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  1. Public health requires the public to participate. Enforcement is important but can only go so far in a free society. Lot of cops beating up people refusing to wear masks in NYC. A guy got dragged off a bus in Philly. People arguing against eachother over masks in stores. Some also cough on you on purpose. You can't enforce everything. When there is a vaccine, it is people who go line up or go to the clinic to get the shot. You can't enforce it, at least not in Canada.
  2. "healthy respect for the virus."
  3. Hope he won't infect rest of the team. Maybe he stopped by Brandi's too...
  4. I wonder how many will contact health authorities to get tested.
  5. Bettman holding the newspaper reminds me of kidnapping random movies.
  6. If season doesn't resume, nux should be considered as a playoff team since they were in a playoff spot at pause. So nux will lose the 1st round pick to TB, right? If true, then it is good news that a canceled playoffs would mean nux won't be in the lottery for #1. Otherwise, they will have to give TB the #1 pick. Losing the play in round vs Wild makes them a non playoff team, and so they can keep their 1st round pick in the lottery.
  7. FL has about 30,000 more cases than all of Canada now.
  8. Nux will get on the bottom 8 for lottery if play in rounds are canceled, using NHL tie break list. https://www.nhl.com/news/2020-nhl-draft-lottery-procedure/c-317026602 The points percentages for the 16 participants in the qualifiers (in inverse order, by tiebreaker): Montreal Canadiens, .500 Chicago Blackhawks, .514 Arizona Coyotes, .529 Minnesota Wild, .558 Winnipeg Jets, .563 Calgary Flames, .564 New York Rangers, .564 Vancouver Canucks, .565 Nashville Predators, .565 Florida Panthers, .565 Columbus Blue Jackets, .579 Toronto Maple Leafs, .579 Edmonton Oilers, .585 New York Islanders, .588 Carolina Hurricanes, .596 Pittsburgh Penguins, .623