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  1. (PGT)Canucks 4 - Pens 5

    Hahahaha. I thought it was good. Can even picture Dylan singing it.
  2. Hey! Where are my friends? I only had 4 :P. Followers just sounds creepy.

    1. One one two

      One one two

      I had like 30. :( I'm kinda bummed.

  3. Aww. My sig gently weeps.
  4. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    Woo Steve!
  5. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    The only reason it's the worst is because Vanessa was there throughout.
  6. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    Thank You, Vanessa is gone.
  7. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    Steve is not a floater. Very smart.
  8. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    Go Steve!
  9. Everyone should come to Mobile for Mardis Gras at least once I!

    1. drummer4now


      Mobile or New Orleans?



      seems like he said mobile

  10. Awesome GDT VC. Ought to be a great game. Go Canucks!
  11. [PGT] Canucks @ Capitals

    Edler and Tanev were great. PP whoa Daniel. Dorsett you are a work of art. Makaveli keep the vids coming!
  12. Evander Kane's Embarrassing Antics

    I think he has been immature for quite a while now. Just like Kes and his GQ shoot. Just play Hockey.
  13. Come on guys, let's do this. 4th line RULES!!!
  14. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings-11/30/14

    4-2 Canucks Daniel Bonino Horvat Higgins Go Boys!
  15. Great GDT...laughed my butt off! Go Canucks Go Congrats Daniel on your 1000th game Let's try to stay healthy tonight.