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  1. Linden or Benning commenting on another teams player would be dumb to say the least. The NHL fined us at draft time, if this organization blabbed again just a month later, it could mean picks.
  2. A sad situation for everyone involved. Another sigh to the media as, really, the mental health issues are what made the situation here, not the fact that he is black. But that doesn't get the headlines...
  3. Was waiting for someone to point that out. I guess it's too much for some to read past the headline.
  4. This is a rebuild. Sorry if Benning doesn't raze it to the ground.
  5. Fine tuning his swing for 81 games next year at Fenway Park.
  6. Jam's reply should be the extent of what it takes to stop a deliberate tank. You can tank all you want and what if it's a bad draft year? What if you lose the lottery? So, really, it's not as simple as tanking for two years, pick two studs and build around them. Drafting an 18 year old isn't a perfect science. Yes, there are fewer mistakes at the top of the draft but that still doesn't mean it's two years at the bottom then sunny skies. It could be 4, 6, 8? I'll stick with trying to get better with every move while still having an eye for the future.
  7. Because we're not lying down and giving up. Because we're doing it differently than the precious precious Maple Leafs.
  8. I wouldn't get caught up in the traditional responsibilities of the 1st to 4th lines. Teams are trying to construct lines that can all score goals now. With how the Canuck roster in particular is shaping up the Canucks second line, featuring Sutter, could easily be the better shutdown line (pair him with Hansen?) and then open up Horvat and his linemates (Baerstchi +?) for more offensive opportunities.
  9. Providing they don't get too battered with injuries, I can see this team allowing 30 fewer goals as the defense has improved, externally and hopefully with internal improvement of Hutton and Tryamkin. Agree with you that scoring 30 more goals isn't very likely.
  10. I disagree with a few of those statements: 1) The Gudbranson trade wasn't made just to make the playoffs this year. He could be here for the next 10+ years. This wasn't a "sacrifice the future for now trade", it was a "we really wanted to solidify our defense now and for the future" trade. Gudbranson is 24 not 34, yeesh. 2) Just because Horvat would slot down to "3rd line centre" does not mean he will play a defensive role. If Brandon Sutter centres the second line, I'm sure that line will most of the defensive responsibilities. The template of 1st line = primary scoring line, 2nd line = secondary scoring line, 3rd line = shut down line, 4th line = energy line is becoming less and less relevant. Bottom line though, is this a playoff team? If 90% of things go right, then I say yes. They're playing on a thin margin though so I wouldn't put much money on it. Time will tell though, that's why we watch the games.
  11. Don't get too carried away, you could also say he has Lee Goren type potential. I'm glad he's in the system, and true, you never know, but for a prospect his age is starting to get up there.
  12. I think it is Carrera with the achilles issue.
  13. They have talked about velocity too. I wonder if Sanchez's velocity stays constant if they'll let him breeze past the innings limit.
  14. The purge continues as Erdogan revokes 21,000 teachers of their certification.
  15. Good to get them signed. I guess we'll see where the cards fall after the pre-season. As of right now, Grenier has work to do to crack the line-up. Pedan will have work to do to be more than a 7/8 guy. Would be surprised if put on waivers if Grenier got picked up. If Pedan got put on waivers I'd worry though.