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  1. Alaska is a part of the States though and I'm assuming more Republican so probably follow the beliefs of economy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> public health
  2. Dude, the way 2020 is going, I think you just jinxed it.
  3. Most likely true, the question will be how they get reported in the official statistics.
  4. I think the thinking in Trump's head is this: If we hide as many deaths as we can and increase the number of positive cases as we can, then the death rate will go down, then we can crow incessantly that we were right ALL along that this virus is no worse than the flu and can get the economy going with zero pandemic restrictions.
  5. US free-market capitalism at its finest.
  6. Heh, didn't realize big pharma was behind all those homemade sewn masks.
  7. This isn't good. I wouldn't be surprised if more of this happens. Hiding public health information is downright dangerous. People have a right to know. Downplaying the severity is akin to a cover up. I'll give you another manta: Profits before public health. It's pretty clear where a lot of the US is.
  8. I guess we in BC just breathe too much compared to other provinces? I guess Dr Bonnie got it wrong, it should have been Larger places/Lower faces/Don't breathe in places
  9. Crazy to think I've had this account for almost 17 years. That's probably longer than some on here have been alive!
  10. Unless Covid-19 totally ravages a top seed, I agree, the cup should be considered legit.
  11. Wife has done most of the grocery shopping, but I had to go today. Typical busy Saturday, and I'd estimate 5-10% were wearing masks. I see a higher % on my walks/jogs outside which is just strange.
  12. Agree wholeheartedly. It also takes away from the atmosphere from the play-ins. You're now going to have significant portions of fanbases around half the league that kinda hopes their team loses. I'm sure that's not what the NHL wants. All just so the teams that intentionally tanked know a little sooner. What makes it more exciting now than 6 weeks from now?