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  1. expect the worst, but hope for the best.
  2. as long they have an internet feed, I'm good.
  3. dux. they have the size and skills to match, plus experience. oils have speed. as long dux goaltending stays good, they should win
  4. cheering for caps. No repeat champs, and Ovi is due.
  5. Holy mackinaw! Sweet, too bad oilers didn't lose yet.
  6. hope oils don't win the next round.
  7. Williams is a playoff beast. We need more players like him in 2011.
  8. so many OT games. caps should win, but leafs are earning their respect. I still love to see leafs lose.
  9. almost every team in NHL have Canadian players as the majority. The team's location doesn't represent Canada, only that city's market. teams I want to see lose in the first round: bruins hawks leafs flames oils so far 2/5 already, and bruins are likely to lose too.
  10. Carrie Underwood's tweet. #sweep #NSHvsCHI @PredsNHL #Smashville https://t.co/X1i9l7mprv https://mobile.twitter.com/carrieunderwood/status/855249855853232132
  11. this is going 7. Good series so far, lot of drama.
  12. they scored three. Bunch of overachievers!