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  1. But some were saying this was going to be the most exciting game of the season? This game will be interesting, I'll give it that. It will be neat to see some new faces. Interesting and exciting can be two different things though.
  2. I had no doubts the Canucks would be in trouble. The sweep by San Jose in 2013 was the end of the Canucks window. Still though, the reality of NTCs what they are the only way the Canucks could have moved on much quicker would have been to let the Sedin's walk in 2014. Letting the Sedin's walk then, may have caused other players to be more willing to waive earlier (Hamhuis/Burrows/Edler). Call me Captain O all you want, but there are plenty of people that don't seem to be getting that message.
  3. People whine and complain that our veterans are so bad. Then whine and complain when they can't get traded for premium assets. Sorry, can't have it both ways. Reality is, our vets have NTCs and not a desire to be traded. Demand for the Canuck vets isn't exceedingly high either. Put all those together and, I'm sorry, it's hard to make a trade.
  4. Proposal starts and ends right there.
  5. MSA did have the best ice in the Fraser Valley (at least back in the mid-late 90s). Good lighting there too (for us goalies out there).
  6. Something to think about regarding UFAs and NTCs. Yes, the UFA may leave for nothing, but sometimes bringing in a UFA allows you to make a trade from the depth signing the UFA creates. For example, yes, Miller may leave the organization with nothing but 3 good years of service, but the signing of him allowed the organization to trade Lack for a couple of picks. The signing and emergence of Stecher may allow the Canucks to trade a defenceman because of the depth there is at that position now. In a perfect world all pending UFA's will waive their NTC, but it just may not be the case.
  7. Bo Horvat keeps up moving up the all-time Canuck scoring list. Now, into 81st. 80. Mikael Samuelsson RW 155 49 57 106 81. Bo Horvat C 209 47 58 105 82. Cam Neely RW 201 51 53 104
  8. You can't expect to win every game like this, but over 82 in a season you don't apologize if your goalie wins one single handedly every once in a while
  9. Benning waited to long to trade him and now Chis Tanev has jumped him to move to #108 in all-time Canuck scoring. I'm pretty sure 10 of those 15 goals have been in overtime 107. Murray Hall C 109 27 44 71 108. Chris Tanev D 330 15 56 71 109. Jim Benning D 241 15 55 70
  10. That went from going a foot high, to a foot off the ice. As a fellow goalie, I feel for Elliot there.
  11. Thanks, but I look for that and it doesn't always appear. I see an update for Chrome, maybe that'll fix it.
  12. @TheGuardian_ There are other ways to add top six players than through the draft. Look at the Canucks 2011 team: Sedin/Sedin/Burrows = early first x 2/undrafted FA Samuelsson/Kesler/Raymond = UFA/later first/2nd rounder. Also, if Connor Sheary is a top six player, Sven Baertschi can be a top six player. If you are seriously saying Bo Horvat is going to be too old then this is all for naught. You're not just suggesting trade anyone over 26, you seem to be suggesting trading everyone over 20. If the Canucks continue to make the right decision through the draft, the right decisions through trade, and fill the odd hole through free agency they will continually make a better team. Yeah, there will be bumps in the road when injuries hit or the Sedin's retire. Moving forward, I'd say Bo Horvat and Sven Baertschi are top six forwards. They are right now, so I see them there in the future too. The Sedin's, Eriksson, and Sutter are top six place holders. They can play top six right now but as the years go by their roles will diminish before they move on (or get moved). In the system or on the team I see Boeser, Virtanen, Granlund, and Gaudette all having top six potential (at this point in time). Is it a short list? Yeah, but it's growing. Will they all pan out to be top six? Probably not, but this years draft should add more names to that list. Trading all the "placeholders" will only add a couple more names "top six potential" list (and not necessarily better names). There are other places to add to the top six too. With the emergence of Tryamkin and Stecher, the Canucks can afford to trade some depth there to add a very solid player to the "top six potential" list. Or, as Benning and co. continue to add to the depth list, a cap crunched team may come calling. It's not my intention to give the future a rose-coloured tint. The Canucks are still going to have to find some key pieces, they are not by any means done and some of those pieces may come through the trading of some older players. But I see blowing it up just adding unnecessary pain with no guarantees either.
  13. Insiders have said the Penguins are very reluctant to part with any 1st rounders, doubt they part with two.