a shot. Really, I viewed it as a way to meet new people. I tried eHarmony (10 years ago...there wasn't as many sites back then), and found being on site where you had to pay to be on it was great for weeding out the non-serious people or people just looking for a quick hook-up (it would probably lessen the chance of students seeing your profile). In a way, I thought of eHarmony as the mutual friend that introduced us. But if you're still skeptical of online, is there some sort of community activity group that you could join? Just trying to think of a way to expand your social circle. By going to an activity group, you'll never know who you'll meet and in the event you don't meet anyone at least you're dong something fun and that you enjoy (it can also allow you to not put pressure on yourself to force something as really you're there to have fun doing whatever not find someone to date). @Coconuts had some sage advice too. There is nothing wrong with spending time to yourself. In the end, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the stronger your next relationship will be. (and yes, I'm confident there will be a next one ). I wish you all the good luck and future happiness, you deserve it!
  10. Enough to equalize the supposed trade deficit?
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    He is indeed, and continuing to climb the all-time Canuck scoring list 118. Don Tannahill LW 111 30 33 63 119. Brock Boeser RW 75 34 28 62 120. Robert Nordmark D 169 10 52 62
  12. Christopher Tanev | #8 | D

    Yep, but oddly enough, until the Sedin Era, the franchise leader in career +\-
  13. Christopher Tanev | #8 | D

    Baertschi may have had all the points but it was Tanev fully into the top 100 as the highest mover up the all-time scoring list 98. Dana Murzyn D 452 23 65 88 99. Chris Tanev D 393 18 70 88 100. Steve Tambellini LW 161 42 45 87
  14. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Heh, 3 hours ago we all would've thought the bar was high...
  15. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Always love it when someone puts Messier down a notch in all-time Canuck scoring. Horvat did that tonight with his two point effort. 49. Tiger Williams LW 312 83 82 165 50. Bo Horvat C 297 72 91 163 51. Orland Kurtenbach C 229 62 101 163 52. Doug Halward D 324 45 118 163 53. Moe Lemay LW 279 70 92 162 54. Mark Messier C 207 52 110 162