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  1. I just dont really understand the need to evaluate any professional sports franchise on something over 20 years. Too many variables. Everything gets reflected into the context of now, so you can't blame me for assuming the anti-Jim bias; but as you said lets drop that... The data that this author posted is awful and I stand by that. It only takes into account home runs. Walks, Singles and Doubles are meaningless in this data as they are not represented. Home Runs are a lot easier to hit in the top 10 picks. Vancouver's rating on these rankings is almost directly correlated to their league position as it is for most teams. Boston and Winnipeg are far more impressive as they have had better teams over the last 4 seasons. Tampa has super charged their team primarily by being terrible for stretches. That all being said, I believe Mike Gills was a very solid GM for his role with the franchise at the time. I liked that he traded picks and prospects to acquire solid veteran players for playoff runs. He made a lot of good acquisitions. The value of a late 1st round pick or even a 2nd round pick isn't very high as far as expected performance. If you showed the exact same table adjusted for expectations (either games player or total points) by draft position then we can have a substantial conversation about competency when it comes to drafting. Drafting is predominantly a crap shoot because of the age of the players. If they were 21 instead of 18 then the value of draft picks would go through the roof, but there are far too many variables with the different leagues (CHL, SHL, KHL, USHL) and the 18 year old 150 pound bodies. Drafting success is largely perception. Optically it looks amazing to draft Kucherov in the 2nd round. Now you are king of the draft. Do realize this also means the team that drafted him passed up on him once. They never expected him to be MVP caliber. There is a fair bit of fortune in that. I think they drafted Namestikov ahead of him. A direct comparable. In their own minds they thought he was going to be a better player than Kucherov. I think development of young players is far more valuable and drafting ability. There is always room to improve there. Lastly, the worse the Canucks perform over the next 5-10 years the better they will look in these standings. There is a reason Edmonton, Colorado and the New York Islanders are up there. So you are essentially saying that the Canucks will be a better team in the future, good to hear!
  2. so Joulevi is starting in the NHL? I like the kid but maybe it wouldve been good to give him 20 games in the AHL first? Lets say you go to arbitration and are forced to pay Hutton 4M. You only have to do it for one year no? I would've done that. I think this only furthers my point Hutton, Tanev, Sutter, Baertschi, Granlund, Eriksson, Goldobin, Leivo, Stecher, Schenn, Biega, Schaller, aren't worth much at all in a trade. Loosing that 1st is going to make things awfully difficult making a trade in the future.
  3. I would've done this one for two 2nd (2019+2020) and Ben Hutton for 3 and Seabrook. Heck throw in a third.
  4. You are taking way to broad of a stroke here and so is the author comparing from 2007 onward is really misleading as it has too many variables. We are talking about multiple regimes. You can't possibly pin bad drafting pre 2014 on Jimbo. Whats interesting to note in these numbers too is a team like Edmonton in the top 5. A team like Colorado in the top 5. A team like the New York Islanders in the top 5. These are three of the worst teams. Terrible teams. Drafting high skews this data significantly. Hedman and Stamkos also significantly skew the data for TB and you know where they drafted (1 and 2). Also the 2014 draft is rated worst when its arguably the best Demko, Tryamkin, Virtanen, McCann, Frosling. It is too early to call it crap. Based off of his statistical rankings it is the 2nd worst draft in the whole NHL for that year. I would really disagree. This is definitely using statistics to lie. This guy is using numbers to fit an argument rather than having them explain one. Fairly convenient article for the conversation though. Well spotted! The guy says himself!: The total WAR table, which is a mere aggregation blind to unitization or expected draft value by pick selection, looks as follows of course a 1st overall pick in Stamkos, McDavid, Tavares etc... will have the highest WAR scores.
  5. yeah maybe Subban isn't the best choice but two 2nd and whatever prospects is a easy deal. The 9 million isnt a big deal either right now. The powerplay would have substantially improved. The ability to get the puck up the ice would've as well. The forwards will be better if the D can get the damn puck out.
  6. its true someone is unhappy at all times. It might as well be me. Hahahaha You loose no flexibility in keeping the pick until after free agency. Why the rush in making the decision now? You simply reduce your ability to make a trade in the future.
  7. You are right on all fronts, but thats what I wouldve wanted and preferred. I know that is meaningless, but that is what we are essentially arguing. What in your opinion is the best fit. I mean hell you could've done both trades. I would've been happy as can be in that case.
  8. Lee and Ferland are available free agents with comparable ability. They only cost cash. Hell what would Chris Krieder cost? Maybe not much more and I wouldve rather had him than Miller. Its not just about the position or style on its own. Its TEAM NEED too. To this team the RHD is even more valuable than it would be from a general standpoint. Baertschi, Leivo, Granlund, Goldobin, Pearson isn't awful. Pearson played well with Horvat and Baertschi if healthy is a solid top 6 guy. To me Pearson and Baertschi is more effective in their roles than Tanev and Stecher. To me Tanev and Stecher's roles are substantially more important.
  9. thats overly simplistic to say. You are saying because this event happened it was the only thing possible. This is the definition of circular logic. You are right as we don't have any knowledge of what happens in an NHL front office we cant say with any certainty what was possible. What I do know is that Subban went for two 2nd's. That was possible. Maybe Barrie, Risto, Pesce was possible...Maybe not...I would've waited. Also questioning the validity of a move like this is the entire reason this message board exists. I am pretty sure this would be a boring read if it was a giant pat on the back session on here. I am open to having my mind changed.
  10. Miller is a LW and Pearson is a LW. Where is Goldy going to play? Next to Beagle or Sutter? I doubt Green flips him to RW even then it doesnt really get any easier for him.
  11. Defensemen are always harder to acquire than forwards. RHD are harder to acquire than LHD. Offensive defensemen are harder to acquire than the defensive variety. I don't really see your line of argument here that Miller was this magically unicorn that Jim stole. He is a very good player at a great cap hit, but I cannot agree that what he brings is more difficult to acquire than a legitimate top 4 RHD with an offensive skill set.
  12. We just traded for Petterson's LW and he isn't playing with Horvat so wave bye bye to Goldy. There is no room for him in the top 6 and he isn't playing bottom 6.
  13. I agree Goldy is as good as gone now, and he should be. He did look very good with Petterson for a while. The team is definitely getting heavier which I know a large contingent of the fan base will love Pearson, Horvat, Miller, Virtanen, Beagle, Lievo (if he is still around). I would've preferred Lee if possible.
  14. why not sign Anders Lee for 7x7 then trade a 1st, Gaudette and Hutton for Risto? Or whatever variables it would take. More importantly, you can control the outcome. If you cant sign Myers, Lee or whomever then you adjust your trade target. Now that you have made the trade you have to laser in on the free agents. This means paying top dollar and maybe still missing out. You loose your flexibility. You increase your odds of making a bad decision.