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  1. On the version (1min in length) on youtube it's Lidstrom.
  2. I was expecting Smoak's average to improve with more at bats (250ish) but he's currently at 290?!
  3. Reds scored first, can we call this a comeback victory?
  4. Always seems that way when it's sunny outside.
  5. Following the game online, good to see Tulo get the (hopeful) dagger. Unsung at bat, goes to Smoak. It seems in the past that would've been a K, instead a run scores and the pressure continues to be applied, even if there is an out. All about not wasting the at bats.
  6. What do expect in return for Burrows and Hansen? Honestly? No GM is dumb enough to give up surefire elite NHL scoring for Hansen or Burrows. Those were very good trades, don't expect Benning to turn water into wine. I'd also temper your expectations on returns for Tanev and Edler (if Edler gets traded at all, he holds those cards not Benning). Tanev is a good chip, but you're not going to get sure-fire 1st line potential in return. You're going to get something that has question marks attached to it and hopefully they turn out like the Naslund or Bertuzzi trades.
  7. If they continue to slowly crawl back into things do they get future building blocks for the likes of Estrada and Happ?
  8. Figured you wouldn't make that error. Chop that up to the sarcasm detector having a hard time being useful on the internet and not reading all 1560 pages of this thread so far
  9. What a senseless waste of two good lives (not trying to say that the men that died weren't sensible, it's just sad it came to that). Wouldn't be surprised to see mental illness come to the forefront as more facts come out. Pretty sure Christian here is the perpetrators last name, not religion.
  10. I saw this article on Sportsnet, should I start a thread?


    1. Ghostsof1915


      Et tu Wilbur, et tu? 

    2. Wilbur


      Not really, but thinking of starting a pool for when this article pops up on TSN.

    3. BananaMash


      Recycled journalism is best journalist. 

  11. and making it so Juolevi doesn't have to make the team.
  12. I do wonder how truly available many highly talented prospects and picks are available. Those trades aren't always there and you can't force another team to give them up as the price of youth and potential is higher than it has ever been. I think your valuing of Edler and Tanev is very fair. I don't think teams give up as much as they used to for these types of guys (especially Edler). So, to me, Benning's comments make a lot of sense. Edler probably won't go anywhere because the return won't warrant trading him (sometimes the remaining years of a solid player is better than a lotto ticket) and the offer for Tanev will have be great to warrant trading him.
  13. Olli Maata with the winner, who then proceeds to get injured in the ensuing celebratory dog pile.
  14. Agree, that's why I used trust and not give. Last year started off decently enough with Markstrom starting a decent amount of games. Then, when the season started to get more desperate they went off the plan and starting giving Miller more through no fault of Markstrom's play. Then, of course, Markstrom got injured and it made it seem like it was a wasted opportunity to slowly ramp up the games Markstrom plays in a season. This year, as long as he is playing well, I hope to see Markstrom get some time in the starter's routine. Not the whole season, but at least some of it.
  15. Sure, you'd lose future gains in RRSP's but aren't you losing money down the rent hole? I'd think the equity you'd be building into owning a property would be outweigh the losses in RRSP's. Could be wrong, but kind of how I look at it.