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  1. if you haven't then my apologies. The Edler bashing is just so unoriginal and exhausting. Sorry for misconstruing your post.
  2. Everything is about perspective. If the Canucks stay healthy and if they are within a point or two of the playoffs then the Sutters, Tanevs and Schallers all of a sudden start becoming worth something. No playoff team wants a player from a bottom 5 team in the NHL for the last three years. Not to mention a bottom 6 player from one of those teams. Now if the Canucks are in the playoff race then I doubt there will be trades for picks or prospects but the perceived value will definitely be there.
  3. You are so classic. When in doubt complain about the same thing you have been complaining about for the last 5 years. A+ for consistency. Edler is on pace for a 50 point season.
  4. Not a fan of Green. You could tell that NJ has an excellent gameplan against the Canucks forecheck. They consistently escaped their own zone trapped 2-3 forwards and went on odd man rush. NJ has fast forwards, and there is no reason to commit so many players that deep in the zone. The way that Green decided to adjust was by continuously mashing up the lines. The personnel on this team is excellent. I really wouldn't change much. The coaching is ridiculously simplistic. I mean its dump and chase hockey with zero adjustments. Recycle to the point and crash the net. The Canucks have the personnel for it, but when you play the same style every shift every period the other teams adjust. The Canucks adjust by using different line combinations. You can see Pettersson dumping in pucks. You know 100% thats not something he is doing because he thinks its the best play. Its simply the gameplan. Horvat is fine. He just needs a defined role on the team. If he is going to be scoring line 2 then give him one of Miller or Boeser. If he is going to be shutdown center then play him in that role. Right now his line is the whatever line, no identity and no effort by the coach to give him consistent linemates. If I were Bo, I would be confused too. Baertschi and Gaudette had chemistry in the pre-season why not give them a game together? I know that they arent going to be crash and bang as a line, but the changeup could be useful when the other three lines are dumping in all game long. It's almost like Green got so sick of the Sedin's that he can't stomach one more minute of possession hockey. I remember a couple of years back when Dorsett completely shutdown McDavid and got under his skin. It was such a clever gameplan, and he was alternating NIlsson and Markstrom based of style of play. Now its seems like Green just doesn't care anymore. Its like he is tried? Or just wants to simplify because its a long season.
  5. Goal tending is also "the talent". Its coaching? Its culture? Its the room? There is something deeply wrong with that organization and its not the players talent level.
  6. Benning's nephew isn't bad. Adam Larson is a solid 4 and a 3 on a good day. They have 3,3,4,6,6. Not ideal, but not horrific. Klefbom and Nurse are arguably 2's on offensive production alone. I am not with you on the idea that the talent isn't there.
  7. Talbot was good for a while. Nurse is getting there. Klefbom is a solid player. Its beyond personnel. There is something deeply and fundamentally wrong in Edmonton.
  8. He was having a great season last year before he got hurt. He is so versatile. He fits himself into everyone elses playing style. I think he was very scared after Calgary that his NHL dream was over, so he decided to do what it takes to stick. I believe he is playing within himself to adapt to a system or a player like Horvat whom he even said he adjusted his playing style for. The Sedin's I believe said that he should be a superstar and that he has more skill than anyone they have played with. He does things on the ice that make you see what he can be. Hopefully he stays health, and he will be exactly what you said "gem people forgot was already here".
  9. The Oilers are a special case. How a team with McDavid can't make the playoffs is stupefying. When you add to it that they have Draisatl and Hopkins then really becomes confusing. I really can't make any sense of it at all. Yakupov was tragic but McDavid himself is worth at least 2 - 1st overall picks. Maybe even three I wouldn't trade McDavid for Hall, Nugent Hopkins and Yakupov. All former Oilers hahahaha...So tragic!
  10. Roussell is a very unselfish player with the puck. He hustles harder than anyone and forechecks well. His assist are all well earned. Ultimate team guy. I really hope they keep Baertschi in the top 6, but pre-season will determine everything.
  11. It is confusing how someone can ignore winning as a factor in development. Winning makes players better. Playing with better players makes players better. A lot of picks in the 10-30 range aren't even sure things. They need more than just ice time to get better. Stockpiling young players and not supporting them with good veterans and actually winning some games is not a recipe for success. 20 yearolds are all about enthusiasm, emotion and excitement. That's hard to generate when you loose for half a decade. Good on Jim for taking his shot this summer. Ferland, Myers, Benn and Miller is quite a haul for one summer.
  12. I think vision and technique have to be separated here. I think technically they are quite good. The vision isn't really good. Bo and Boeser are both very similar in some respects. Bo likes to rush and finish around the net. Boeser likes to take players on shoot off the deke. What the Sedin's did better than anyone was their patience with the puck...They allowed the opportunity to develop. They saw ahead. Pettersson and Goldobin have shown these types of plays together. Baertschi has that ability and mindset. I haven't seen that out of anyone else on the roster. Its not a requirement by any means, but it is always good to have a variety of ways to attack an opponent. The ability to slow the game down and probe over faster paced shot off the rush. I stand by what I said. If Baertschi stays healthy, he will have a significant impact on the success of the team. He will be big positive on the powerplay and have a career best season.
  13. I think Petey's problem in the 2nd half is that he was exhausted from a full NHL season with a 110 pound body. He is an amazing passer with fantastic vision. Every line ideally has a guy who can distribute the puck. Baertschi can play that role on a line in the top 6. Pettersson could play with Miller and Ferlund or whomever. Pettersson can't play on four lines at the same time. Sometimes I think people on here don't take style into account at all when putting together a team. You don't just put three good players together and say they will work it out. You have to find complimentary pieces.
  14. Did I say can pass or pass first? A little quick to pull the trigger on the squiggly face. Easily triggered eh?