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  1. Interesting, Tigers may try Gose on the mound in AAA http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/report-former-blue-jays-outfielder-anthony-gose-try-pitching/ Edit: I wonder how many players succeed switching this late? I don't think Stieb was a pitcher primarily when he was drafted but converted to one very quickly.
  2. Tanev just absolutely screaming up the all-time Canuck scoring list (relatively speaking...for Chris Tanev) into 104th with his assist tonight. 103. Ted Taylor LW 191 35 40 75 104. Chris Tanev D 341 15 59 74 105. Mike Ridley C 112 26 47 73
  3. Perhaps I'm projecting others' negativity onto you, but there is a lot of hand wringing over Miller stealing games and low shot totals. Wins by total domination in every facet of the game are rare, even for top teams. I think most on here had the Canucks as a bubble team at best, and they were that for most of the year. Can't speak for others, but when the 65 point prediction came out, I scoffed at not so much the point total but rather that the 65 points represented dead last by a long shot in the prediction. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the goaltending next year. Depending on what they do there and perhaps a trade or two more for futures, next year may be the appropriate year for last place predictions. In the meantime, I will always hope and cheer for the best, and won't apologize for good goaltending, taking advantage of scoring chances, or "winning despite analytics".
  4. Sorry if goaltending steals a game or if the Canucks convert their chances in a few games. Nobody is confusing them for the Blackhawks any time soon. Canucks are 3-5-2 in their last 10. Why not just enjoy the 3 wins rather than wish they went 0-10-0 and lament the lost 1.5% in draft lottery odds.
  5. Today may have been all about Boucher and Boeser but Horvat jumped into 76th in all time Canuck scoring with his two assists today. 75. Jiri Bubla D 256 17 101 118 76. Bo Horvat C 223 49 65 114 77. Paul Reinhart D 131 24 90 114 78. Mike Walton C 115 44 69 113
  6. Swear to god if people complain if he doesn't play tomorrow. It'll be 3 games in three days.
  7. Didn't even give CDC time to panic, signed before his equipment from UND dried.
  8. Seeing what the kids can do doesn't mean playing them 22 minutes a night right away. You don't just go 0-100 at a snap of the fingers. Have patience.
  9. A lot of points in tonight's game but it was Tanev with his assist that was the highest mover up the all-time Canucks scoring list, quietly moving into 105th (as if Tanev ever does anything loudly) 104. Mike Ridley C 112 26 47 73 105. Chris Tanev D 338 15 58 73 106. Pit Martin RW 131 27 45 72 107. Gerald Diduck D 265 17 55 72
  10. I'd say it's more of some of the fans making it feel like a loss.
  11. No, tortilla chips. He's gotta have one of those chairs like in the commercial that cook them, etc.
  12. I could be proven wrong but currently I don't want to touch any of the Strome's with a 10ft hockey poll. Just a gut feeling that their skills, for whatever reason, won't translate well to the NHL. As for Valk, in order for him to come up he'd have to sign an NHL contract I believe, so I wouldn't make that move now. He's deserving of some key ice time next preseason though. I don't see Subban getting a shot either unless injuries hit the back end again. Utica needs him for their playoff push more than any benefit that playing a handful of meaningless NHL games would. We'll see where he is on the depth chart at training camp next year.
  13. 550K will get you townhouse, perhaps a row home in Langley.