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  1. I don't see a point of trading Tanev, he is in his prime right now, which he would act as a veteran players to lead the new players. Furthermore, the return for him is not going to be great so I think it is better off if we keep him instead.
  2. Come to Canucks, you know you want to ;P Seriously, does the Devils still own him?
  3. You are right, but then Vegas is not my favourite team.
  4. wished they get rid of the whale logo, one of the worst in history.
  5. I thought I could get away from this summer with no heat wave, sigh....I guess at least it wouldn't last that much longer. Anything over 23 degrees for me is way too hot
  6. As long as Bay doesn't come back
  7. I am allergic to work, wonder if I can pull something like this....hmm...interesting
  8. Just finished with the old breed, a good read in general, currently reading helmet for my pillow. Planning to read the devil in the white city.
  9. I just hope we can give up Dorsett and Sbisa to any nhl team, so that we can sign Franson for 5 million dollars per year. The only challenge is to find a team who wants Sbisa at more than 3.5 million and Dorsett at 2.65 million.
  10. i take Ehrhoff at 4.5 million than Sbisa at 3.5 million dollars, what a steal by the kings.
  11. No, Sbisa should be let go while Dorsett should be signed for less than 1.5 million.
  12. but one of the highest for fourth liner
  13. Not to say that is the ideal solution, but surely that beats dorsett at 2.65 million dollars per year.
  14. Oh boy, where do I start? 1.) Paying Sbisa for more than 3 million dollars, Dorsett for more than 2 million AND Sutter for 4.4mill? Is that a joke? I rather offer Sekera for .5 million dollars more, trying to get him to sign (Or sign Franson, or Ehrhoff for approximately the same price). Promote Virtanen and gave him a chance to play instead of extending Dorsett. Last but not the least keep Kassian, instead of giving assets away to trade him only to receive a 31 years old fourth liners. Jim should be fire for those signing and trades alone. 2.) I scratch my head why wouldn't Jim consider this line, at least for powerplay. In theory this line should be unstoppable. Kassian Horvat Virtanen 3.)They just trade Bonino, a mediocre second line center for a good third line center, if Sutter would have made less than 3 million dollars, it would be a good trade. Sutter at 4.4 million dollars makes him virtually untradable. So regardless of his scoring production, he will be our "foundation player" for many years to come, great job Jim. 4)Placing Sbisa on top 4 Jim didn't just sign Sbisa for more than 3 million dollars for him to play as a bottom six defenseman. His performance against Calgary in the playoffs did not exactly inspire much confidence. 5)Teams around us gets much better, and this is all we did to counter their improvement? I think we will be a lottery team, but too bad there will be expansion team this year, we might not even able to get a number 1 overall pick.
  15. You can call me whatever you want, just wish you can call a terrible deal when it is warranted.