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  1. It doesn't. Edmonton needs NHL level blueliners to complement their skill up front. Not that MacT or KLowe are smart enough to know this.
  2. Edmonton does all kinds of stupid, but trading one of the top 5 5 on 5 scorers for the last 3 seasons would take the lot.
  3. So you want more muscle? How's your eating look? And how about some more details on the lifting?
  4. Absolutely. He plays an incredibly structured possession game for a 21 year old.
  5. Jensen had a strong first period. It's nice to see the patience shown in his development is paying off.
  6. Shades of 2011 when the PP won the game.
  7. Solid win tonight. Having scoring depth is a thing of beauty.
  8. If he keeps this level of play up, absolutely. Very solid third liner with upside, size, and decent speed.
  9. Matthias has been MUCH better the last few weeks. Playing like a guy you would actually trade for.
  10. Safe to say I think Horvat is here for the long haul. Kid can flat out play.
  11. Canucks absolutely laying it to Chicago tonight.
  12. Man, Horvat looks like an NHLer out there tonight. His line has been very good.
  13. The Sedins going globetrotters against the Toews line makes me happy.
  14. I'd say Horvat picked a great time to have his best game. He looks like an NHLer tonight, not just a kid who's 'almost there.'
  15. Kassian having a strong night.