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  1. Could absolutely justify sitting him the rest of this season or longer. Had flashbacks of Draper.
  2. Bottom feeder? Detroit Red Wings? With all due respect, you are nuts. They are reloading and re-tooling on the fly and should see no drop in skill, talent, or league standing.
  3. Kronwall out. Everyone else going to have to step up big time. Kronwall hasn't exactly been filling up the stat-sheet, but that's 35 minutes of ice time will need to be filled.
  4. Of course I'm biased, but Detroit v. Montreal is WAY more intriguing than Tampa freakin' Bay v. Montreal, COME ON. How could any real hockey fan root for the latter? lol
  5. I finally understand what people experience when they say their goalie "stole one". This was a foreign concept to me.
  6. Red Wings have their goalie, but everyone else needs to wake the hell up. Officiating was awful as well. Ugly game.
  7. Red Wings look absolutely awful. Also winning 3-1.
  8. lol what a dope.. your first post after having an account for nearly 4 years is to talk disrespectfully about an entire country. It's 2015, I think we understand hockey just fine. And no, we don't need power plays to drum up interest in the sport.
  9. 5-0 Wings. What a bounce-back after being absolutely embarrassed in Philadelphia yesterday.
  10. Aww come on don't know me well enough, but I only pick on people i like! haha

  11. I'm going to kick your butt. :P

  12. happy b-day!!

  13. happy bday:p