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  1. Man, I'm not going to relent haha. Boeser isn't being traded for any other winger. Boeser is wanted by every other team in the NHL. He's on a super friendly contract, and scoring at an 80 point pace. Did he sleep with your girl? What The Hell Do You Want From Him?
  2. Well, Boeser has a higher ceiling than Forsberg at this point, Halls been traded twice so he can't be that amazing, and Benning laughed at Zucker for Boeser before Minnies GM got fired. I know I have the talent of coming across too crass. I don't think you unintelligent or anything. I just don't like this Boeser is the new whipping boy narrative.
  3. Who ever said he was a 40 goal scorer? Are you disappointed that a 21st OA is only scoring at around a 30 goal pace at 22 years old? Do you think he's reached his ceiling? Zucker!?! You're going to try and sell that Zucker is better than Boeser? Forsberg doesn't even have as many points as Boeser this season, nor has he even scored more than 33. He scores at a high 20 low 30 pace. Come on man, you're hating for hates sake here.
  4. But you can't just disregard them. Statistics help prove opinions and facts. You can say all these things about someone in sports but unless you have some sort of proof (stats usually) it's just a thought or theory. I'm not against Virtanen on the 1st line in place of Boeser. I was simply just sharing the fact that 6 40 9 have been one of the best lines in the NHL in terms of 5 on 5 scoring.
  5. Breh... You're reinforcing my point... The Lotto Line is the 2nd best line in the NHL in terms of outscoring their opponent 5 on 5, behind only the perfection line. Did you even read the snippet of the article I posted?
  6. I watch almost every game, and while Brock isn't the fastest, he sure as hell isn't slow though. You won't convince me that Boeser is an anchor on the 1st line when hes just under a point per game coming off a 3 goal 4 point week and 18 points in 18 games. Boeser is the 3rd or 4th best forward on the team and arguably the best winger.
  7. Well... Sorry to burst your bubble but... They matter. And the Lotto Line is the 2nd best in the NHL in that regard. How do you think you win games? By out scoring your opponent, and that's what the lotto line does.
  8. I disagree. I think Tanev has a really great first 3 steps. He doesn't have the top speed but his first few steps are really strong and quick
  9. But I'm not wrong
  10. Never in his career has he been a consistent 30 goal scorer. Hes just never been this bad
  11. He uses his wrist shot to open up other players. The goals are just more spread this season with JT Miller on the line. Brocks having an outstanding season.
  12. Clean hit, but Tkachuk got ragdolled by Kassian... And I enjoyed that a lot