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  1. Not ecstatic over the move. Pearce brings the benefit of position versatility but doesn't do much to break up all the righties in the order, right handed power isn't really what they needed. Ah well, a prefer this over Moreland and in theory this gives the Jays money to improve other areas.
  2. Now your thinking like a true Torontonian! Sorry, I didn't mean that. Please don't report me!
  3. Agreed, Moreland does not excite me at all. The should improve on Smoak not sign pretty much the same thing for more money.
  4. Yes, which is a win because it improves their draft lottery odds. Didn't you get the memo? Draft lottery odds >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> points
  5. Didn't the Canucks, under the Gillis regime, blackout certain sections of the Eastern media at one point? I think it's about time we did that again.
  6. I saw the headline at first and was upset that Linden was refusing to call what the Canucks are doing a rebuild. But no, once again, it's the Toronto media refusing to call anything but a complete and utter tear down a rebuild. It's, once again, another way for the Eastern media to not respect the Sedin's. First, they were The Sisters, then they weren't good enough to win it all, now they're obstructing what needs to be done. Honestly, take your precious late round picks and shove them where the sun don't shine Toronto because if, last year, you guys fell two spots in the lottery and the Canucks jumped two spots, guess what, the Canucks would've been ahead of your rebuild. So, really, you could say the biggest determining factor was luck.
  7. Once again the Toronto media doesn't understand a rebuild unless it's torn down completely.
  8. Larsen or Tanev would make the most sense to me. Trade Tanev if you can get a worthwhile return, if not trade/waive Larsen if you need to make room. I guess Sbisa is expendable if you can get good value and if Benning is confident he can acquire someone else to expose in the expansion draft. A good problem to have though.
  9. Once everyone is healthy (if everyone gets healthy), a short term solution would be to start giving Stecher and Tryamkin games off. Neither have played a full NHL season, so they'll probably need them later. Larsen has fallen to 8th and Biega 9 on the depth chart. Any long period of completely healthy D and a trade probably would need to be made.
  10. Grabbed the above from the NY Times article. It's tradition to leave financial assets to a blind trust while in office to avoid conflict of interest concerns, however, leaving the business to his children is hardly a blind trust. I don't personally have a major issue with Trump doing this, I get where he's coming from, you want to leave your business in the hands of people you trust. Just don't expect this move to lessen any scrutiny (or pretend to be offended when scrutiny comes) to the potential of Trump profiting off of the Presidency while in office.
  11. They couldn't figure anything out offensively during that stretch. They had the structure, they had the work ethic, it was just a matter of eventually finding ways to the net and other holes on the ice.
  12. Burrows had a solid game, perhaps not as noticeable in the madness that was this game, but still a good game for him.
  13. Did he enlighten the masses as to who that was? Or should I just assume it's Skille or something.
  14. Pah, they're only not doing well if you look at things like wins and points. How are their underlying analytics?