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  1. Since he's been up, for the most part, I've really liked what I've seen from Waguespack. I like soft contact starting pitchers, especially when pitching in the American League East. Like Stroman, don't expect him to get shutout every night, but any night you can walk away after 6/7 innings and only allow 1-3 runs, that's a success against a lineup full of mashers.
  2. But but she's telling us to do! Clearly the way to solve the climate crisis is to: 1) let everybody do what they want, whenever they want 2) Definitely don't put a tax on it 3) Mine all the coal in the name of freedom 4) Burn all the fossil fuels and allow the released CO2 to issue forth an unprecedented plant growth boom that will solve both climate change AND world hunger at the same time #winning
  3. I wonder if part of it is how powerless we are from Canada to actually change it? I know some of it is empathy fatigue. The CBC had an ongoing series on the climate and, scanning the comments, most of them were complaints about the CBC "shoving the climate agenda down our throats". I think we've gotten to the point where, unless our house is on fire, people don't want to hear about it. We know we can't continue to exploit natural resources forever, it is a finite planet after all, but greed and laziness soon take over as change could mean a less comfortable life. Conservatism, Liberalism, Democratic Socialism all ultimately fail when it comes to environmental policy. The latter two pay a little bit more lip service to it but talk is cheap and we as a society can't wrap our heads around a productive economy without taking the easy way out and exploiting our environment. I know it's been said before, but we really need to take bold action. The economy isn't some benign entity that exerts it's will over us, but rather something we can fully control if we wish. It'll be a tough, and will take some sacrifice, hard choices, and creative thinking but it can be done.....has to be done.
  4. Environmentalism doesn't pay. Developing does. Polluters don't pay nearly enough for the damage they do to the environment. This is a critical flaw in capitalism that has to be fixed.
  5. You know things are going well when Richard Urena comes in to pitch. They need to save Godley and Gaviglio for tomorrow? Yikes. Mamma said their'd be days like this. Edit: and with Godley and Gaviglio due up next...tomorrow.
  6. https://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/blue-jays-ready-ramp-use-openers-strategys-early-success/ I was wondering if the opener for the Jays was here to stay or not and this article was a good discussion of that. Personally, in the long term, the opener is a symptom of a starting rotation that isn't good enough (which the Blue Jays rotation clearly isn't) but if it's something you have to do, then it can get you by, which the Jays 9-3 record with the opener clearly indicates. I'm curious to hear what your guys' opinion on the opener is. Font sure has been good in that role, but hopefully we see less and less of it as that'll mean we have better starting pitching.
  7. Wilmer Font must be really feeling it right now. Over his 7 outings (16 and a third innings) he's been good for a 2.20 ERA, a WHIP below 1 and (most impressively to me) 21 strikeouts to just 3 walks. I wonder if this is sustainable.
  8. I suspect we'll see Urena back up. I'm starting to get worried for leadership. I know the young core is going to lead this team but some veteran leadership would help when the young core is rocking it but still losing games because the pitching is atrocious.
  9. Hopefully he can turn out better than McKinney, Hernandez, Alford, and Connine. I don't doubt it when Atkins says he has potential. The issue I have is I just listed 4 names that Fisher is, arguably, as good as. The Jays already had 4 guys to try and take that 3rd outfield spot (Connine being a little farther away). A spot that is pretty easy to fill in free agency if one is so inclined. I just don't get trading a position of low depth for a position of high depth unless the guy is hands down better (which, at this point he is not). I am now starting to honestly believe that Atkins and Shapiro just wanted to clear the deck of major league assets, primarily, in order to tank and get a better draft pick, which I completely resent. Around the trade deadline I read in one of the Sportsnet interviews, a comment from Atkins on the failure to get a true high end arms was "we're lined up to get one high in this years draft (or something to that extent). That just told me this deadline was all about getting rid of players to improve the draft the pick, return was secondary. To me, in a rebuild, return never should be secondary. I'm okay with the Phelps and Hudson trades as they got prospects that made sense for the organization (plus they came in for free and arms like that can be found for free most likely next off-season). Sogard needed to go to give playing time to Biggio and Bichette, so I get that. I'm disappointed that Stroman couldn't return more but at least there is some pitching there. But Sanchez and Biagini just leaves me scratching my head because talented but fringe outfielders are a dime a dozen, pitching is not.
  10. Especially considering he doesn’t consider them signing a premier arm, lol indeed.
  11. Huh, seems Reese McGuire has caught Bo Bichettitis
  12. at least Bichette extends his hit streak in style
  13. 8-0 after 3 innings... How many converted touchdowns are the Yankees going to score this series on Shapiro's by design AAA pitching? 4 games, so 6?
  14. Heh, yeah I'm not holding my breath. It's funny that this is the second time the Jays have traded pitching to the Astros for a AAAA outfielder they had no room for. Liriano for Hernandez made sense as, why not, it was Liriano. Getting anything for him was a win. A few years later the Jays give the Astros way more pitching for another AAAA outfielder. I'm predicting 2 years from now the Jays will trade Nate Pearson for yet another 4/5th outfielder.