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  1. Riiiiight?! They'e kids. So sick of this nasty bipolar fanbase. I personally think Jake Virtanens going to carve out an NHL career, and when you look at all the players that don't make the show you start to appreciate him a little more.
  2. I need to find where I said 5.5-6x3 or 6.15-6.5x4 and rub it in someones face like the insecure man I am! What a signing! Can all the Brock haters come out from under the bridge and apologize to him now?
  3. Happy hes in the V getting minutes now
  4. I think the real question is, at this moment who would you want on the team, and for me... Jake over Nylander, Ehlers, Fiala, Ritchie and others listed, but not Vrana and some others.. In all honesty this whole discussion is silly... We have JV... Focus on JV.
  5. Right? With his QO and arbitration rights he would have easily commanded around 4M. It's not mistaken, it was common knowledge
  6. Rumours also said Marner for 11x8, Myers for 7x6, and reportedly Gardiner was looking for 8.
  7. We The North, and I'm still excited about that
  8. Bos named captain first game of the season. Losing record in the pre-season
  9. Pettersson: 82GP 42G 50A 92PTS Boeser: 76GP 37G 32A 69PTS Horvat: 82GP 33G 34A 67 PTS Miller: 82GP 27G 25A 52 PTS Baertschi: 78GP 24G 22A 46PTS Ferland: 82GP 21G 19A 40PTS Virtanen 73GP 20G 18A 38PTS Sutter 70GP 14G 12A 26PTS Roussel 67GP 11G 15A 26PTS Louie Eriksson 48GP 5G 8A 13PTS Beagle 80GP 5G 12A 17PTS Motte 78GP 8G 10A 18PTS Edler 76GP 13G 26A 39PTS Myers 82GP 10G 31A 41PTS Tanev 64GP 3G 10A 13PTS Hughes 77GP 8G 29A 38PTS Stecher 82GP 4G 23A 27PTS Benn 82GP 5G 11A 16PTS Markstrom 32W Demko 18W Canucks make playoffs. 2nd round exit.
  10. Im a Spurgeon fan, and always wanted a player like him on our squad, but I think this is a bad contract in the later years. Minnesota is stuck in a weird place where they can't rebuild and they can't compete. Contracts like this furthers this rhetoric.