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  1. C- the canucks played well, first game for both teams and we both were working out the rust. not happy about the end results but glad we got the point. we are only going up from here.
  2. Hey man, u were saying Pisani and Turco isn't going to do much. They have gotten rid of all their bottom 6 size, but if you check out the prospects coming up, this team is still scary good. Bickell, Bertram, Hendry, Stalberg, Broweur, Brophy, Davis, ... I mean the list goes on. They will still be a threat.

  3. well your point of the article is your pissed about rypien replacing hordichuk. rypien has better offensive and defensive stats slightly, and he hits just as much as hordi. so i'm failing to see the point of your article
  4. worst article EVER. rypien vs hordy stats are pretty comparable but rypiens are better across the board. hordy seems to not want to fight anymore, and when a fighter doesn't fight (george larourqe sp?) they become useless. rypien can fight, loves to fight, and he gets the crowd pumped. hordy used to and i like him as a person and player, but if i had a choice between signing the 2, rypien would definately be it