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  1. I use it to post assignments that they can turn in digitally through Teams. Heh, I always disable the chat, rather than open up that can of worms.
  2. It's been Wilbur since I joined in '03. Haven't been tempted to change it. Not sure why I use it online, but always thought it would be a good name for a pet pug. @Cramarossa Depending if the Canucks need the cap space or not, you may have to request your name changed to something Eriksson or Sutter themed
  3. Andersen had some great saves while Rittich was quietly efficient for an all-star game. I didn't see any of the first game, but my pick for MVP would've been Hertl. Although Tkachuk and Rittich were good too.
  4. Wilbur


    Sounds like he built
  5. Now that the snow has melted:
  6. I think it only matters if a CHL team has his rights or not.
  7. Just finished going through a lot of my cards. Like many here, a lot worthless 90s cards. Pulled a bunch aside that either have some value (sentimental or decent $$$, mainly Canucks, Blue Jays and significant players from the era) to save for my kids (they're 5 and 8). However, I did find a Jonathan Toews Upper Deck Young Guns that appears to have value. Just looking for advice of what to do with it. It seems to go on eBay at the moment for ~$150. Just wondering if that's probably peak value? Will it decrease after he retires? If it's around peak value I was think of selling (or trading) it for some cards of my boys favourite players (perhaps a Bo Bichette and a Quinn Hughes or something). Any advice is appreciated.
  8. Bonds and Clemens definitely. Schilling I'm not so sure.
  9. exactly. IMHO, the Canucks have lots of depth at goalie. Assuming Markstrom gets resigned, if the worst thing that happens at the ED is the Canucks lose a player in possibly their deepest position....oh well. Going to lose someone, might as well lose someone that you know you can replace immediately with Dipietro.
  10. The Sportsnet Q & A had some similar content: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/qa-canucks-gm-benning-trade-deadline-playoff-race/
  11. Hawks seem to be making a push. I wonder if they'll sustain it.
  12. Rangers are probably the last team in the entire NHL that would want Demko as they have 2 really young up and coming goalies and Lundqvist. If the Canucks want any shot at Kreider you're starting with a 1st and Virtanen.
  13. I'll admit it doesn't for me, probably because the Jays are rebuilding. It probably would ruin baseball for me if I was a Dodgers fan. Apoplectic wouldn't even begin to describe how I'd feel.