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  1. Pretty frackin' ungrateful, broski. Ratings are a pain in the ass, and its not like the ratings in the past have ever turned out consistent or realistic results....cept Zetterberg, STHS just can't seem to shut him down. Personally, I'm very very curious to see how things go with these ratings, or close to them, they are just sensible enough to work, in my opinion, lol. On another note, this BS should probably go in the main thread. >.>
  2. Love'em or Hate'em the Hawks are the first dynasty in the cap era and they have the blueprint that all teams seem to need to be successful in this era. Youth, with at least 2 Elite forwards and defensemen. It's scary to think of how quickly they've recovered from some of these losses that are supposed to be "severe" The Bowman era in hockey continues...
  3. Man, it sounds like I really need to catch up... Owens Powerbombs MGK, Sheamus wins MITB... 'the &^@#.
  4. Agreed. Back from Vacation.
  5. Dude, any chance of you starting up a new create-a-player game with the new ehm?
  6. Link?
  7. Jonathan Huberdeau - Tyler Seguin - ? ? - ? - ? ? - ? - ? ? - ? - ? Andrei Markov - Johnny Boychuk ? - Jonas Brodin ? - Cody Ceci Henrik Lundqvist ?
  8. Johnny Boychuk if he's not already gone.
  9. Cody Ceci
  10. 10 outta 10
  11. I'd still rather have zfetch around than the bollywood Boyz. Lol
  12. Sidenote: i missed this IK and PK. now sths feels BACK. "Takin ova"
  13. And while you're still crying about a management course i took from 2 or 3 years ago, I'm getting paid to work security at hockey games, volunteering with the chiefs and surrounding myself with something I love. Enjoy your shifts at 711/whatever fast food restaurant you work at. lol
  14. I'm so thankful he was able to do a program with his boys before he passed.
  15. Need more info on this zfetch situation, did you guys actually scare an active awesome member away to replace him with PK? Cuz we all know pk will be active for the draft and the first couple of months and then vanish again. Hell, UMB has had to bug PK/IK for damn near every pick already,lol I do hope you remain active PK,just annoyed that gaining you back cost us another awesome member.