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  1. Lincoln I think...I'm quoting the character he played...
  2. Does anyone seriously think Subban, at this current stage, has a remote shot of being on the Canucks this year, or any other NHL team for this matter? He's not even close so why drag it out? Send him down and have him prepare for Utica training camp and then look at other D-combos. I don't understand why this is so hard to swallow? Let me try this on you, like Mathew McConaughey did during his closing statements in the movie 'A time to kill'. Close your eyes, imagine a 5-8'', 180lbs D-man, constantly reading the game wrong and have poor defensive coverage and overpowered. Now picture his last name is Smith...
  3. It's not the same shoulder that Jake injured during draft year right? Right?
  4. unless he's trying to catch lucic
  5. Baer at 195 lbs, good to hear.
  6. why even bother with this...everyone knows high school valedictorian equals Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, right?
  7. It's a good roast. In the words of the Joker, 'why so serious'.
  8. You need to change your sig now...sorry off the topic
  9. Dave Lozo is a frigging clown. Him on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast totally turned me off from that show.
  10. This kid has an excellent attitude and a maturity beyond his years to be able to forgo the quick buck and look long term. Staying in college is not only about continuing his physical maturity, but also getting a better education to be a better and more well-rounded person. Good call!
  11. Some of the proposals to ship out Edler or Sbisa is pre-mature at this stage. We take a giant step forward signing Gud as a reliable top four and Larsen as a potential 6/7, why would we take a giant step back by trading Edler, a reliable 2/3 and Sbisa a reliable 4/5? Unless someone really shines at the training camp, you keep these two.
  12. If you are more excited about Shawn Mathias, Bo Horvat, Nicklas Jensen, Frank Corrado, Dane Fox, Brendan Gaunce and Hunter Shinkaruk over Loui Eriksson, Boeser, Demko, Juolevi, Gud, Tryamkin, Virtanen, I don't know what to tell ya buddy.
  13. I didn't know it has to be a goalie with a pro contract for 2017/18. I thought he only needs to be under contract at the time of the expansion draft, which means we can expose Miller as he will still be under contract before July 1 when expansion draft happens? But you are the hot shot lawyer
  14. CDC is definitely pulling this average south. Great post! It's pretty incredible to put together all the pieces JB has assembled in two years and see a very clear direction and game plan. This gives us insurance of a cheap #1 if Marky excels again this year and if he dips (knock on wood), then we are not handcuffed for too long and will have Demko on ELC. Anyway you slice it, our goaltending situation is solid for years to come. Donna is the real star you know that right?
  15. Signing a major piece to keep improving the team and try to make the playoffs, is this so complex to understand?