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  1. At the end of the day when everyone looks back, its Jim Bennings name on everything. No one looks back at Gillis' time here and blames the head scout. Generally its MG. No one's going to look back at the success of this team and say, "Judd Bracket built a great team".
  2. You're going off of very short shifts where he's in the ozone, and rarely defending. Tuna is much farther ahead in skating, shooting, and defensive play. MacEwan wishes he had as many points as Virtanen
  3. Ah, looked it up. 1st Clarkson 2019 2nd. So they'd take Wild Bill and not Josh Anderson. Still a bad deal and probably what it would cost to keep Demko
  4. See CBJ for how that train of thought works. Traded their 1st 2019 2nd William Karlson and David Clarkson*I.R. all so VGK wouldn't take Korpisalo or Josh Anderson.... So they took Tuch.
  5. Okay so lose Demko and then another guy. It's an expansion draft. You lose something for nothing. Demko might be that something, he might not
  6. His shot is just fine. Even Miller mentioned it when he was Mic'd up. He's not the type of player you trade, you trade for him or offer sheet if you didn't draft him.
  7. I think that's a bad idea. Just let them take who they take and deal with it. Everyone else loses a player too. Expose Gaudette, Demko, Motte, Beagle, Roussel, Virtanen, Benn, Fantenberg, Stetcher, and/or Pearson Protect your core and make them make a tough choice.
  8. Listen, I'm not saying EP40 is as good as Showtime, but the gaps a lot closer than your stats say. EP started in the NHL at an older age than Kane