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  1. think the biggest gripe about the team is how the management wasnt able to keep it competitive for more years. They did win the prez trophy the next yr, but weren't built to beat heavy teams like LA. They didn't retool well. In contrast, teams like Hawks and Kings won multiple cups. Those teams had a younger core, and were able to get fresh quicker.
  2. of course, no riot video to the sorry end. both times in 94 and 2011, I was out of the country. Watching the riot unfold on tv was upsetting to an already bad result. it takes special group of players to have a run like that. The west coast express era wasnt able to do it. it took years to build that 2011 team. Will take the same for the next one. Optimistically, if JB gets it right, probably another 4-5 yrs. The D and goalie depth seems to be in the right direction. More doubt on the front end. JV, Boeser, etc.
  3. next year. They are not ready. as for boring, I don't care as long they win.
  4. one of the real gems that JB era brought. Still early, but the guy is only like what 21? Tons of upside. I like how they are developing him. You can see his improvement month to month. He will have set backs, but it is in the right direction. Until his injury, I thought Hutton was doing the same. and we haven't even talked about Stetcher and Julevi. The future D core is bright.
  5. health is the key, since depth is not there. If they have Hansen, the forward group and lines will look better. Same with D, without Gud and Hutton, the group is taxed too much for every player. there is a reason WD is hard on playing D for every player. They can't win otherwise. They don't have the horses. If Miller can stay sharp, there is always a chance.
  6. he will get more when he earns the coaches' trust.
  7. could have won even more this yr if the team can score.
  8. hank will get his 1000th off Luongo next game
  9. reg Win shutout 999 for Hank 100th W for WD. job well done.
  10. yup. Doesn't deserve more in a tight game.
  11. put hank out there when preds pull the goalie.
  12. why not. Pretty useless so far