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  1. This may be the first international tournament where I'm not sure who to cheer for. I'm torn between Team Canada, Team Sweden, and Team North America.
  2. The ISIS Thread Osama Bin Ladin 2.0 is on the way folks. That is, unless the Syrian opposition doesn't just weaken Assad's forces enough to allow ISIS to take over entirely.
  3. Yeah that's the point: Jian has a public persona that is incredibly charming and charismatic. He evidently has led a double life for quite some time. Given Patrick Chan's reaction, I think he knew a little about the rumours circulating concerning Jian...
  4. Observe Jian's pickup skills in action at the 20m40s mark...I think Patrick Chan's reaction takes on new meaning given recent revelations.
  5. This really does appear like a real-life "house of cards"...Ghomeshi appears to be a serial abuser who got away with it because he was careful to not leave marks and because his status and popularity made young, naive women entering the music industry afraid to accuse him. If Public opinion turns on him because of these latest reports, I expect many more women to come forward.
  6. Sidenote: Read in the star article about "big ears teddy" and then check out this twitter account...from April.
  7. YouTube Thread 2.0
  8. That caphit doesn't include the salaries of Russia's 12 KHL players, some of whom make quite a lot.
  9. A very low and narrow tunnel under highway 99 highway in Delta. The only way across the highway between the Highway 17 and Highway 10 overpasses as far as I know. I'm guessing the vast majority of the 10's of thousands of commuters who cross it every day don't even know it exists.
  10. Non-CDC Based Games

    (Disclaimer: I am not the admin, I am only advertising) This is a long term game that will last throughout the 2011/2012 season. GM's begin with their team's roster prior to July 1 and, once the game begins, can sign free agents, trade with other GM's, etc. The season will then be simmed and results posted. Rules: Please register and post here to reserve your team: Only active participants please.
  11. OMG Earthquake?

    This is the most worrying developing story:
  12. The Devils Rejected

    Don't be ridiculous. Only two skaters in nhl history have played at age 44 or higher: Howe and Chelios. There is absolutely no chance that Kovalchuk plays out his contract; especially as he makes just 7 million over the last 7 years of the contract and 95 million over the first 10 years. You bring up the other long-term contracts similar to Kovalchuk's. Perhaps they too should have been rejected by the league (even though they were much more realistic than Kovalchuk's) but the fact that they weren't doesn't mean that Kovalchuk's shouldn't either. Should Hitler have been allowed to occupy Poland and takeover the rest of Europe without resistance because shortsighted rulers had allowed him too much leeway previously in Austria and Czechoslovakia? Of course not. It is a slippery slope, but Bettman should be applauded for finaly taking a stand.