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  1. Why does everyone write off Rodin?? I bet he comes back next season 100% and dangerous... I have a feeling they just didnt want to expose him,
  2. Clendenning was part of Sutter, neither Dmen have cracked a roster full time yet.. Also, Stecher is easily better than both, so the pain is gone.
  3. How is 10 years of rebuilding "on pace" They were rebuilding when they traded Sundin. They were rebuilding when they traded for Kessel, and now they are rebuilding again.
  4. Wow.... Wennberg was there. I love Bo-Ho, and he may be better than Wennberg, but that kid is sick.
  5. Uhh Edler Miller 1St better be netting us something Vesey calibre or better.. I'm talking 21~year old 25+ Goal scorer 60 point getter
  6. From what I understand, Miller tried Melansons style and it didn't work for him. He went back to playing his way, and his numbers improved.
  7. I don't mean to say that Miller has under performed by any means. He has been great for us. It's just I feel Markstrom is on the road to taking the reigns from Miller here. It all started with Markie out playing Lundqvist in the Worlds.
  8. Scoring continues 6-3 nucks. I hope Markstrom starts, he's outplayed Miller
  9. 1 win "win streak"
  10. Why scratch Sbisa?? He's been pretty good this year.
  11. Man, you got schooled in the previous thread, just give it up. You make stuff up as you go about players you don't like because "PLAY THE KIDS OMG WILLIE D FIRE BENNING TREVLINDEN 666 ILLUMINATI"
  12. Sutter scored, just saying Lmao, too funny. and then assisted the GWG. Lmao, too funny.
  13. I already spent an entire thread making him and another look silly in the whole Sutter debate. Teams not scoring?! Blame Sutter!! @kingofsurrey why don't you chastise Sven Baertschi? He's expected to put up more points than Sutter.