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  1. Petey has made it crystal clear since day one, both on and off the ice that he's simply the type that's never satisfied with himself. He's just a calm guy with a cool demeanor. He's expecting so much from himself on every play that you see him frustrated on a missed pass, missed shot. I'll take that drive in a 20-year rookie gem any day. He said clearly in his interview after Florida game and i quote: 'I'm very happy with my performance and with how we played. Having all four lines contribute tonight was great. We worked hard and won; winning is the best thing.' -- i rest my case. Ferland needs some time to adjust to a new team/system and recover from a lack of training in the offseason due to injuries. He'll come around and is a known quantity. JV clearly loves playing with Bo and respects the cap a ton. Can't remember the details but there was an interview before the Caps game where he put Bo on a pedestal and gloated about how he loved playing with Bo. Let this young team gel.
  2. Miller: $5.25M cap until 2023 season when he will be 30, no clauses. Hayes: $7.14M cap until 2026 season when he will be 34, with NMC from now to 2022 and modified NTC for the remainder. This season: Miller: 10GP, 4G 7A 11Pts, +5, 19:00 TOI, 62.3% CF% with 37.5% Ozone starts, 62 FO taken with 61.3% winning %, 5 blocks, 14 hits Hayes: 9GP, 4G 2A 6Pts, +0, 18:29 TOD, 52.9% CF% with 51.3% Ozone starts, 88 FO taken, 44.3% winning %, 0 blocks, 9 hits Flyers did get him for cheap though but pays through cap and term, which is the exact point I was trying to make.
  3. Many whiners of this trade forgot about the 4 year remaining on a very good contract, which is huge moving forward. If you want to sign a UFA of his caliber, forget about it.
  4. 'Haunt us' meaning that we should've signed him at 1.5M as our 8/9th D or signed him instead of Benn?
  5. I love this group. Character just oozes out of all these guys. This is the type of group that you want to laugh, cry and go to battle together with.
  6. What a fair deal for both sides. Our team is now ready to compete. I can't even describe how happy I am right now. With all the devastation happening and happened during this kid's life so far, can't believe there are some that are questioning his character and loyalty to the team because he wants to take the time and make a huge decision like this. Just looking at the photo of him with his dad brings tears to my eyes, thinking back just last year his family was in the stand cheering him on. I can't even imagine how tough it is for him and his family. He's all CHARACTER! Welcome back Brock and Vancouver loves you and your family. Good luck to Duke!
  7. Not sure why many are turning on Boeser for not being signed yet. This kid has dealt with some devastating events in his youth and now is dealing with another one. Also back to back seasons with injuries should give him pause on how to factor in the risk through his career. I'm not surprised at all that he is taking his time to make this huge decision. Just because he's taking his time, doesn't mean he is any less of a good character than before. He's a stand up kid with high character. I highly doubt he's asking for the stars on this contract. The dominoes are falling now and it won't be long before he's signed. It sucks that he's missing camp but there are a lot that's happening around him.
  8. Excited to see what the team can do this year. Performance on the ice is the best gag for all those media hacks. Let's go! Prey for a healthy season
  9. How many 'you know' did he say during that 1.5 hours? If he cuts out the 'you know', maybe the interview would be 45 minutes?
  10. Did JB trade a first round pick for the past four years? You know you have to cook the food before eating it right? Troll I'm a JB supporter but I'm a bit surprised that it came this early. Would've waited to see how things go before extending. But if this the message ownership and the organization want to send out, it's great and well-deserved for JB.
  11. Fair enough. I'm not a huge fan of some of the contracts but overall I'm happy at where we are now heading into this season. Some of these are mis-judgement of the player's output (LE), some are simply a trade-off between term/money/clauses. Looking forward to the camp.
  12. I think you are confusing 'vision' with 'execution'. And in between the two there is a plan. Vision is to win the SC, same as every team competing in NHL (except Ottawa maybe). Plan can be broken down into 4 phases when JB took over, minus the first year of trying to give the Sedins one last shot. Phase 1: Fill in the cupboards with high end prospects and put forward a somewhat NHL caliber team to compete in the meantime. Tanking was never in the plan btw. Phase 2: Start bringing in the high end prospects and start to build a core for the future. Continue to build role/transitional players around the future core to 1. mentor and shelter these young guys and 2. avoid the vicious cycle of a losing culture like Edmonton. Phase 3: As high end prospects start to gel and show promises for the future, upgrade the surrounding roster and compete for a playoff spot. Phase 4: When high end prospects all hit their strides and prime, compete for the SC. Then these plans are broken down into executions for drafting, trading and signing UFA's to suit each phase. For example: Phase 1: trading picks for readily available NHLers to field a legitimate team: Baertchi, Granlund, Sutter; signing UFA's like LE; drafting BB, JV, OJ, Demko etc. Phase 2: as more assets are accumulated, targeting higher end roster players like Guddy, Pearson, etc. Drafting EP40, Hughes Phase 3: I believe it starts this year. Signing Myers, Ferland, Benn, trading for Miller, drafting Polk etc. You can argue that management maybe didn't lay out this very clearly for everyone's understanding. But please also understand there are so many variables for each phase so it's difficult to announce any type of exact timeline. But for me, 4 years and we are at phase 3 is acceptable. You can also argue that some of the executions are less than ideal or failures but show me a GM with a 100% hit rate and I'll show you a liar. At the end of the day, looking at the big picture, we are at phase 3, with cupboard full of high end prospects starting to step into NHL roles and a solid supporting cast this year, while only having one less first round draft for next year or the year after, is not so bad considering where we were four years ago yeah? I'm content and excited for the upcoming season. But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions and free to feel anyway they want about this team for the past four years and the immediate future. Sorry, very high level straw-man, and I'm not looking to nitpick here.