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  1. Has had not a great season so far apparently
  2. Hmm, if someone had the time to gather such information and display it, there could be a profitable website there.
  3. Not sure why but Demko looked like Bill Ranford on that save. Thanks for posting the highlights, really appreciate it.
  4. Yep, a depth guy slotted for AAA. They'll need arms too, and hey, you never know if the coaches can pick up on something and Oberholzer can turn it around.
  5. Agreed. EE's back behaved the whole year for once. I'm sure it's not the last we've heard from it.
  6. Agreed. He's signing pretty quickly I bet once his NCAA season ends. Especially if there are Comets or Canucks games to play.
  7. Granlund straddled Larsen in an effort to protect him too.
  8. Only one can play at a time, so why not both? Now THAT would be a bold move.
  9. The Subban name adds some allure sure, but with the points he's putting up he'd still be on peoples radar.
  10. Agreed. Self-indulgence at it's worst. That conversation belonged at Joe Fortes, not on the radio.
  11. I'm fairly certain the 40 games is only important as the Canucks HAVE to expose a forward with a certain amount of NHL experience. Vegas can select whoever they want that isn't protected or exempt. It's safe to assume anyone on that CapFriendly list either has to be protected or will be available in the expansion draft.
  12. It's easy, make the sign and go to a game now. Create a time capsule behind the toilet in the disabled persons bathroom with a sign saying "Do Not Open Until the Stanley Cup Finals" and hide the sign in there. Also pack some oreo's in there too, because you'll be hungry and I'm pretty sure they don't go bad. Concession prices are bad enough now, imagine what they'll be when Horvat hits his prime? As long as nobody calls in a bomb scare due to a suspicious package behind a toilet, you're golden.
  13. I think the only way the Sedin's leave before they retire is if the Canucks have no interest in resigning them after their current contracts expire so they decide to sign somewhere else. It is the utmost of unlikeliness that they get traded before the expansion draft because as @Davathor said, no team will want to be forced to protect two more players. Also remember, the most the Canucks can retain is half their salary. So, that leaves the 2018 deadline. Yes, they could be moved. Obviously the Sedin's would have to agree with it, but I think you'll be extremely disappointed to what you'll get in return. Maybe our definitions of A prospects vary, but I think you're looking at the return to be, at best, a late 1st round pick and a McCann type prospect. Nothing to sneeze at, sure, but nothing franchise altering or to speed up to the rebuild. All boils down to, in the end with the NMC's, it's up to the Sedin's. Pretty much what everybody has been saying all along.
  14. Agreed. I know the Jays need a lead off batter really badly, but still doesn't negate the feeling that I get that the best seasons are behind Fowler, not ahead of him.