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  1. Hahahaha. I thought it was good. Can even picture Dylan singing it.
  2. Hey! Where are my friends? I only had 4 :P. Followers just sounds creepy.

    1. One one two

      One one two

      I had like 30. :( I'm kinda bummed.

  3. Aww. My sig gently weeps.
  4. The only reason it's the worst is because Vanessa was there throughout.
  5. Thank You, Vanessa is gone.
  6. Steve is not a floater. Very smart.
  7. Everyone should come to Mobile for Mardis Gras at least once I!

    1. drummer4now


      Mobile or New Orleans?



      seems like he said mobile

  8. Awesome GDT VC. Ought to be a great game. Go Canucks!
  9. Edler and Tanev were great. PP whoa Daniel. Dorsett you are a work of art. Makaveli keep the vids coming!
  10. I think he has been immature for quite a while now. Just like Kes and his GQ shoot. Just play Hockey.
  11. Come on guys, let's do this. 4th line RULES!!!
  12. 4-2 Canucks Daniel Bonino Horvat Higgins Go Boys!
  13. Great GDT...laughed my butt off! Go Canucks Go Congrats Daniel on your 1000th game Let's try to stay healthy tonight.