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  1. My thoughts exactly. If Lu came back in any form with the Panthers they should be on the hook for his cap hit again and we should lose the recapture penalty
  2. From a psychological standpoint they more than likely have that approach with many things. Probably stems from their own mental health. #assumptions
  3. Someone recently wrote in Pittsburgh that the game is just too fast for him now. His label as a shutdown D doesn't quite fit anymore as he isn't as effective as guys such as Benn or Tanev
  4. Marchand was recently mocked for ducking Ellers, I'm pretty sure.
  5. All these uneducated pessimistic ninnies in here need to realize that 11 points in 10 games for a 20 year old in his 2nd season is really good. Like REALLY good. Anyone who thought he was McDavid good was just being ignorant anyways.
  6. This teams time as a strong playoff team started and ended with Luongo. Luongo and the Sedins made this team look way better than it was.
  7. Our goalie $&!#e, we like yours... We give you our goalie and this player for him. Good deal Oh we are taking him too
  8. That trade looks awfully skewed in SKAs favour lol