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  1. The Workout Thread

    So you want more muscle? How's your eating look? And how about some more details on the lifting?
  2. Cole Cassels | C

    That's "Is Cole Cassels the savior of the Canucks" kinda production...if he can maintain this pace.
  3. Follow the plan, or take the triple step promotion?

    1. brilac


      Whatever makes you happy

  4. Is it even possible to successfully let someone know that you're moving in 3 months, but in the mean time you'd like to see how things progress and re-assess after the move?

    1. viking mama

      viking mama

      Moving where? Across town...across the province or across the country?

    2. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      I guess if you know the landlord well enough, but it seems to me if you put in your notice to vacate, you can't simultaneously hold onto the place post-moveout-date, if that's what you're trying to say.. the last half of your post is somewhat confusing

    3. Henrik Kesler

      Henrik Kesler

      @Viking Mama...moving out of state (I'm a Yank) which equates to 500 miles and roughly 8 hours.

      This girl is something else. I told her, "so, the bad news is I'm moving to X city in January" and she didn't completely shut down. There may be nothing here long term, but at least we're both in agreement that we'll keep seeing each other and re-assess when the time comes.

  5. The Workout Thread

    Putting on 25lbs of muscle, NOT just bodyweight, is damn near a lifetime of progress for someone who isn't running AAS. Now the bad news..you'll get 80% of the results you'll get from proper and consistent training in the first 12 months. After that, the amount of work required for progress increases while the return on the work becomes smaller and smaller.
  6. What's Your Favorite Beer?

    Still the standard by which all IPAs get judged for me. Such a fantastic beer.
  7. Kenny Chesney's newest album is awesome. Every song hits home, and there is no need to skip tracks.

  8. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    There's a difference between having the vaunted "nose for the net" and actually having the hockey IQ to read the play and be there when it counts. Gaunce has the latter, and it's a good thing.
  9. Lucic has zero professionalism

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      jerking off gesture probably also made an impression

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      But, but he's passionate and competitive...

    4. jdatb


      ^ good guy Brad sticking up for your teammate I'm proud of ya son.

  10. Jared McCann Talk

    The pads hide a lot about bodyweight. The Sedins are 187 and 188 respectively and neither looks that light in pads.
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I've been pleasantly surprised with how Jensen has performed this pre-season. He doesn't look out of place at all, and I'd like to see him make the team to start the year. I think he'd do quite well in a 'soft' third line role where he got lots of o-zone starts against mediocre competition.
  12. NFL thread

    Demarco Murray is crazy good. He's run all over the Saints tonight.
  13. NFL thread

    Man, the Bears D isn't what it used to be...at all. Aaron Rodgers is putting on a clinic today.
  14. The Workout Thread

    Seeing someone bench what you squat is good for perspecitve, isn't it? You should have that. 275x5 usually translates to 315+. Kill it!
  15. The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

    Go with Bulleit. I've had both, and prefer the Bulleit by miles. Rittenhouse is wayyyy to sweet for a good rye, IMO. Rittenhouse is an 'old style' rye in that it's only 51% rye in the mash bill. The Bulleit is 95% rye, and a very good, if a bit in your face, whiskey.