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  1. 27 Different 2018 Draft Rankings - Top 10 Compiled

    I am so big on Wahlstrom! I know we need a high end defensive pick but Wahlstrom just has dominant look to him, I believe him to be better than Tkachuk. I really hope the Canucks land one of Wahlstrom, Boqvist Dobson in that order.
  2. 27 Different 2018 Draft Rankings - Top 10 Compiled

    They're a mess I agree with whoever said they should just give the Av's this years 1st and just restart.
  3. [Discussion] Buying Draft Picks.

    XD !! Tavares will sign for no less than 8 years, and will have a full NMC without a doubt. Tavares will also not likely sign with Vancouver. I just hope he stays out of California.
  4. I really think the Canucks should target one of Detroits or Chicagos picks, even if they have to pay with someone like Dahlin or Tanev. Getting Wahlstrom+ a D-man like Boqvist/Hughes/Dobson would speed up the rebuild faster than any UFA signing ever could.
  5. Hughes and Tkachuk will be gone between 4-6 Dahlin Svechnikov Zadina Tkachuk Boqvist Hughes Dobson Wahlstrom Bouchard Ty Smith
  6. Bouchard is the next Pouliot. Dobson is the right pick.
  7. Where are we now?

    I think you misinterpret what elite skill is. Brock was on pace for 42 goals this year, at such a young age... That is elite talent. Petterson is a AAA prospect, whether you believe it or not, the kid has an elite ceiling, and the tool kit to dominate this league. Horvat is following Scheifele's development curve almost to a T, Scheifele is elite, is he not? Bo has that top end ceiling, he's far from his prime. Gaudette is being lauded as the steal of his draft class, the kid is looking "real good", maybe not elite, but you don't need 9 elite drafted players. In 3-5 years when all these guys are really hitting their stride, this will be a dangerous team, and not to mention the draft picks we pick up over the years while that happens. This is the most positive direction I've seen this team go in since 2006-2011. Hopefully OJ pans out into the smooth skating top pairing D-man and we can play him with one of Dobson/Boqvist/Hughes.(Truth be told, I think Wahlstrom will be the BPA @7
  8. I am 100% appalled by the actions these fans took, and am 100% against racism, but I too am against the intolerable PC culture that has developed over the past 5 years. There should be no laws dictating what we can say, there should be freedom of thought and speech. Whether or not society tolerates them, or allows them in their establishments is also free speech and choice. You cannot hate on the above quoted person for standing against PC culture.
  9. NHL 2018 CDC Top 10 Draft Challenge

    Interesting that Dobson was 7th and 9th and Bouchard was never a majority vote at any spot.
  10. Where are we now?

    I think I disagree... We've gotten pretty lucky with the draft so far. Horvat at 9, Petterson at 5, Boeser at 23, Gaudette at 149, Demko at 36, and Dipietro at 64. Yea we've misfired with Virtanen, and arguably Juolevi(Juolevi was a great pick, Tkachuk was the right pick), but they're both still going to be NHL players who could find their game. Ben Hutton at 147, and Tryamkin at 66, yes there are question marks with these guys, but if they pan out, that's 8 good quality nhl players on your team. Petterson and Boeser have that elite potential. There's a special team being built here, these kids are growing up together. Just need 1-2 more great picks and they'll have themselves a contender when Bo hits his prime. There's a lot to be excited about if you're a fan.
  11. Concussion Lawsuit and Player's Tribune Article

    They don't need to take hitting out of the game, they need to be consistent in their punishments for high hits, and dirty plays. They aren't and players know this, they know what they can get away with and what they can't when playing for certain teams. Or they know their name will keep them out of trouble.
  12. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    Evan Bouchard has 0 compete and is lazy in his own zone, pass.
  13. The market is all about who wants what more. McAvoy is worth the 7th OA pick if Boston sees someone at 7 that is worth more to them than McAvoy. While that is highly unlikely, it's how the market works... It really depends on whether the Canucks openly said "taking calls on 7th" or if Boston called inquiring about the 7th. Leverage in a deal comes from knowing how bad someone wants something and making them pay for it.
  14. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Which other hockey players have had this surgery? From what I understand is that it is very non-invasive.
  15. 37th overall

    Liam Foudy