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  1. If they were to form a new identity, I'd say keep the current colour scheme and jersey patterns, the blue and green should live on into perpetuity. But the Orca reeks of servicing a bygone era of Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment in the late 90's. No one thinks of a Canuck as an orca whale, it doesn't really matter that it's a mammal that people argue represents the West Coast. If they threw the Johnny Canuck V-logo in place of the Vancouver and Orca, I'd think they'd finally have a true identity that wouldn't need to be meddled with again. My favorite logo is the blazing skate, but even that really doesn't represent the West Coast and the Canucks.
  2. Most likely, but he would be traded over Matthews first in my opinion, a McDavid/Matthews team would be a Kane/Toews team in a few years for sure.
  3. There is no desperation in Edmonton, the debacle up there has been going on for a decade, they've had half a decade to show desperation and do crazy things and they really haven't. The smart thing to do would be to get a few proven defensemen in there, and to do that they have forwards they can trade. Matthews would be the best option to make that happen in this upcoming draft. Or keep Matthews and trade one of Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins, Yakupov, Draisaitl, etc.
  4. Oilers would for sure take Matthews, if anything they would have a valuable player to trade for solid defense from somewhere else, rather than trying to draft a high prospective defenseman, which there are hardly any in this upcoming draft.
  5. Honestly, being a fan all of these years I actually don't mind watching them lose. It's clearly a rebuilding situation going on right now, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, and I'd rather see a youth movement, a high draft pick, than staying in the middle of the pack right now. A top 3 pick is what this team needs at least.