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  1. This may be the first international tournament where I'm not sure who to cheer for. I'm torn between Team Canada, Team Sweden, and Team North America.
  2. Come on Bernie, keep it up!
  3. Osama Bin Ladin 2.0 is on the way folks. That is, unless the Syrian opposition doesn't just weaken Assad's forces enough to allow ISIS to take over entirely.
  4. Finally, a technology that only has noble applications and can not be abused! : :D
  5. Yeah that's the point: Jian has a public persona that is incredibly charming and charismatic. He evidently has led a double life for quite some time. Given Patrick Chan's reaction, I think he knew a little about the rumours circulating concerning Jian...
  6. Observe Jian's pickup skills in action at the 20m40s mark...I think Patrick Chan's reaction takes on new meaning given recent revelations.
  7. This really does appear like a real-life "house of cards"...Ghomeshi appears to be a serial abuser who got away with it because he was careful to not leave marks and because his status and popularity made young, naive women entering the music industry afraid to accuse him. If Public opinion turns on him because of these latest reports, I expect many more women to come forward.
  8. Sidenote: Read in the star article about "big ears teddy" and then check out this twitter account...from April.
  9. LOL, so now the criticism is that the two organizations used the same photo?
  10. Yeah, the day's most significant story has a front page headline accompanied by a picture. That is THE format for online news media. Next I suppose you'll disparaging print newspapers because they all share the same format of having black text on white paper?
  11. An astute warning indeed. However, it seems like the person sensationalizing the most here is you. You know, it was that liberal guru Trudeau who last invoked the War Measures Act in order to deal with a tiny cell of the militant Quebec Separtists. That was also headline news for a long time. However, it seems Canadian society was somehow able to recover from that.
  12. ... Umm...what? CBC's headline is much more restrained and much more professional than its CNN counterpart...apparently the climate of fear has not begun. You also seem to think political propaganda or using world events for political leverage is a new phenomenon. The exact same thing has been happening for centuries.
  13. This gunman seems kind of incompetent. If he simply wanted to create carnage, he could have easily gone to any unprotected area of the city and shot a large number of people...if this was a politically motivated shooting, he could have quite easily targeted a politician exiting the parliament buildings, as security is lax here. Instead he shoots a single completely innocent soldier standing on ceremonial guard? I must also say that the security parameters surrounding parliament were completely embarrassed today. Not only was this guy able to enter parliament with a long gun, he was able to shoot a soldier a block away from the centre block, hijack a car, drive to the entrance, and then gain entry through the front door of the Parliament Buildings, only being prevented from gaining entry to the inner rooms by an off-duty officer? There's a difference between allowing citizens access to the Parliament Buildings and having completely amateurish security.
  15. That caphit doesn't include the salaries of Russia's 12 KHL players, some of whom make quite a lot.